The Lone Wolf Will Die!

Most Lone Wolf  ‘survivalists’ think they will survive in true wilderness, and just dispel in your mind what you think true wilderness is, because you don’t know what it is! Today there are millions who practice at a fantasy scenario that will never become reality, they are deceived and wasting their time. America is the home of the ‘survivalist’ military style men and women who are better armed and supplied than any human population has ever been, more ammunition, more guns, more fancy hi-tech ‘survival’ gadgets, more canned long life foods securely stored, they have underground storage, vaults designed to withstand nuclear strikes, there is probably enough canned food in America to feed each individual for 1 year! They have gas masks and night vision binoculars, Kevlar body armour and siege weapons. And yet the world has never seen a population of people less fit to survive, it’s not ironic it’s a tragedy. There are some other countries that share a similar fate, in the survival stakes, but they are more aware of the fallacy of the ‘Lone Wolf Survivor’. South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, have no chance of survival in the long-term, but having a closer experience to true wilds and the native populations that still inhabit it, they do realize that they would not survive very long alone, no matter what weaponry they had. I find America’s obsession with lone survival techniques to be quite ridiculous, I call it the ‘Lone Wolf Syndrome’ – LWS. Many so-called experts talk about how to survive in the wilderness for a week, two weeks, they have an entire kit of a 100 different items and rations of food and water, I could imagine that the LWS survivalist have 5-6 of these packs tucked away in the steel reinforced fall out bunker! First of all it’s not hard to survive for 1 or two weeks in the ‘wilderness’ these days, we don’t have many wilderness area’s left on the planet and there is not any need to walk to the North Pole just yet. Americans are so well fed at the moment that they could go without eating anything at all for 2 months and be healthier than what they are now! It’s sad that Americans think that the first problem that they will encounter when the social fabric of their society breaks down is lack of food, not law mind you, the breaking down of our law happened over a hundred years ago, however the social fabric is more important and takes much longer to completely vanish, but we are getting there, it will vanish the way we are going at the moment, but you will be more acutely aware when the social fabric rips apart, we can still survive with a million laws all standing against us, enslaving us, restricting us, containing us, taxing us, feeding off us. But when the family and community structure breaks down, an individuals chances of survival against other cohesive organized societies, with strong socialized family structures and community, become very slim indeed.

It’s not food that will be the first problem you will face, oh no, if you want a true wilderness experience you don’t need food. One can go without solid foods for up to 3 weeks, just for pleasure, its good to fast, I do that twice a year, I would see walking  through a wilderness area without food and supplies as enjoyable and healthy exercise! If I met a ‘Lone Wolf’ survivalist I’m sure  I would not ask him for his 10-year-old can of dried food! Why worry about how many bullets you have for that 9mm? Every other crazed lone lunatic off his meds is going to have much more than that in your American ‘Survival’ Apocalypse landscape, having a gun will not be any advantage, it has not been any advantage for Americans so far, in American history. in fact if you have a family, in that doomsday event your imagining, once you realize what is going to happen to you and them, when the social fabric that exists between extended family and community finally falls apart, you will most likely use the family gun on them and then finish yourself off, the human brain if still logical would consider that the best use for that gun and bullets, you will not want you or any of your lone children or wife alive to see what will happen to them! It was not the ‘Law & Order’ that protected you and them before, it was the hard-won, hard-wired social fabric of connected family units within the society. Once that is destroyed like our true Law and Order was many decades ago, then you will realize just how important it was, your enemies do, that is why they created a million so-called ‘laws’ to ‘protect you’, they were not protecting you, no, not their laws, it was their laws that were specifically designed to destroy the social fabric of family life, under the disguise that they were for your benefit and security. The social fabric dies hard, and is much stronger than forged steel, it can take a very long time to destroy that completely, but when it is gone, then you will all die, your enemies will kill you all, you will not survive, certainly not as a ‘Lone Wolf’! For beginners in the real world, unlike the minds of most Western men and women and especially Americans, a real lone wolf cannot survive any longer than a lone human being, anywhere! A lone wolf will die unless it has a pack, it can last a few weeks, months maybe, years unlikely, but it will die, most likely within the first few months. If the wolf, which is a tough animal, and I would back a wolf surviving in wilderness before a modern western human, if a lone wolf does not find its own family pack to re-unite with, it will DIE! If it’s in unknown territory it won’t last very long, its scent will be picked up by a rival pack and it will be hunted down and torn apart. It’s packs of wolves that rule, not a single lone wolf, maybe in Hollywood movies, but not in the wild, not on this planet! How big can a wolf pack get? How big is the territory? If the environment suits and there is enough prey, then its a matter of how big the territory is, packs of 20-30 wolves can define and defend and live off a territory, if they work together, if they are born together, live together, play together, hunt together, they will have a chance of long-term survival if they grow. But not a lone wolf, a lone wolf will die…

