Aryan Angel Blood.

No new-born baby derives any of its blood from its mother, the blood which flows in the unborn babe’s arteries and veins is not derived from the mother, the blood appears from unknown origin in the developing foetus, the blood is then produced solely within the body of the foetus. The blood appears only after male sperm has entered the female ovum and foetus development begins. Think of the egg of a hen, an unfertilized egg is simply an ovum, the unfertilized hen’s egg may be incubated, but it will never develop into a chick. But let that hen’s egg be fertilized by the introduction of the male sperm and incubation will bring forth the presence of life in the form of a developing embryo, after a few hours it will visibly develop, and then a red streak of blood will out of nowhere – appear, the first manifestation of BLOOD. This is the first sign and the spark of life, and it does not arrive through the mother, not a single drop of blood passes from the mother to the embryo. The mother provides the foetus of the unborn babe with nutritive elements for the building of a body, the babe is fed inside the womb, but the blood is the babe’s own blood, formed by the embryo itself derived initially from an unknown, that is the mystery of the Blood, we know not where it comes from. From the time of conception to the time of birth of an infant child not one single drop of blood ever passes from mother to child. The Placenta prevents any blood from passing, the mass of temporary tissue known as “afterbirth” that forms the bodily link between mother and child, is constructed in such a way that all the soluble nutritive elements such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, salts, minerals and antibodies can pass freely from mother to child, as well allow for waste product from the child’s metabolism to be passed back to the mother’s circulation, but in this process not a single drop of blood is interchanged. All the blood which is in that child in the womb of the mother is within the child itself, the mother contributes no blood at all.

Foetal blood at no time gains access to maternal blood in the intervillious spaces, being separated from one another by a double layer of chorionic epithelium. The blood is unique in its mystical origin, a physical fluid which resolves itself within the ethereal nature, the soul of the individual, there exists a continual transformation of the blood into the ethereal substances, which stream upwards towards the head and light up around the pineal gland.  One might question what would happen in the case of a blood transfusion, seeming there are 4 major blood groups, and one can receive blood or give blood within one group, does not then our unique blood and life be lost in this exchange? No, the blood has a passive state, and an active state, seeming it is impossible for every last micro droplet of blood to be removed from the body, there always remains a part of ones of original blood in the body, if passive blood is received this blood is then ignited into the light of your own soul through the delicate unique connection and relationship between the ethereal aura of the individual. Likewise the transferral of your blood to another of the same blood type is a passive action and it results in no significant loss of soul from the blood giver. The body also produces its own blood which continues the unique process of “etherisation of the blood”. Blood types as described in medical terms are merely blood in its passive state. Blood’s interaction in the higher realm depends upon the nature and soul of the individual.

Now we can try to understand the mechanics of the blood, its constant fluid state, its action. There is a misconception, whether by design or not that the heart is a pump, like a mechanical pump that distributes blood to all the functioning organs and regulating blood flow, this is incorrect. Everything that takes place in your life expresses itself in the flow and pulsation of blood. For example, excitement of the soul and elevated passions will cause the blood to pulsate faster, this in turn cause the heart to beat, the impulses of the soul connect with the pulsation of the blood; blushing under the influence of sensations of shame or the face turning pale with fear, the emotions are acting on the blood. Blood is a substance with unlimited movement within the body, all other body tissues are fixed, such as muscle, bone, nerve, fat,skin. Blood circulates and interacts with every living cell of the body, without the presence of blood the cell will die as the blood carries the fuel – oxygen.. The blood alone is the liquid that reaches every single cell in the body, it therefore unites all cells, Red, Blood red is movement and unification, action, movement, decision, the active metabolic pole of the organism. There are other fluids in the body – saliva, tears, bile, etc, these are secretions, not tissues of the body but a secretion.

The Aryan like any other man/woman is no more related by Blood to his/her mother and father than he/she is to anybody else. This is the Gnostic knowledge of the “Virgin Birth”, so as Lucifer informed his child Kain to say; “I have no blood debt, this blood is my own, it carries not the Sin of this Earth, I inherited NO BLOOD FROM THIS EARTH, THEREFORE I SACRIFICE IT NOT!”

