Aryan Technology: Silver Solar Cells

As of today Silver is used in 90% of all crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, you cannot make an efficient solar cell without Silver, however the Silver content is relatively very small, the silicon is the most expensive material component, even though silica is one of the most abundant materials on Earth, and Silver is one of the most rare. With the advent of Nano-Silver inks and pastes the amount of physical refined Silver needed now to make a Solar cell is now measured in nano particles, extremely small amounts, however when used in nano scale – Silver vastly outperforms other materials, there is no replacement for the superior reflectability of Silver, and in fact when used optimally Silver reduces the cost of Solar cells, the cost of the crystalline silicon can be reduced by a factor of 10 while increasing performance, just by correctly applying Nano-Silver particles to the silicon. It is the scale on which Silver can perform and function that provides the technology, by using less you can actually achieve more when applying a noble element such as Silver.

We all by now realize the importance of Solar Cells for providing renewable energy for the future, and around the world Solar Technology is the most efficient way to transfer the light of the sun into renewable energy, harnessed sunlight is energy. Silver can literally transform light into energy, just like the moon uses the suns rays to produce light by reflection, mirrors are coated with fine silver to reflect images, interestingly, astronomers have now stumbled upon the fact that the moon has a very high Silver content, much higher than Earth’s, Silver has always been associated with the moon because of its silvery surface. All around the world photovoltaic electric power plants are being built, huge in scale, they will be able to provide electricity to entire cities, and that is without the latest Nano-Silver technology, even with the present common silver solar cell this is possible, but with Nano-Silver, there is absolutely no need to ever burn a lump of coal again or dig up a barrel of oil!

There are more patent applications on Silver now then any other material. I could not list all the different industrial and technological innovations that are currently in the works for Silver, I will just list the main applications that will concern us starting with Silver Cell Solar Technology. Another method used for Solar energy production, for example; Silver-coated mirrors (mirrors in general are coated with Silver) are used to direct sunlight into oil filled tubes which are used then to create steam to run a turbine, or the mirrors can reflect heat onto black steel tubes containing nitrate salts which will heat to 1050 degrees F. the hot salts are then pumped into boilers – turning water to steam which drives the turbines that run electric generators.

It does not take a Nikola Tesla to work out that by applying a Nano-Silver ultra thin films to the silicon layer in the solar panel, you can greatly improve the energy production of a solar cells, while the other cell materials will eventually wear out, the Silver never need be replaced, just recycled indefinitely, as long as the sun produces light, Silver will turn it into electricity. Conventional solar cells have used Silver in a network of lines embedded in the silicon layer, the Silver conducts the electrons and serve as the connection contacts  in the panel, this is the existing (primitive) solar panel, the future Nano-Silver thin-films will greatly reduce the size by factors of 100 or more, and increase electrical output and reduce the cost, all at the same time, see:

Remember, Energy is the potential to do work, and all work is the overcoming of an opposite resistant force, in an economic sense, to receive payment for work, the corresponding measurement must be in WEIGHT to be uniform and consistent, otherwise it can just be agreed upon value, which is all that is necessary for most transactions and trade from day-to-day! If you only receive a written value, it is ultimately a non-payment, which results in a debt, energy owed, that is what a debt is, all paper money is only a debt obligation, it does not represent anything else, it’s just a measure of the debt that is owed to you for your loss of potential energy and work.

U.S. Debt Clock;

The more Jewish funny paper notes are produced – the more DEBT!

7 responses to “Aryan Technology: Silver Solar Cells

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Great new post and awesome links! The Science and Technological Front of the Aryan Revolution is mobilizing strong. Also, speaking of Tesla… a very marginalized scientist in mainstream history… will you be covering him at some point, Kamerad?