It’s just an interesting analogy, different ultimately,yes, but we can make some comparisons, if a single wolf cannot survive unless it finds a pack or family, us humans have far less chance of survival on our own than a wolf, so consider that! It’s not food that will be your biggest enemy, never has been and never will be. Now if we want to imagine an ‘apocalyptic’,’ WWIII’,  ‘nuclear winter’, ‘SHTF’, whatever they are calling it these days in Alt-Media world, it would be a boon for animals like wolves! My bet would be when the social/family units breaks down in America, wolf and dog packs will be hunting in numbers, they could easy get up to 100-200 strong, can you imagine that, imagine your alone with your 9mm and 40 cans of spam, a $50 compass, carrying a big old tent and 5 litres of water on your back, and getting hunted by a wolf or wild dog pack! LOL! Food is not your enemy, only fools would imagine that food,water and ‘supplies’ are your biggest concern when you are alone in the real wilderness, hostile wilderness! Remember this if you want a survival tactic: if you have to carry an item, you will probably end up dumping it, when you have to run, either that or you will just lose it, trust me, you will lose it, or you will throw it away or someone will take it off you! You will die anyway when the wolves come if you are alone, basically you will die if you are alone, FULL STOP…Unless you find a cohesive structured community with a social family fabric, quickly, you will die, there is a thousand ways you will die in the wilderness unless you find support and help, some worse than others, but you will die, and you will die alone unless an organized structured group or society takes you in, unless another pack helps you!

Anything you have to hold, you will eventually lose it, dump it, or someone will take it off you, if you even survive in war or after or any type of ‘apocalyptic scenario’ you can think up, remember another cohesive society will kill you off, before you have to worry about eating anything! If you last because you really are in real wild country, you will die alone unless a large cohesive society with a strong social fabric of connected family units take you in, if you manage to find one, or more likely they find you, after a few months you will have virtually no possessions, if you still had shoes on, you would be lucky! You would be lucky full stop, most likely you would be dead and your bones crunched to dust by animal teeth long before you fire a shot! If you are alone, eventually you will die alone, it’s just a matter of time, that’s all.

The most important survival item for the human being is – oxygen and then family, comrades, and kin folk, the social cohesion thereof, then planning, strategy, logic, reason, rationale, hope, love, desire, will, courage, fortitude, then water then food! See the survivalists are missing the second most important item after oxygen! If you don’t have solid social connections and a strong kin folk with social cohesion, you will die eventually, most likely before you need water or food or a tent. A  water proof sleeping bag like a gas mask is a luxury, it’s not a necessity, social cohesion and unified social structure are necessities, you will die very quickly without them, I don’t care how many bullets or sleeping bags you have. America has more weapons than any other people ever had, yet there are more people in jail in America than any other country on earth, and no country has so little in the way of real freedoms than America, guns and bullets don’t rate very highly on this Aryan’s survival list!

All our so-called ‘Survival items’, are not survival items at all, there luxuries for bush walking, and trekking, that’s all, just sports, pleasure activities, recreation! they are just there to make your life easier, and more pleasurable, they will not ultimately be what saves your life, what saves your life is that you made it back to your family and society and kin folk otherwise you will die alone. Today’s ‘wilderness’ area are not really wilderness, you really have to get lost to find true wilderness, and it’s still tamed more or less today, but it would not take very long after humans are not present to go back to real wilderness, huge wolf packs hunting down anything with a heartbeat! If the wolves don’t get you the other humans will, in fact it would be better if the wolves got to you first,  before the human enemy gets you, and that goes for all of us in all countries who think we can survive alone in the wilderness, and that you should pre-occupy yourself with such a scenario, let me tell you, YOU WILL DIE! THE LONE WOLF DIES!!!!! IT’S THE WOLF PACK THAT LIVES!