Our Blood does not carry the sentence of death for Sin, the earthly bloodline is a lie, the ‘Holy Bloodline’ is a lie, now we see the grandiose production  by the Vatican for Dan Brown’s books and all the holy bloodline propaganda, Oh yes the rabbinical priesthood of the Vatican, they are behind the bloodline fallacy, the Vatican Rabbi’s are behind the DaVinci Code…There is not a DROP OF ADAM’S BLOOD IN ME – THAT IS WHY WHEN I LOOK UPON THE CROSS I ONLY SEE THE BRAZEN SERPENT – THE SON OF LUCIFER THE SERPENT SEED,  I FEEL NO SHAME, FOR I DID NOT RAISE HIM UP!!! I WASH MY HANDS CLEAN LIKE THE ROMANS”

When you look upon the Shining One, the fiery Lucifer the Serpent, you shall Live! Aryans of the unseen God,  Amun, of  Virgin Birth, rejected of this earth, workers of the earth, that we be not cursed and enslaved for Adam’s sake! “My accusation is greater than will allow my acquittal”. Kain cannot partake in the blood sacrifice, the Sons of God cannot partake in the blood sacrifice, we do not eat the Lord’ish supper (1 Corinthians 11:20). We do not offer flesh & blood sacrifice, you curse yourself if you do that! Kain refused to sacrifice.

“Behold Israel after the flesh: are not they which EAT OF THE SACRIFICES partakers (an accomplice in evil – koinonos) of the altar? What say I then? that the idol is any thing or that which is offered in sacrifice to idols is anything? But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, THEY SACRIFICE TO A LORD AND NOT TO GOD.” (1 Corinthians 10:18-20)

“Now in this that I declare unto you I PRAISE YOU NOT, that ye come together not for the better, BUT FOR THE WORSE.” (1 Corinthians 11:17)

Did you not read that? The Lord’s Supper is a curse, you come together to partake (accomplice in evil) in flesh & blood of the human sacrifice to the Jew’s Yahweh a LORD who is not God, not for the better you do this but for the worse. The Gentiles sacrifice to – Jewry who eat of their flesh and blood sacrifice.

“For do you not have houses for eating and drinking? Or do you disdain the assembly of God and put to shame those not grasping what I say to you? Shall I commend you? In this I DO NOT COMMEND YOU!” (1. Corinthians 11:22).

Now in the original Greek the hidden Lord, Lucifer our God goes unseen by those who are blind, but those who can see the sign of Kain, it is in the words, you can see K-A-I-V (Koine Greek) concealed in the Greek letters of the words: lordish, you disdain, you put to shame.  “I your Lord you do disdain, you put to shame”.

KAIVn – NEW COVENANT. Kain’s Covenant, in archaic Greek KAIVn literally NEW! Whoever is blind to the signs will kill the Lord over and release His curse upon the Aryan’s blood, an Aryan will receive the sevenfold curse if he/she partakes in the sacrifice of the Lord (Kurios, supreme being);

“For whenever you eat this bread and drink the cup, you declaim the death of the lord, until he may come from it. And so whoever may eat the bread or drink the cup of the lord unworthily WILL BE LIABLE for the body and the blood of the lord (kurios, supreme being).” – (Corinthians 11:27)

Lucifer shall test you in this way; “for the one eating and drinking eats and drinks judgement to himself, not distinguishing the Lord’s ( kurios, supreme being’s) body. On this account many within you are weak and sickly and plenty may be asleep. But if we were distinguishing for ourselves, we would not be judged. But being judged, we are trained under the lord (kurios) so that we may not be condemned with the world.”  (1 Corinthians 11:29-30)

Do you see what the Roman Paul is saying there? You will be held liable for the wrongful crucifixion of the Son of Lucifer – Kain, remember you eat and drink the words, that is how he riddles, the signs, John eats the Bible, ‘food for the mind’ (Ezk.3:1;Rev.109).  “But let the person test himself, and in this way let him eat from the bread and drink from the cup.”