  • Elysium

    If an Aryanist State needs anything besides a Philosopher King, it needs a da Vinci and a Tesla.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yea, it is another example with Nikola Tesla, if the lone genius rises out of ruins, the Zion elite, being unified can quickly just nullify him and steal his work and put it to their own uses, we saw this with Henry Ford earlier, the ideas can be used against the very reason why they were developed in the first place by the individual. This is why it will never be an individual that they fear, what Zion fears is a unified Folk. Which is why German National Socialism was the greatest expression of of Aryanism that there has been since the Hyperboreans left. And Germany as we know was deeply divided until the Third Reich, so, there is a formula, somewhere, there must be, all we can do now is try to define the nature of the Aryan Folk and present that Folk’s world view, and that world view must encompass all areas and be based on truth, rather on the current lies. I aim to prove that in the establishment of an Aryan State the basis for economic currency has to be Silver, because that is what Silver is, it acts as a currency, and in the end there will be no other way to defeat the Golden Hoard of Zion, I mean they will keep the paper fraud going as long as possible, why not, its total theft, as long as people accept getting a rectangular piece of Ben Bernanke monopoly money as payment for their work and land and everything they will keep on falling further and further into slavery and debt, there is no end to hpw much the Jews can steal using this method.
    We as Aryans must offer a viable solution to the Jewish Fiat Fraud, without resorting to the Gold Standard, because they have that covered too, but they are short Silver, in fact the Jews owe, owe Silver, I know this for a fact, the Jews owe hundreds of millions of ounces of Silver, they cannot deliver, they supress prices only by selling fake silver paper notes, same as Ben Bernanke funny money except they do it in all commodities, but its the worst, the worst in Silver, because Silver is now 5 times rarer than Gold, and yet only a fraction of the cost, the Jews could effectively lose their entire Golden Hoard, because there is an equal spread of physical Silver around the world, no one group or country has a controlling interest, Governments, all National Governments have Gold but no Silver, hardly an ounce in reserve! And Silver is traditionally Money, not Gold…There exists the potential to bust every National Government on earth and all of world Jewry with it, without a single shot being fired. People need to be unified on this point.

  • Frai

    I strongly support your words on silver.
    If there is an Aryanist from europe, reading here. I recomend to change euro into 10 Euro silvercoins. Thats the best way to save value in this moment, as far as i know. They have a weight of 16,8 g of silver. More then a half ounce. Do it unitl the end of the year. Because they will change from 92,5% of silver to 62,5% of silver per coin soon. Thats just one practical thing one can do right now.

  • delendaestziobot


    The 1oz .999 Silver Austrian Philharmonic bullion coin is readily available in Europe, eBay is the best place to get them, you will be paying just over spot price of Silver per ounce, on ebay or in a coin store or direct from the Austrian mint. If I was in Europe I would exchanging any Fiat savings into 1oz .999 Silver Austrian Philharmonic coins, best value and one of the best bullion coins in the world.

  • Frai

    The point is that you have still 10 euro, but in silver. I know that there are ounces of in higher % like the one you named. But one can not change everything into ounces. You can still pay with these coins, if you need to. And at the moment you will not get much more silver for 10 €.

    • delendaestziobot


      I am glad you mentioned this, correct me if I am wrong because I thought that one would be paying more then face value for the 10 Euro .925 Silver coin, the lowest price I could find was 16 Euro per coin @ weight 18 grams.

      The Silver philharmonic coin approx. 20-21 Euros .999 @ weight 31.1 grams.

      Now there is a reason why the current Fiat system scribes a low face value to silver coins, for example 1 U.S. $1 Silver Eagle is 1 Oz – 31.1 grams and sells today for $26-27 up to $30! This has to do with undervalueing the perception of the value of silver, they want the people to measure by the Fiat face value, and not by Weight, in the future Silver like all tradeable currency will be measured by weight alone, this is one of the key points in my theory.

      You are correct in saying that the face value of the silver coin is what is acceptable for ‘legal tender’ today, this is because the Fiat system is still operational (The Death Star is operational), But when it is destroyed, weight and fineness will be the measure as it should be. In the future silver ounces would only be used for say buying a house or a farm, large transactions will be measured in ounces, mostly under a Silver standard people will be exchanging grams and fractions of grams as the true value is vastly in excess of what it is Fiat face ascribed today.

      In the future there will be no central banking system, a government would provide a mint, as is the tradition, the mint assays a weight and fineness but not a fiat value, the mint will not have this sole right, as anyone has the right to provide their own measurement, the mint – a public mint merely provides a service and charges a fee for the service.

      Remember all Energy is potential work, work is the overcoming of a opposite resistant force – gravity…When we measure by weight, we measure the potential work – Energy.

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