Communists in anti-Zionist clothing!

Being an Aryan and being anti-Zionist is one thing, and being a typical Communist and being anti-Zionist is another. Just because one condemns Zionism as they see it today does not in any way mean that he/she is an Aryan. Many Communists today, have no idea that they are nothing but a typical turncoat Ziobot -Bolshevik, they deceive themselves just as easily as someone else. Communists today are for the most part; totally dissimulated, they’re disguised, they have to be, they must conceal their true nature, they learn this from birth – how to disguise their nature, after a while they do not know they are even being deceitful, they believe that they are authentic; that the mask they wear to hide that they are a Communist is really them, they see this as reasonable, instead of just a poor example of Orwellian ‘double-think’ i.e. holding two totally conflicting beliefs as equally true, and they see nothing illogical about this, because they have no logic to discern with. The Communist can be an anti-Zionist and still remain at the same time staunch lifelong Zionist and not even know the difference! What the Communist is, in his/her delusional and often paranoid state, believes personally becomes their reality for them, they have no ability to recognize truth, if they did, then they would not be Communist, they would see through the lies they would truly see Communism for what it is- a fallacy, a deception, a dissimulation, an oxymoronic abomination! The Communist who is nothing more than a cheap hired-hand lackey for Zionists, who is to be used up and discarded when no longer useful, is often a tool for manufactured opposition – false ‘anti-Zionism’, or even ‘anti-Semitism’,  (Jewish vilification of someone they dislike) this is played out so the Zionist can manage the opposition, they expect opposition so they try to direct it, direct it towards their own influence and control, the best enemy is the one you invent yourself. Think about when you were a little child, did you not invent an enemy? Of course, many adults do the same still to this day, they imagine an enemy, it can be a disorder, its called paranoia, but as we have seen, the Zionists are the very definition of the Paranoid. There is method however in their madness, because if an enemy is invented and then managed and controlled, any potential real enemy will more often than not follow the initial lead, falsely believing that the opposition to Zionism is real and authentic, by joining to the false enemy, they simply come under the direction and control of the Zionists.

Several years ago, I attended an anti-Zionist demonstration in OZ. There were a couple of hundred present, the Palestinians were leading with a hundred strong crowd, there were several other nationalities milling around and maybe two or three OZ plebs like myself, which is odd seeming OZ is owned lock, stock and shekel by the Zionists, but I suppose it should not come as a surprise.  To the side of the main demonstration I noticed a stand which was offering information and selling Palestine flags and badges, so I bought a badge and pinned it to my jacket. The young man behind the counter handed me a paper leaflet, I looked at it, and saw a great big picture of Karl Marx’s head on the front of the leaflet. Blink. Blink. I looked at the young man behind the counter and he said, “Do you know much about Marxism?” – “A little,” I said. I noticed he had on a t-shirt with a hammer and sickle emblazoned on the front, here was a Communist Ziobot at an anti-Zionist rally! The Communist said; “We are collecting donations for our university Marxist party, would you like to make a contribution?” And of course looking for something for free, how typically Communist! I said, “I am here to support the Palestinians in the fight against Zionism.”  He said, “Oh yes, so are we.”  I replied, “Did not Joseph Stalin recognize the State of Israel as legitimate?”…The Communist looked at me, and I at him, at this stage another Communist approached who overheard my question, he said – “Stalin was not a true Marxist.”  “Maybe not,” I said, “But Karl Marx was, and he was a Jewish Zionist, he believed in a Jewish homeland in Palestine, he was a Zionist.” The 1st Communist replied “But Marx would not have approved of the violence.” and the 2nd Communist nodded his head in the affirmative…I could see I was not going to get anywhere, trying to use logic as standard while debating two Communists will get you nowhere, and where there are two Communists there are bound to be more, and after all I just wanted a ‘Free Palestine’ badge, which I had paid for, but being a National Socialist, I couldn’t help give one last remark; “Well I suppose you support ‘Free Tibet’ as well?” I remarked, turning away and not waiting for an answer.

Communists whether Jew, Gentile or Goyim can turn into anti-Zionists, Ziobot Communists- dissimiltudes, selling ‘Free Palestine’ badges at an anti-Zionst rally! And they see no conflict in their position! Well where else would you expect to find them? I mean they do dwell in other people’s tents, that’s a pillar of Zionism – dwell in other people’s tents! They themselves see no problem with it, they even ask you for a donation just for the privilege of having them there! It is in the same fashion that we see Jews proclaim themselves as champions of communal share, champions of the labour force, champions of charity, champions of social justice, and yet simultaneously institute unscrupulous, capitalist, privatized, dog eat dog, personal gain orientation! At the very same time the Jew can hold both positions as being equally viable and compatible and true, and see no problem with the conflict of their position and the resultant cognitive dissonance! The result of this mental schism is Paranoia. The Jew can feign anti-Zionism, he/she can forgo the ultimate aim of Judaism – Zionism, if the wind is not going in their favoured direction, they can just as easily don an anti-Zionist cap, but they still remain a Jew – a member of Judaism, all they have done is hold off on their ultimate goal until a more opportune time arises, and then as quickly as they changed into a anti-Zionist because it suited them, they will change back into to the most hawkish, rabid Zionist as fast as they can throw the former cap away! This behaviour appears to us today most alarmingly in the form of anti-Islam, anti-Arab propaganda instigated by the Jews, a people with a long history of pro-Islam and pro-Arab involvement, the Jew will incite Muslims and Arabs against Christians and white Europeans or Buddhists, or Hindu’s, etc, to cause division and visa-vera, I refer you to this article for an overview of that propaganda, and this page of the main Aryanism site for an in-depth analysis. This cognitive dissonance is perpetuated by the Jewish people amongst all other folks, amongst all races of every creed and religion, no one group is more targeted than another, and they are all guilty of not identifying the main problem, the root cause and seeing to its removal. The Schism caused by Jewish dissimulation, whether as a victim of their own mental illness or purposeful – divide and conquer in other folks must be recognized, we cannot all succumb to it as the Jews have, it is present today in all fields – politics, classes, religion, science, art, social interaction, media, economics, Left, Right, etc!