Your Blood is your own, it comes not from Adam’s Earth, it is extraterrestrial, Angel Blood from the realm now hidden to us, of the Hidden God, like Lucifer’s son, the Serpent King of Kish, not of this Earth, we must see by the light of the Black Sun, distinguishing ourselves, the Priesthood lie to keep the mind paralyzed,  so to bring down the sevenfold curse upon your own heads, for the re-enactment of the death of the Son of God! The sacrificial offering that Lucifer told Kain not to offer up to LORD Yahweh! but to work building foundations and cities and towers and civilization and order, mining the deeps, but we shall be ‘resurrected’ (set free, the springing of a lock) again and free as “a people cannot be freed by prayer.” like Kain was resurrected (set free, the springing of a lock) and chosen by Lucifer over his blind foolish brother Abel. The Rabbis teach that “Because the spirits of the wicked (Aryans) are not in Hell; which after Death become as Devils (Lucifer), like unto the Souls of all the deceased of the Generation (offspring) of Cain, which are all Devils (Lucifer)”. The Rabbis go on to say that the Aryans (Devils) have their origin, their Blood from Angels, that they are part Man, the children of Anak, those were Heros, Men of Renown, from their serpent seed spring forth the fiery Dragons, the Devils – THE ARYANS! 

Hitler said – Work IS your Salvation, freedom from ego, freedom from death. The Jews would call this ‘Idolatry’. The Jews  sacrifice only for easy reward – “will you not be rewarded if you sacrifice rightly?” The Aryan will work for the good of his/her people without reward, the good of the folk above self-interest! What Adolf Hitler meant when he talked about the dilution, the mixture of racial blood, he meant it as he was the representative of the spirit and blood of ALL his people, the blood of alien race refers to those as a racial group amongst the Aryans onto whom they attach themselves like a blood sucking parasite, extracting blood sacrifice for their own favour and reward. Whether Jews or other base beings they will outbreed the Aryans, their numbers will increase and poison the whole. Hitler saw the German Aryans as one body, a whole, as they were. 

“The bread (Risen One artos Kain) whom we break ( klao – lamentations of Kain) he is the same as the body of Christ. For we being many are one bread (Risen Ones) and of the same body: for we are all partakers (metecho;- ‘joined’) of that same bread (Risen One).”  (1 Corinthians 10:16-17)

Cathars held this secret as well, and ‘weaved’ the text, that is to weave the riddle into the text of scripture, concealing the truth amongst the words, it can be seen in the original Byzantine Greek – the purity of the virgin birth of Blood requires no blood sacrifice on altars, as no blood is transferred from the woman to the child, neither do we share Adam’s earthly blood, no sacrificial offering of blood required for the remission of sin.

“And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood there is no remission of sin.” (Hebrews 9:22)

The book of Hebrews cannot be part of the Kain’s Testament, as the crucifixion cannot be the sacrificial blood shedding for remission of sin, not for Aryans and not for any living thing, Jesus as the sacrificial lamb is lie, there is absolutely no requirement for a blood sacrifice, only by rabbinical Law wherein all things are purged by blood, but as I have proven, blood is not inherited, your blood is your own, you produced it yourself it has no sin in it, there is no sinful bloodline and no holy bloodline. All of JudeoChristian – modern Catholic Church & Protestant doctrine is founded upon atonement by sacrificial blood shedding, the offering up to Yahweh another’s blood as a substitute for your own, Yahweh himself as portrayed in the Old Testament as one of the two “Lords” in Genesis enacts the first blood sacrifice, by slaughtering animals for their skins to make clothing, which has of course been a very profitable business for Jews, and so we see their Jewish archetype Lord doing exactly this.