There is no survival in the lone wolf, independent survivalism, even eco warrior ‘self-sustainability’ as well leads to a lonely dead-end,  eventually just a lonely and most likely painful death awaits, just sustaining you or you and a small family unit, is not enough, not in this world, not where we are headed when our society breaks down, no survival in that, you will all die if you have to fend for yourselves alone or in single small family groups in a true wilderness. A human needs numbers to have any chance of real survival, numbers of like-minded kin folk, forged spirit and flesh, connected by soil and blood! they don’t all have to be equal, no, just like the wolf pack they will not be all equal, but they will survive, together, if you want real advice from someone who really knows about survival, not some Jewish American Clown on the Televitz pretending to know about it,  NOT some guy like this;

    NO! Don’t listen to him!!!!!

This is why the young noble heirs of National Socialism plan now to survive, are you planning to survive? ARYANISM is a survival strategy for the future….Heil!

9 responses to “The Lone Wolf Will Die!

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Nice. Living in the US for a while now and I have always found American anti-statism/libertarianism quite odd. The Lone Wolf analogy is very apt, I must say. Strange is that some people like that are also anti-tribal but in the direction opposite of Aryans. They want to be totally independant, while most people settle for group altruism, however, we strive for universalism.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the two states of being are linked, a tyranny of mass control develops out of liberal democratic – ‘free’ statism! Its a trap that many are falling into in their desperate attempt to flee the crumbling tryannical States of Democracy, they are progammed to believe that freedom is the opposite of their present state, their present state is dependent group slavery, so they believe independent individual sovereignty is now the path to freedom, but that was the lie they fell for in the beginning! They have already forgotten! Liberal free democracy just leads to a tyranny of mass control, as each member works against each other member, a cohesive organized group can then easily mainpulate and control them, a small group can easily control a very large group simply because the large group is completely disorganized, each individual in the large controlled group believes freedom is the opposite to another individual in its own group and vica-versa.

    The small controlling group of tyrants know that freedom comes from the organization of their group, in giving up personal freedom they attain true Freedom, however the pathetic controlled slaves give up their real Freedom that they have together to attain slavery individually.

    It is expected by the Tyrant that the slaves may eventually realize they have been conned and rebel, but you can just then use this to begin the whole process over again, you can use their disorganized revolt to futher enforce the delusion that it will lead to Freedom, when it will just lead them into further slavery and oppression. Plato explains this quite well in ‘Republic’, Americans ere primed a long time ago to become the best slaves, and the best slaves are the ones that believe they are free.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    I’ve been thinking about this article quite a bit. It has led me to outline one of my own, on how the “lone wolf” image is propagated through film, namely big budget hollywood jew funded film.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Hail!

  • Into the Wild: The Disoriented Aryan. « S I D D H A R R E I C H

    […] here in these photo’s, it’s “Foolish Recreational Hunter”, the onset of the ‘Lone-Wolf Syndrome (LWS)’. He was better off as a highway tramp and itinerant farm worker, agitating the lower classes, […]

  • Madonna Ciccone

    Why don’t you watch “American History X”, and then go and do something useful with your lives, rather than just whinging, blaming anybody but yourself, and keeping hate burning in your hearts?

  • delendaestziobot

    I had to edit this essay a little, it is still humorous to read, I added Madonna’s comment for a laugh as well.

  • aufihrhelden

    But, of course, the lone wolves are the ones who are true, the lone wolves are the ones who are just and the lone wolves are the ones who understand. One thing that the Marxist hordes are able to do is sense who is of a true spirit and it is they who will be vulnerable as the Marxist hordes hunt them down on behalf of their Jewish Masters. This happened in Berlin in 1945.

    If one is a coward one joins the British or American armed forces, if one has the Stockholm Syndrome one just becomes part of the masses, if one is full of hatred one joins the Communist Party and the Jews rule over them all. Who does that leave ? The lone wolves.

    Lone wolves can join together as one, however, the most magnificent example being that of the Schutzstaffel.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the essay :
    ‘But when the family and community structure breaks down, an individuals chances of survival against other cohesive organized societies, with strong socialized family structures and community, become very slim indeed.’

    … one hopes that the English speaking people of the world who currently live in other ‘countries’ around the world will be, upon any truthful revelations of their real agenda, be hunted down as lone wolves and dealt with appropriately.

    The Jew, of course, is behind the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy of the breakdown of the social fabric.

    And it is in the nature of those who are first to participate in a society with a broken social fabric to want the same for the rest of the world because they are driven by hatred.

    The hard-faced unattractive and far from beautiful (but seen as attractive and beautiful) modern woman of today, particularly of the last twenty years, seen in media and entertainment is a creation of World Jewry and is a good example of one of their tactics to achieve social breakdown. The beautiful women of the Third Reich are resented, envied and despised.

    Those that hate themselves hate others.

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