Kevin MacDonald, another Zion Sycophant.

I refer to this article (new link OO link broken) by Kevin MacDonald posted on Occidental Observer. Kevin MacDonald refers to two other research papers for the basis of his research and hypothesis.

“Research on Individualism/Collectivism has become a rather large economic industry” – Kevin MacDonald.

Kevin immediately admits to the biased nature of this so-called ‘research’ by naming it ‘economic industry’, what is being manufactured here? I know what ‘economic industry’ means in this world, it means; manufacture and trade for profit, and profit is defined in this present world economic paradigm as IMF$’s, as that is the “world’s reserve currency.” Currently everything on the planet is measured in IMF$’s, Kevin’s ‘research’ is measured in IMF$’s. And Kevin’s research is based upon economic research manufactured by Gerard Roland & Yuriy Gorodnichenko, who both as it so happens staff for the same University as Kevin; the University of California, in economics, or the ‘economic industry’. But Gerard Roland’s main JOB is with the IMF, in the same manner as Kevin MacDonald offers sycophant advice on reform to Zionist cultural programs, Gerard Roland and his assistant Yuriy offer sycophant advice on reform to Zionist banking programs. The publisher is the Center for Economic Policy Research who are a think tank for the IMF, the World Bank, WTO, BIS, EU Central Bank, UN, etc. They all work for the Zionist Central Banking system…

As one would expect, this article and by Kevin MacDonald and the IMF research papers he refers to are complete hogwash! What are they trying to do is dress up the swine, it’s Zionist Banking propaganda, what we see is a basic counterfeiting operation being run for private gain through theft and deception, and the ‘perps’ would like to give it a public face – that’s what a university ‘reasearch scholar’ does and recieves his IMF$’s to do it, doesn’t matter what old bullshit they can spin, it does not matter what they think up to dress up the pig, or which hat they put on the strawman. So they name it in a typical double speak fashion – “Culture, Institutions, and the Wealth of Nations”, No, its plain old Central Banking fraud is what it is, and Central Banking is the first pillar of Marxism i.e. Communism!

“Marxism, whose final objective was and is and will continue to be the destruction of all non-Jewish national States.”  –    Adolf  Hitler

Most of these scholars, who all work Jobs for the Zionist Central Banks, manufacture fairly poor, ill-conceived propaganda, they are desperate to please Master, so they just come up with all types of disinformation in the hope that Master will be pleased with one, and the Master Rabbi knows that if the ‘economic industry’ researchers are always coming up with new ideas no matter how wrong they are, the point is that they always change the ‘dress up’, window dressing for passer-by Goyim, but the more confusing and irrelevant the better, as long as it is something different, anything but call it as it really is!

“The purpose of this doctrine was not understood because nothing was said about that side of the question in our Jew-ridden universities and because supercilious bureaucratic officials did not think it worth while to read up a subject which had not been prescribed to them in their university course. This might revolutionary trend was going on beside them; but those ‘intellectuals’ would not deign to give it their attention.”   –   Adolf Hitler

When the sycophant servile parasite offers criticism and advise in a hopeful attempt to add reform to the concepts, doctrines, decrees and establishments of his/her Master, it is not designed to overcome the will of the Master but to strengthen Master’s resolve to implement his will, the doctrine or decree is first tempered to increase its resistance powers, give it some immunity, and also to disguise it, mask its true intent and confuse the target population.

“That is why in this case, as with all other growths, the doctrine can be exterminated in its earliest stages. As time goes on its powers of resistance increase, until at the approach of age it gives way to younger elements, but under another form and from other motives.”   –   Adolf Hitler

Because of Marxism’s inherent decay, the Marxist doctrines begin to decay immediately once they are implemented, they cause very high entropy, because of this rapid aging process and the destructive outcomes that result, the Marxist doctrines need an army, an entire ‘economic industry’ working on their reform and disguise, or just simply make a lot of noise, to distract attention away from the real outcomes and root causes, the idea is to prevent any real acknowledgement of the problem of the  Marxist Zionist doctrine, in this case Central Banking counterfeiting operations; just don’t expose it, that is their motto, i.e. talk about something else. The controlled opposition like Kevin MacDonald and the University of California and other ‘economic industry’ workers are employed to offer ineffectual opposition –  they’re sycophant servile employees!  They can propose reforms aimed at strengthening the original doctrine and disguising it, or thay can make a false strawman to cause a distraction or direct any opposition to a false outcome, or they can just speak a lot of Babel and make alot of noise, to cause confusion and distraction, that is their JOB, for the most part.