Kain refused to offer a blood sacrifice, and was ‘resurrected’ meaning ‘set free’, ‘the springing of a lock’ over his brother, meaning chosen by Supreme Being Lucifer over Abel, Yahweh accuses Kain of murder, but it is only the accusation as Kain rightly defines it as, and Kain again refuses, this time to defend himself against the charge of murder, was it not Abel his brother who was the murderer? Perhaps Kain was to be Abel’s next blood sacrifice?

Lord Lucifer states: “And I have set a sign, for finding Kain they will kill him, but whoever kills Kain, vengeance will be taken sevenfold.” Can you see the sign? Can you spring the lock?

Abels’ Sacrifice.


Heil Lucifer!

Heil Hitler!

13 responses to “Aryan Angel Blood.

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delendaestziobot: I much admire your superior Nietzschean writing and ambition. Your key ideas hit the bullseye: “Our Blood does not carry the sentence of death for Sin… WHEN I LOOK UPON THE CROSS I ONLY SEE THE BRAZEN SERPENT – THE SON OF LUCIFER THE SERPENT SEED, I FEEL NO SHAME…LIKE THE ROMANS. … When you look upon the Shining One, the fiery Lucifer the Serpent, you shall Live! Aryans of the unseen God, Amun, of Virgin Birth, rejected of this earth workers of the earth, that we be not cursed and enslaved for Adam’s sake!… the Sons of God cannot parttake in the blood sacrifice… We do not offer flesh & blood sacrifice, you curse yourself if you do that!… Your Blood is… extraterrestial, Angel Blood from the realm now hidden to us, of the Hidden God, like Lucifer’s son, the Serpent King of Kish, not of this earth, we must see by the light of the Black Sun…”

    To offer and shed blood for Lucifer the Christ is completely different from a blood sacrifice for “God” or Yahwey. The sacrifice of historical Aryan Christians is strictly an unbloody SACRAMENTAL Eucharistic sacrifice of BREAD and WINE only with NO blood sacrifice allowed in any of our sacred rituals. The “Body and Blood of the Lord” offered is ONLY a sacramental BLOODLESS sacrifice. The Sacrifice of the Cross was not a liturgical sacrifice, but JUDICIAL MURDER OF THE ARYAN GOD. That blood sacrifice was TOTALLY undertaken by the Juden and its curse is ONLY on the heads of Juden and their slaves. WE Aryans did NOT murder Lord Lucifer the Christ. The JUDEN robotniks did that.

    We ONLY offer our blood in BATTLE, in the Holy War of Lucifer against the Juden untermensch robotniks and their goy slaves, in other words, against Bolshevism or Marxism or the sorcery of Rabbi Isaac Luria. But that is never a liturgical ritual: That is HOLY WAR.

    If a death penalty must be legally enforced on a criminal, then that justly shed blood is remedial for that criminal’s own good. When we slaughter our enemies in Holy War, then their spilled blood also benefits all sentient beings. But none of this constitutes any blood sacrifice, only a shedding of blood for the sake of justice. And our Kameraden who fall in battle are holy martyrs of the Aryan Reich.

    The REAL blood sacrifice among us is the synagogue liturgy that carries on the spirit of Herod’s Temple of Yahwey that Lord Lucifer ordered to be destroyed by his Aryan sons. That is why the Fuhrer directed us to eliminate the synagogue liturgy and ritual within all National Socialist lands: Because there is to be NO bloody sacrifice in our Aryan Fourth Reich.

    These are complex matters difficult to understand. But it is critical to understand that Wagnerian National Socialists do not advocate or practice the judaic blood sacrifice of Yahwey. Our sacrifice is ONLY sacramental and an UNBLOODY sacrificial offering of FOOD, namely, of wheat bread and grape wine. We NEVER offer any sacrifice of BLOOD. Our sacrifices are absolutely VEGETARIAN, like those of the Brahmins.

    You are also right to condemn the existing Christian rituals, because they are actually judaic apostate Black Masses that imitate the Yahwist synagogue sorcery. But there are still a few ARYAN historic Christian clergy who have not been arrested and murdered by the Juden. They worship the same Brazen Serpent of Lucifer as you do and their unbloody sacrifice of food can empower Aryans for the Holy War against Judah.

