Gentiles Fall for Oliver Stone’s Cunning Ploy.

On a quick Google search for – ‘Adolf’ Hitler’s war against the Rothschild’s’! One finds millions of results, scrolling through the pages it is alarming to find what was a truthful statement is turned on its head, Adolf Hitler did indeed go to war against the Jewish Rothschild’s Banking Dynasty, there is no doubt as to the truth of that. I don’t know whether a man called Jesus Christ chased money changers out of a Temple, but I know a real man did indeed throw Jewish money changers out of Germany!

Yet one would think the opposite upon researching such a topic on the internet, a naive person, an ignorant person would imagine that Adolf Hitler was ‘A British Double Agent’, ‘Rothschild’s secretly fund Hitler’, ‘Hitler was an illegitimate son of a Rothschild! , ‘Hitler was Jewish’, ‘Jews finance Hitler’, etc.

Gentiles mainly believe these outrageous fabrications even though they come from so-called ‘alternative media’ kosher spokesmen, like David Icke, Henry Makow and Alex Jones, who have gladly touted such blatant lies. I’m sure anybody reading ‘Siddharreich’ knows how Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany drove the Jewish financiers and bankers out of Germany, leaving a healthy mix of both private and state banks in German hands. And how a mere 6 months later at a World Conference in Amsterdam, Jewish factions, the Bank of International Settlements (Rothschild’s World Bank) and various allies demanded that Hitler reinstate all Jews to their former positions within Germany. Adolf Hitler refused of course, being as he was the single greatest Aryan Arhat to have ever walked the Earth. As a result of this the Jews conspired as they do, being as they are, and one of their kin – Samuel Untermeyer who was head of the American delegation, naturally, and President of the whole sycophant conference heads back to America to whip up a frenzy through the Jewish media  “…the Jews are the aristocrats of the world…Our campaign is…the economic boycott against all German goods, shipping and services… What we are proposing… is to prosecute a purely defensive economic boycott that will undermine the Hitler regime and bring the German people to their senses by destroying their export trade on which their very existence depends. Each of you, Jew and Gentile alike… must refuse to deal with any merchant or shopkeeper who sells any German-made goods or who patronizes German ships or shipping”

The Jewish Media trumpeted this command throughout the land of America, which they controlled, lock, stock and shekel and the naive population of America at the time heartily agreed with the Jewish Bankers – ‘the aristocrats of the world’ as they saw them, as the preachers of Zion had proclaimed it from their pulpits, and the people had agreed with this for the most part, they were to them after all the ‘chosen race’! And the ‘good book’ which the Jews had written a thousand years ago told them it was as well!

So it was that Judea declared war on Germany, albeit in typical Jewish double speak, ‘prosecute a purely defensive economic boycott’, see when Jews ruthlessly attack and wage war, it is ‘purely defensive’…. at least that is what the Gentiles are to believe, I don’t how one can see it other than cynical hypocrisy or an oxy-moron, but to the Gentiles it was trumpeted loudly and repeatedly and they believed it! Even though a significant portion of them were in fact of German descent, they voted against their better judgement and follow the Jews in a war against themselves! A war against Germany! Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Now to Oliver Stone who has the natural ability to turn truth into fiction, made a carefully contrived outburst or two about Israel’s foreign policy and the holocaust and Jewish control of Media in America in a contrived sweetheart arrangement with his fellow Jews, he then submits to the charges of ‘anti-Semite’, quickly confessing to his thought crimes and pleading guilty, but not only that, after raising such topics which do seem to be getting a fair amount of attention of late, Oliver Stone acting as an elder wise seer of American psyche albeit a little feeble-minded with age, wastes no time in launching into several false statements that one would find on a David Icke website, or a Christian Right forum, something that could have come directly from the mouths of Tex Marrs or Alex Jones; “Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and a monster but rose to power thanks to big business leaders and other supporters who appreciated his vow to destroy communism and control workers”- Oliver Stone.

Well this is a cunning ploy, who says Jews cannot tap into the Zeitgeist for a brief moment? The old bait-and-switch, the original product which was good value and seemingly authentic, is replaced, switched with a disappointing fraud, the bait is gone! Just an old stock ‘n’ trade retail trick to fool the passer-by mom’s and pop’s shoppers! With Jews, even anti-semitic remarks resembling an element of revealing refreshing truth, albeit watered down, becomes another cheap pro-Jewish, anti-Hitler rant from the mouth of a spoilt Hollywood elitist Jew!