More and more so to influence the masses that He (Jew) persuaded those of the Right that the faults of the Left were the faults of the German workman, and similarly he made it appear to those on the Left that the faults of the Right were simply faults of the so-called ‘Bourgeois’ and neither side noticed that on both sides the faults were the result of a scheme planned by alien devilish agitators. And only so is it possible to explain how this dirty joke of world history could come to be that the Stock Exchange Jews should become the leaders of a Workers Movement. It is a gigantic fraud: world history has seldom seen its like.” – Adolf Hitler

Adolf  Hitler recognized this in his speech in Munich 1922, imagine how dire the situation is today, how much worse is the condition, the disease is rampant, its epidemic! Also note how your Jewish stock exchangers are no different to your Jewish money exchangers, it’s the same old swindle! Nothing but a swindle!


7 responses to “Communists in anti-Zionist clothing!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Great quote from Der Fuhrer. Very true even today.

    Political leadership is all “politics” now. The “leaders” really just want to be favorable enough to get elected again and sit on the bench for another term. Mid-term elections in the USA are coming up in 2 weeks and all the news stories are such junk and politicians statements are just ridiculous. Just smiling and saying warm and fuzzy things to charm a majority and they are always ready to give up their soul just to reach their aim of getting into office.

    And seeing that all major political offices have to be “approved” (from behind the curtain) by groups like AIPAC, they do in fact sell their soul.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ja, its all parlimentry Babel, that’s all it is….it is disturbing to watch how they grovel before AIPAC.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Moscow Times reported in October that :

    President Vladimir Putin has expressed concerns about what he described as the rise of neo-Nazism in Europe, telling a Serbian publication that it was Russia’s duty to oppose fascism.

    Putin’s comments, made to Serbia’s Politics magazine, came shortly before the Russian president was set to arrive in Belgrade to take part in events to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the city’s liberation from Nazi Germany on Thursday.

    “Unfortunately, the ‘vaccine’ for the Nazi virus that was developed at the [post-war] Nuremburg trials has lost its power in certain countries of Europe. A clear example of this is the open manifestations of neo-Nazism that has become commonplace in Latvia and other Baltic countries,” Putin was cited as saying in the interview by RIA Novosti.

    “The situation in Ukraine provokes particular concern in this regard; the anti-constitutional rebellion that took place in February was driven by nationalist forces and other radical groups,” Putin added.

    Although the interview with Politics not set to be published until Thursday, Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti offered some tidbits of Putin’s comments in advance.

    “It is our duty today to oppose the glorification of Nazism,” Putin said. “To firmly resist attempts to change the outcome of World War II. To consistently combat all forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism.”


    Vladimir Putin is expressing concerns that some people in Europe are expressing their wish to live free and unhindered by the evil agenda of Zion. He is saying that it is the duty of the corporation of Russia (and therefore, by extension, the duty of the Zionist slaves within it) to oppose ‘fascism’ ; he is saying that anyone wishing to live according to the laws of nature should be opposed and defeated. He is wanting to portray the Vile Hordes of 1941-1945 as heroes whose evil deeds should be emulated.

    Vladimir Putin inverts just like the rest of his servile insidious kind by stating that the people of Belgrade were ‘liberated’ from the true freedom fighters by those who want to rule the world. He glorifies the Talmudic and false Nuremberg ‘trials’ (truth put on trial !) and states that there should be a ‘vaccine’ for anybody who does not support the contents of The Talmud. Vladimir Putin says that anybody who does not engage in the murder of non-Jews, the theft of property of all non-Jews and the rape of non-Jewish children is part of a virus.

    Vladimir Putin makes up pathetic adjectives in an effort to paint nature as being something that is evil and nasty.

    Vladimir Putin is serving his Zionist Masters by playing his role as one side of the supposed ‘conflict’ we see in the world today as he works with the Negroid puppet of the Soviet States of America in attempting to start a world war ; as prophesied by Miguel Serrano.

    Vladimir Putin is a Talmudic murderer, rapist and child abuser of the first rank who has no right to life.

  • aufihrhelden

    Vladimir Putin is a Monster.

    • jalexandermaximilian

      It’s so aggravating when I see people who I know Love Thee Fuhrer, National Socialism, etc and have some strange idolization of Putin.
      I could tell years ago long before I knew what I now know just by looking at him that he was a mafia man.

  • C

    “Russia is a spying operation masquerading as a country” – Carolyn Yeager

  • delendaestziobot

    Old funny botox face Putin does not represent in any way P-Russia. Hitler said that once he held a place, a certain place, he held it forever…..The destruction of Stalingrad was successful! And so it appears to us, even though that the exoteric war was lost, the esoteric war was won in P-Russia.

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