    For Victory will be ours in the Blood and Soil of Arya’s Wounded Warriors.

  • delendaestziobot

    “To offer and shed blood for Lucifer the Christ is completely different from a blood sacrifice for “God” or Yahwey. The sacrifice of historical Aryan Christians is strctly an unbloody SACREMENTAL Eucharitic sacrifice of BREAD and WINE only NO blood sacrifice allowed in any of our sacred rituals. The “Body and the Blood of the Lord” offered is ONLY a sacremental BLOODLESS sacrifice.” – oregoncoug

    Yes, to shed blood for Lucifer, the truth and light is often necessary, and no Aryan should shed blood for Yahwey. The Sacrifice of Mass through transubstantiation is a re-enactment of the Judicial murder, which was as you say a curse only upon the Juden and their accomplices, that is why Roman Paul prohibits eating the body and drinking from the cup in remembrance of this, should NOT eat of the Lordish Supper. That is why Roman Pilate does not partake in the sacrificial offerring, the one who hangs on a tree, for it is a curse upon their heads, upon the Jews. Jesus as the sacrificial lamb, the Jewish Messiah, as a substitution for your own life, for the Jews by their Law all things are purged and cleaned by blood, but to the Roman Pilate, he simply washes his hands. No need for a blood sacrifice as their is no original sin in the blood, it is the Jews who believe they are stained by Adam’s sin.

    But the real Lord, the ‘first born of Creation’ is Kain, the Son of Lucifer and his offering is only bread and wine. – “bread…which earth has given and human hands have made, and fruit of the vine and work of human hands” – Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Eucharist. This is correct, it cannot be seen to be flesh and blood, it is the opposite of Abel’s sacrifice.

    There is no need to see bread and wine as anything other then just bread and wine, so Paul recommends that his followers should just eat at home when they are hungry after work.

    “We only offer our blood in Battler, in the Holy War of Lucifer against the Juden untermensch robotniks and their goy slaves, in other words, against Bolshevism or Marxism or the sorcery of Rabbi Isaac Luria. But that is never a liturgical ritual: That is HOLY WAR.” – oregoncoug

    I agree.

    “You are also right to condemn the existing Christian rituals, because they are actually judaic Black Masses that imitate the Yahwist sorcery.” – oregancoug

    I condemn the existing rituals where the “death of the Son of God” in flesh and blood form is considered holy and to be remembered and re-enacted through transubstantiation, this would be a curse, ‘dying for your sins’ is a curse. There is no sin passed on via blood and therefore no blood debt, neither real or imagined, but how much of it is real to this day? How much blood do the Jews sacrfice to Yahwey, and it has mainly been Christian blood.

  • NIebo


    Is this the crucial meaning behind Christ’s words,

    “Call no one on earth Father” ?

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Niebo,

    These are very deep waters that are difficult to enter into in meaningful ways. One level of meaning in this Scripture is that the blood-drinking Rabbis are the “Fathers on earth,” the “Lords of this world” who are not OUR fathers as Aryans. This “earth” is drenched with the blood of the innocent victims of the Rabbinate and their Kahal of Judah so “the Fathers” or judaic “Avot,” the Heads of the Sanhedrin, are the creatures who live on this innocent blood spilled for their Yahwist sorcery in the bloody liturgical black magic of Judaism and existing (Jewish) Christianity. Whereas Our Father is “in Heaven,” or Ouranos, above this blood-drenched world in the innocent purity of the Aryan Folk.

    This Father Ouranos is also Uranus, the Eternal Joy that was destroyed by the Jews when they murdered Our Father in his Heaven of Aryan Freedom, both on Calvary and in the Ragnorok. From the blood of innocent Ouranos arose Lucifer/Venus who is also embodied in the Titans and Furies who arise from the blood of the wounded Holy Warriors of Light, the innocent blood that drenches this fallen world where we Aryans struggle against the judaic darkness.