“When sheer force is used to combat the spread of a doctrine, then that force must be employed systematically and persistently. This means that the chances of success in the suppression of a doctrine lie only in the persistent and uniform application of the methods chosen. The moment hesitation is shown, and periods of tolerance alternate with the application of force, the doctrine against which these measures are directed will not only recover strength but every successive persecution will bring to its support new adherents who have been shocked by the oppressive methods employed. The old adherents will become more embittered and their allegiance will thereby strengthen. Therefore when force is employed success is dependents on the consistent manner in which it is used. This persistence, however, is nothing less than the product of definite spiritual convictions. Every form of force that is not supported by a spiritual backing will always be indecisive and uncertain.”   –   Adolf  Hitler

“The best way to control an opposition is to lead it”   –   Vladimir Lenin

Lets look at some ineffectual misinformation from sycophant Kevin MacDonald;

“In support they (fellow IMF employees Gerard Roland & assist. Yuriy) note several anecdotal examples where technological innovations in the Western societies led to products that were produced more efficiently in Japan. As another example, they note that General Motors was unable to introduce Toyota culture based on teamwork and consensus into the United States.” – Kevin MacDonald

What is this? HOGWASH!!!!! Here we have a Zionist Social sycophant quoting a Zionist Banking sycophant amounting to total disinformation! Kevin even admits to it; ‘anecdotal example’, is the opposite to scientific evidence, it is based on individual experience or stories – here say, and statements by employers showing bias! Misleading and suggestive! It was in reality an American – Henry Ford who developed the entire process of assembly line mass production of automobiles – the doctrine is called “Fordism”, initially the concept was Optimization, an Aryan concept that was adopted and distorted by Communists and Zionist after Henry Ford died. The Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 long before any Japanese person had even driven in an automobile let alone make one! The methods used by Henry Ford became known around the world, and were adopted around the world, in countries like Japan, especially after they were colonized by America after their WWII defeat. The Toyota Motor Company is owned by the US Government, it has been so ever since Japan became a working colony of the U.S. Government and the Federal Reserve and the IMF and the BIS. Kevin MacDonald is suggesting that the Japanese folks are more genetically predisposed to ‘team-work’ and ‘concensus’ and are more effecient than an American???? This is not observable phenomena, and there is no evidence to prove this is the case! Complete rubbish!

Japan in no way can be compared to America in this regard, as a country it is no more or less efficient than America, the demographics and the racial characteristics and the environments are entirely different, both States are however controlled by the same system and the same Zionists. The people of each State are no more or less ‘collective’ or ‘individualized’ then each other, all people have the ability to work collectively or work individually and independently, there is no one group of people more or less inclined towards this ability.

It was not ‘Toyota culture’ that was transported to America by Japan, that’s disinformation, it was American mass production assembly line culture – Fordism that was forced onto the Japanese people, their own Japanese family owned and run automobile factories were simply taken over, with what was the “Flexible System of Production” of America, this became the “Japanese Management System”! Are folks in Japan any more inclined to a Henry Ford designed system than folks in America, no, of course not…Toyota is no different now to General Motors, both are owned by the U.S. Government wich is owned by the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is a privately owned and operated counterfeiting factory. The Japanese are no better or worse than any other people in being the unfortunate victims of an international swindle and fraud, being ‘collectivized’ or ‘individualized’ is HOGWASH! Its mindless Babel! In the case of Kevin MacDonald, I wouldn’t even rate it as artful propaganda, he is just hired opposition “greased” to say as many stupid things as possible to discredit any meaningful opposition, just drown it out with babel, so as to confuse them! Think –  “My argument that European tendency toward individualism is the result of lessened importance of group-based competition during the Ice Ages for the ancestors of Europeans because large kinship-based groups would not have been supported because of ecological constraints imposed by a cold climate.”   –   Kevin MacDonald

What??? That’s Kevin’s argument, that is his hypothesis based on his ‘anecdotal evidence’ and some special lab results, where ‘Europeaness’ is ‘measured’ in a test tube at California University! With historical view compiled by the Disney Corporation in Hollywood! What utter and complete moronic garbage!

