State of the Nation & Wilderness Navigation

What is the true state of Nations today? It’s crucial at this stage that we get a grip on the true definition, so many people are being led into false sentiment to their own detriment by forces that seek to further enslave them and divide them rather than unify them. I want to keep this post as simple and unemotional as I can so I will get straight to the point.

The present state in terms of you, is your relationship to the Nation.

Nationality is by legal definition; ‘the relationship between a person and a state, the person becomes subject to the state’s laws, even while not physically present in the state, in exchange for the state’s protection.’

That is all it is. In strict lawful terms, it is no more and no less than that. Western Nations today observe this definition and nothing else, if a human being is willing to subject him/herself to the state’s laws in exchange for state issued rights and protection than he/she can receive nationality, because its simply a contract, mutual consent to a relationship.

Now this of course is not etymological definition of the word ‘Nation’ (Natal. Latin), but it is what all Western Nations and most Nations the world over define it as today!

There is no recognition of history, there is no recognition of culture, there is no recognition of race, blood relation, etc, no purpose, origin, no meaning, no spiritual value assigned, nothing held in common whether it be experience or property, no heritage and no future, nothing, for ever! There is just a contract, legal documentation whereby you waver any natural sovereign rights and natural identity to have a relationship with a state where you will be made to submit to the laws issued by the state in return for protection, and that is all it is….

In the contract of nationality, the word ‘person’, this would be you in the eyes of the state, is ‘a corporate fiction’ – Black’s Law Dictionary. So your status in the Nation as it is today is one recognized legally as not a flesh and blood biological being, but a ‘corporate fiction’, which means the ‘person’ is not defined as a sovereign natural being, but a tradable commodity incorporated by the state, a resource on the accounting books of the state.

On this alone, with no further need for defining, the case for Nationalism in our age is not only deceitful, but it is absurd, it is absurd because it is false, null and void, unless one agrees that a sovereign manifest natural being is indeed no more or less than a ‘corporate fiction’, and consents to this.

Aryans will need to slowly exudate themselves from this Nationalist Corporate system, and it is not so much as taking a first step as realizing first exactly where we stand, where are we? What are the co-ordinates, the bearings, they have to be established first, we must know exactly the position we are in, just coming to the obvious conclusion that something is wrong and you’re in a hostile environment is not enough, you can jump up and down and make as much noise as you like, with as many people as you like, but you will end up going round in circles, lost in a wilderness, not even realizing that you are all lost.

Heads up! Hey you at the back of the line! This means you, Don’t follow your hiking partners blindly. If the guy in the front is daydreaming, you could all end up in the wrong place. Ask questions. “Is that the lake we just passed on the map? I don’t remember seeing it”.

How many times have we had one leader at the front and they got us all lost? We must assess the terrain, the immediate environment, too many misty eyed visions of shambhala, too many nostalgic trips to Hyperborea and not enough detailed map making from a high point before even thinking about moving, what’s the elevation? The topography, details for the scouting of the route, is the weather favourable? IF YOU LOSE THE TRAIL, STOP! Reorientate yourself! Unfortunately we have no compass, we must make our own map, and the Black Sun is not shining on us yet! We will need natural direction signs, and we need to accurately assess our location, survey the geography, what is our position now? What state are we in? Because the state of Nationality is one of deceptive illusion in that we become lost.


An impossible figure is one that is depicted in a perspective drawing in such a manner as to appear normal at first glance. However, on closer inspection, the veiwer finds that such an object could not exist in three-dimensional world.

4 responses to “State of the Nation & Wilderness Navigation

  • Miecz Elizejski

    I like this metaphor. Especially the optical illusion, it SEEMS like it makes sense, but on close and rational (Aryan) inspection… All the bureaucracy, laws, taxes, banking laws, etc… all meant to keep people confused and lost and prevent them from uniting as a Folk… especially the Aryans, since when we unite all internationalist economic slave empires (Jewsury) will be sure to crumble… just like when Jesus chased the Jew moneychangers from the temple, he had a whip!

  • delendaestziobot

    The ‘impossible figure’ is the one imagining something that does not exist in reality, so remains stationary and lost, or just going round in circles unable to make any progress. This is the state of all present Nations. So those defining themselves as belonging to that Nation imagine only an illusion, therefore they cannot navigate, or progress, which is exactly why the system of Nations today was designed in such a way.
    For example the most obvious misconception is that people view the borders of Nations which contain them as beneficial and apply ownership of that within, or that they share ownership of that which is contained within the borders of the Nation, but in reality the Nation State itself which has set the borders does not view the borders in the same way. Legally by their own definition they claim ownership of the people whether they are within the borders or outside them. Ceteris Paribus, people can by submitting to the laws of that Nation obtain the same rights as those within even though they have never step foot inside the borders of the Nation State. The borders are imagined to be real by those people inside, they have been led to believe they are indeed real, but the Nation does not view them as real! In fact for the Nation the borders are non-existent. Any effort to ‘secure borders’ is merely an attempt to convince the people within that the borders are real and recognized by law, but they are not. The aim is to keep the people inside the borders in a state of illusion so they remain stationary.

    For example; The Japanese Government can legally fish in Australian waters and does so, they are aware of the true nature of the imaginary meaningless borders that the Australian Government has no right to enforce, legally they cannot do anything about it, but if a small leaky indoneasian fishing boat with a few unarmed peasants on board crosses into Australian waters, the Australian Government will send a Navy Gun ship out to deal with it, the indonsian peasants will submit knowing no better, the Australian Government can then claim it has successfully ‘secured the borders of Australia’….

    Unless we understand our true position inside the Nations we cannot navigate our way out. It is non-Aryan to revolt without grasping the root causes, it is Aryan to plan and execute revolution by understanding the causes.

    Now this is of importance, the Gentiles and the Non-Aryans and even most of the Aryans are basing their view from an impossible figure point of view, and so they will feel revolt because of the pain and suffering, so does an animal, an animal will try to resist if it is mistreated, it will do what it can to cease the pain inflicted upon it. That’s just natural, so the people say, ‘this is unfair’, ‘the Government is not doing it’s job’, the government should secure our borders’, ‘this is our Nation’, ‘we deserve more rights’, ‘we want less government, ‘we want more government’, ‘we want our say too’ and so on and so forth.

    But who are they appealing to? the Nation State is a fiction, it dosen’t exist other than to apply more laws ‘for your protection’! So the people are just being led via manipulation of their own natural inclination to revolt at the application of pain and suffering, demanding it to stop allows the Nation to legally apply the only thing it is designed to or is capable of doing – issuing more LAWS! More of the Laws that caused the people to suffer and feel pain.

    When people appeal to the Nation State they then submit via mutual agreement to the States Laws! Nationality is nothing more or less than that, a ‘person’ (Corporate fiction) agreeing to be subjected to the laws of the Nation State (Corporation) in order to gain protection. The State only sees ‘protection’ as meaning the application of more Laws.

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  • delendaestziobot

    Diord, kamerad,

    Looks like the Gentiles are doing what Gentiles do, the grunt work for the Zionists. Aryans will not be able to convince a Gentile of anything Aryan, two different folks entirely, the Gentile group like the Goyim are very numerous, and the Aryans today are very small in number.

    The Gentiles appear to be becoming more and more like their masters, the Zionist Jews, the interbreeding between these two groups would also account for their converging traits, I suspect that the Gentile populations have now significant amounts of Jewish traits, especially in the upper western classes who have been having an sweetheart relationship with the Jews for 500 years!

    Diord, could you leave your personal email, and I will send you a private message back.


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