    So when the Juden murder our Folk, then the blood of our fallen is the Blood of Lucifer Christ that cries for holy vengeance against those blood-drinking vampires, the “Fathers” of the Sanhedrin, the Lords of Israhell, the “Fathers on earth.” We are in this scripture told not to honour them, not to bend the knee to them, to never surrender to them. Instead we are to honour our true Aryan Father in Heaven, also in the form of our NS and Aryan Christian ancestors, our Blessed Dead, the Holy Warriors of Aryan Freedom. To honour our ARYAN Fathers who are together as one in Valhalla, with “Lord Venus,” with Luciferos, the Bright and Morning Star, the Kristos, the Aryan Christ.

    Now 2012 is our entrance into the Age of Titans, and First Light of the Berserker Furies of the Dawn of Aryan Freedom.

    As you see, there are MANY levels of meaning in our Holy Scriptures.

  • Niebo

    “So when the Juden murder our Folk, then the blood of our fallen is the Blood of Lucifer Christ..”

    Yes Kamerad, in the previous days I also listened to Bishop Sheen on your site and he spoke the same in his speech

    “The Enduring Freshness of Christ’s Wounds”

    “Deep waters” indeed, and much is beyond comprehension, but clearly, all should know of the everlasting vitality of Christ’s Blood and His longing to enter and reign in the hearts of all beings, so I believe.

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Niebo,

    Glad to hear you appreciate Bishop Sheen’s talks. I’ve also collected a series of his videos that are included in my You Tube Oregoncoug Channel Playlists “Aryan Kristos Wisdom” and “Aryan Kristos Wisdom2”. In my opinion he would have made a great Aryan Roman Bishop in a NS State like Arya. He feared no man.

  • delendaestziobot

    The Kristos blood is supernatural, Aryan blood is supernatural, not from this Earth, the normal earthly blood is generated through this earth it is from Adam/Ymir, that is why the Demiurge/Yahweh and his blood drinking rabbis the elder Lords of the Earth demand blood as sacrifice, they are addicted to feeding off the supernatural blood of the Kristos, by consuming it they can partake in it. The blood of an innocent victim is the most potent, hence the desire to obtain innocent unknowing victims, hence Kain/New Man refuses to offer blood sacrificial offering to the elder Lords, he offers the first Sacremental Eucharist sacrifice of bread and wine instead. The New Man, the Aryan sheds his blood in Battle fighting against the Demiurge.

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delenda,

    In your most recent comment above you are entering into some of the truly cutting-edge issues in contemporary Aryan Roman (GRECO-Roman!) theology. I don’t have time to focus on them while I’m still occupied with the translation of UA, but they tie in most profoundly with the theological ideas of our greatest Catholic (Universal Aryan) theologians like Dom Odo Casel and Carlos Alberto Disandri.

    (Please allow me to repeat myself somewhat. Perhaps next year we will have the leisure to develop these religious ideas much more completely.)

    Our difficulty is that judaized “Christians” always ignore the noble aspect of our heritage. So they are ignorant of how our most zealous monks have always used themes like the loyal Cain, the Good Serpent and rejection of the earthly race of Adam that you are developing. Of course judaizers/heretics have also made use of every more complex Biblical theme too, but I’m not referring now to them, but to orthodox teachers who daringly use the Bible in its actual depths of Aryan truth. In particular, powerful ideas like baptism, transubstantiation, predestination, transfiguration and the New Testament as the Covenant of an extraterrestrial supernatural NEW BLOOD have true meanings very much in the direction you are going here.

    Probably the most difficult theological themes are Original Sin and the Redemption. Your idea that true races no longer exist is historic Catholic “original sin” with a vengeance! Of course the Aryan Children of God (i.e., the historic Christians) do NOT share the sin of Adam, or they would not be truly baptized at all! The predestined are never damned souls. But in so far as humans are NOT Supernatural Aryans, then they do share precisely the sin of Adam… The predestined Supernatural Aryans are sparks of the divine and know themselves to be such, but we are also the most serious warriors, and therefore know we can never take our nobility for granted until AFTER we are dead. That’s very much our age-old Nordic Roman attitude: apotheosis can only occur AFTER death, never before — because we are fighting warriors, not self-satisfied hypocritical Puritans.