Our most glorious leader, Adolf Hitler, the greatest Aryan Arhat, hero of the working classes, loved by young and old, rich and poor alike! Portrayed as a puppet of big business who wanted to control workers? LOL! I can see the Hollywood promotional adverts aleady! What a false charge against our glorious leader!

Well, for the American Gentiles, Oliver Stone is their concept of a Historian of unquestionable merit, so what to make of this ill conceived outburst this ‘anti-semitic rant’, that required such an immediate and heartfelt apology on his part, one so highly esteemed and distinguished in the American cultural and intellectual landscape, yes, Oliver Stone passes for high-brow intellectual pursuit in America, how could he make such an error of judgement, surely he must know that Israel is completely independent of America, why, God Himself has gathered all the Jews from around the world into his bosom and personally delivered each chosenite to Israel and now guards them safely from heaven, was it senility on the part of Oliver Stone to suggest otherwise? A drunken hate filled rage perhaps like Mel Gibson, of course you must be completely drunk and out of your mind to suggest that the Jews control the Media, or that Israel foreign policy may not be in the best interests of America, or good God forbid, holocaust denial!

Oliver Stone was neither telling the Truth in the first place, he was merely feigning, imitating something that resembled truth, to act as a bait. Firstly note in the comments by Oliver Stone the swearing, same as in Mel Gibson’s so-called ‘anti-semitic’ rants “Israel has f***** up United States foreign policy, compare with Mel’s’ “F****** Jews…Jews are responsible for all the wars”.

Why the crude language? Why unrefined, ill-conceived outbursts of an immature nature? Because Jews already know their exposed so they attempt to control the direction of the information, this type of anti-Semitism actually serves their ultimate purpose, they have calculated this rage, it is already factored in, the Jews wish to portray anti-Zionist sentiment as being crude, primitive, emotional, the reaction in itself is meant to be repulsive and overtly racist, so they can manipulate it further, the Jews don’t want a sober, logical discourse, they want a hate-filled rant, they want ugly insults, ignoble language, so as the anti-Zionists can be portrayed as such, this serves their agenda in the Propaganda war. Oliver Stone and Mel Gibson only serve the Jewish Propaganda machine, not the Aryan.

We Aryans use noble language of value, logical, sober, erudite, clear, effective, informative, truthful, respectful, intelligent and mature. Not these obscene expletives, uncouth and ungraceful.

Furthermore Oliver Stone stated that Adolf Hitler was a creation of Capitalist Industrialists, this kosher conspiracy theorist also wants to charge the crimes against Stalin and Mao and Churchill to Adolf Hitler and the German National Socialists as if they to were nothing more than willing tools of the financial elite who sold out their own people, and nothing could be further from the Truth, Adolf Hitler in no way can be compared to these traitors and puppets of the financial elite, it is a total fallacy, yet Oliver Stone is said to have ‘told the truth’. Just look at Gilad Atzmon Blog, the heading reads; ‘Oliver Stone apologized for telling the Truth’! But he didn’t tell the truth, yet the kosher anti-Zionists want to claim Oliver Stone as a crusader for the truth who was unfortunately vilified., and that somehow Stones’s apology now confirms his statements! How ridiculous! These kosher anti-Zionists claim that Stone was presenting a valid historical and political discourse of merit, attempting to reinforce in the American public’s mind that indeed Oliver Stone is a learned Historian of merit albeit daring and controversal.

But we see Oliver Stone respond with this; “In trying to make a broader historical point about a range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and regret”

So in fact in no way did Oliver Stone deny the Holocaust, which truthfully never took place, he claims falsely again that it did take place, and not only was Adolf Hitler responsible but all Germans were, and for many other atrocities as well! And this is the ‘truth’ that Stone told? Gilad Atzmon?

Something tells me we are not going to hear the end of this, I think the Jewish propaganda machine is on a winner, look how much success they have had with this amongst the Gentiles, the White Nationalists as well fell for it hook, line and sinker, what was nothing more than the old Jewish bait ‘n’ switch retail trick. The Jews succeeded with this propaganda push, so I expect they will use the same method, this cunning ploy more so in the future, don’t fall it, like so many others.

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