Kevin MacDonald’s European Ice Age.

And finally Kevin manages to tie all his bullshit together as a way of proving that Jews are the elite in typical sycophant manner;

“Jews are particularly important because of their elite status in terms of wealth as well as their influence on the media and on the political process. As non-Europeans become the majority in traditional European societies, there is no reason to suppose that they will retain individualist political and cultural institutions. As they say, demography is destiny.”  –   Kevin MacDonald

Altruism, that is non-Aryan. Secular Humanism – Kevin MacDonald quotes Augustus Comte – Utopian Socialism, Masonic Republican, Jacobite Zionist Freemason, an influence on Karl Marx. Augustus Comte another mad French Freemason who did everyone a favour when he threw himself off a bridge in a suicide attempt, unfortunately he survived, and is now a revered High Priest of Marxism and Zionist Masonic Social engineering, the same Masters that Kevin MacDonald serves, not suprising that MacDonald would quote Comte.

What is Humanism? – it is Tribalism with the tribe defined as humanity. That is a central tenet of Marxism and Judaic tribalism.

Jews do not have an elite status due to their wealth, human wealth is purely the product of human work! The Zionist Jews do not have wealth, they have no wealth and that is why they steal it through counterfeiting operations! They steal human wealth! And who says non-Europeans will become the majority in Europe and therefore change European traditions? – The Zionists that’s who, that is their aim, will they be successful, NO! Just shear demographic numbers makes no difference, Henry Ford just proved that exact point, one man’s idea become the very culture of an entire country on the other side of the Pacific Ocean! Optimization – Aryan – planning concept based on ensuring no more resources are used than is requires to fulfill the purpose. Henry Ford developed and Aryan concept that was later hijacked and turned into a Zionist abomination in a desperate attempt to overcome the inherent failures of Marxism! But nothing can help them in the long run, nothing!

Here is an example of faulty Masonic reasoning; if there is more of something, that must mean it is better, the more people than the more successful they are as a people – that’s a Jewish idea! The Aryan thinking is completely different, the opposite – Optimization, quality, – it is better to have a small group of Noble beings than a billion ignoble Peoples.

The mass abundance that was produced due to the doctrine of Henry Ford was due to optimization of resources and labour, the fact that is was adopted and used for the purpose of exploitation of Goyim is not the fault of Henry Ford, it is the fault of the exploiters!

Like I said I wouldn’t even give Kevin MacDonald the credit of calling him an able propagandist, I think he is used as hired opposition because he his a narrow-minded, obedient, indoctrinated gentile with sycophant tendencies! He makes the perfect strawman opposition, Kevin reminds me of giant pinata, something a child could hit at a party blindfolded, it’s so easy, surely you cannot miss it.

6 responses to “Kevin MacDonald, another Zion Sycophant.

  • Elysium

    I think it’s important to make something clear when discussing European demographics. The current situation with ethnic European birth rates is non-Aryan. While birthrates are low, this is not at all due to selective breeding (whether state or cultural). It is actually primarily due to lower birth rates amongst the middle-class. The birth rate that is currently prevailing is largely consistent with the relatively high birth rates of the lower and lower middle classes. This is obviously negative as the populations are declining, but primarily because the population will soon consist almost solely of those descended from the lowest classes.

    If the situation were to be characterised as ‘Aryan’, we would instead see at the very least a reversal of this (with low class parents bearing no children and upper class parents many). That would be the bare minimum. However, nobility is an eventual necessity of an Aryan selection process. Furthermore, by this time, classes would have been rendered irrelevant socially, with the remnants being a reflection only of income levels. In this case, with an Aryan selection process based on nobility, birth rates would be at a rate for whatever is needed for the future, and would be drawn from all sections of the population.