    Then we must address the most challenging theme in historic Catholicism: exactly how we are saved or transfigured. Christ’s being murdered certainly does NOT save us. It only leads to damnation, not salvation! The DEATH of our DIVINE WOUNDED WARRIOR “swallows up death.” His magical death is a fatal POISON to Yahweh and his Chosens with their goy slaves. In effect, from within the Holy Swastika the Good Serpent BITES our Eternal Enemy with the deadliest of snakebites! Basically Christ’s Agony on the Cross is his holy hatred of sin or sociopathic Jewishness and only serves to condemn the “unChosen anti-Race” along with their treasonous and apostate slaves. But our means of salvation is Lord Lucifer’s warrior death that strikes back at the Eternal Enemy as the Aryan magic with which Lucifer eternally poisons that Enemy as our coiled Good Serpent. And when we die at the end of our heroic Kamph our deaths also fatally poison the Enemy in like manner!

    As Romans we can also see this process play out in the Etruscan human sacrifices the Aryan Romans detested so greatly. Like the Rabbinate, the evil Etruscan priests would entrap young Aryan warriors to be murdered in order to drink their pure blood. The salvation from Lord Lucifer comes to us because he found the way to make this murderous practice serve to fatally destroy the murderers. Therefore when the judaic vampires come, as their evil nature must cause them to do, then our deaths in the Aryan Kamph will serve to destroy them.

    THE BLOOD OF CHRIST IS THEIR DESTRUCTION. That is the true New Testament! From their death by poisoning we rise to victory.

    Salvation is the Eternal Victory of Aryan Racial Purity: the DIVINE BLOOD that is the LUCIFEROS, OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Who has returned to us in Our Beloved Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.


  • Declan Merriman

    Thank you for this extraordinary article; it gave me goosebumps. To me, your site and insights are a refuge. Like your more recent “A New Race,” this is a fully-inspired piece of writing. I have scoured the internet for would-be allies, but it is rare that in another’s words one senses a probable kinsmen.

  • John T.

    Life is in the blood. You are from youir parents,,,,The Secret is In The Blood. What about Rh Negative Blood Copper Based: the Serpent.Race..The Elites are Rh negative Blood, Copper based…Most Khazars—are they Rh negative? Your website is fantastic and great and I salute you for that, but the Blood? and Khazars? and Lone Wolf? Why Lone Wolf, its to beat the infiltration of all White Movements by the Evil Ones. Terrible Tommy is right, Freedom Comes Thru Blood!!! Aryan Nations of Richard Butler lives!!!! And Order of Matthews was begining spark in North America….You have alot of great info, just a few things I question….like the Khazars and Blood and Lone Wolf…..Anyway like your website, keep the good work going….

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings John.

    I can appreciate your skepticism, sometimes it takes a brave man to ask a question.

    Yes, Life is in the blood, but as I said; no blood is passed from parent to child, that is a physiological fact. The embryo produces all its own blood, and not a single drop of blood is recieved from either mother or father. And that is the secret of the Blood, futher back then that nobody knows, because they do not know where Blood actually comes from, it just appears out of another dimension, neither can anybody know while they are living where blood comes from.

    ‘Serpent Race’, in mythology only the peasants of the fields are refered to as “children of the serpent” or the wildmen of the primeval forests are also refered to as serpents. As peasants opposed to “lords” we are much closer to the mythology of the Serpent. Furthermore these “Elites” you speak of, I can tell you that those who control you do not reveal themselves, and they certainly do not volunteer their blood type to the public.

    “Khazars” refers to “subjects of the Czar”

    Jews have never had their own city or civilisation, Arthur Koestler is about as believable as Elie Wiesel.

    The Spirit of the Wolf is revealed in Adolf Hitler, so when you read Mein Kampf, that is the Spirit of the Wolf speaking.

  • aufihrhelden

    Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich ϟϟ The Ideal National Socialist :

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