    As regards ethnic composition of European societies, it would seem that it is still working perfectly for the Jews. There are only two options for a non-Aryan state to pursue. Either the state allows self-segregation (which is largely what is occurring now), or pursue assimilation. In the first case, divisions will blow out as the immigrants tend to have higher birth rates, and the conflict (particularly with Muslims) will be encouraged. The latter would result in the Westernisation of the immigrants, which would also work for Zion, because, as we know, Westernisation shares a strong correlation with pro-Zionism.

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings Elysium,

    Yes most definitely, ethnic European birth-rates are for the most part non-Aryan, and it has been a declining trend for a very long time.

    Yes I agree also that Westernized Gentiles and Goyim appear to be far more useful as slaves for Zion, then Muslim Gentiles & Goyim from say the Arab nations, Westernized nations are proving to be more obedient and constructive/destructive (whichever is required), especially the Democratized/Socialized Judeo-Christians, they are simply more willing to help and work in the Zionist domination, they are more pro-Zion than their Muslim counterparts.

    If we look at the recent announcement of Angela Merkel, the Zionists would like the Westernized European Gentiles and Goyim to do more work regarding the assimilation of the disspossed Muslims into Zion servile workers.

    The Rabbis know this will be a poor outcome for both European or the non-European immigrants, and that is what they want.

    I think we would be more likely to find awakened Aryan genetics in the lower/middle classes today in Europe than the upper, but they may not survive the rigours of lower/middle class life, there is certainly more chance that an Aryan will make it to maturity and develop more the Aryan characteristics in the upper classes of his/her society. So yes, having a predominately lower class dervied demographic would be a negative influence on the development and survivability of Aryans.

    Thankyou, Komerad for your insightful comments.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    A new idea came to me the other day that could be incoporated into your information on MacDonald. It is a certain application of that Lenin quote above: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” MacDonald is essentially a ‘fishing lure’ for people seeking to join the Aryan ranks. Even, the blogger at Ironlight seems to have taken the bait, being a self-proclaimed anti-Jewry thinker, yet believing that MacDonald’s ideas are great.

    I think that term might be good elaboration on rhetoric and recognizing controlled opposition.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ja, ‘Ironlight’ was unable to see the light of the Aryan, he went the way of the Gentile.

    I will add ‘controlled opposition’ to the Rhetorics page.


  • Sane

    Hilarious, or scary. Quoting Hitler repeatedly?!

    1. (Incidentally) Ford may have invented the production line but division of labour was Adam Smith (Scottish/British), if I recall correctly in the production of pins, but it goes back to Plato.

    2. Hitler was part Jewish, and obviously a very sick puppy.

    3. Incas, Mayans and Arabs had a handle on things like maths and astronomy way before Europeans/Whites had any time for such things. (I am white btw)

    4. If I understand correctly you seem be pro-individualism, yet Nazi Germany was socialist and not pro-individualism.

    5. Optimisation is exclusively Aryan? What planet are you on? No Doubt Henry Ford had some non-white ancestors

    6. It seems just a tad self-indulgent to argue your race is superior to others, surely arguing this is true simply serves to prove it is not the case, in so far as it is a dumb pursuit. Your dogma sounds just like religion, i.e. lacking in evidence.

  • delendaestziobot

    1. I was not relating the division of labour, I was relating the concept of the optimization of resources and labour, two entirely different concepts, you have misread the essay, read it again.

    2. And your source is a jewish owned trashy tabloid, you idiot.

    3. Incas, Mayans and Arab history was given to them by the Jesuits, it is a European invention, “ancient” history was invented in Europe in the Middle Ages.

    4. The individual men and women of National Socialist Germany reached the greatest heights ever achieved by a civilization. The greatness of an individual is not based on self-interest, that is what you have been trained to think, but you wrong.

    5. You have misread the essay, read it again, I am not “pro-white”, and it makes no difference to me what skin pigmentation Henry Ford’s ancestors had.

    6. The Aryan Race is extinct, it is also not synonymous with “White Race”, the Aryan Race is an entirely different concept, you are clumsily making a rebuttal but obviously have not understood the essay.

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