We Aryans are a Folk!

“In the long run, no idea is better suited to guarantee peace between nations than National Socialist racial thinking, which calls for the furtherance and maintenance of one’s own race and one’s own people, and supports similar efforts on the part of other nations. Such mutual respect which requires both for one’s own nation and that of others rejects the forcible conquest of other nations, and history shows it is useless as well. Imperialist strivings are rejected from the start, since they would mean as overlapping of own’s own activities with those of others” – Why the Aryan Law.

This was written in 1934 concerning German National Socialist racial policy. The German people sought to save, transform and perfect their Nation to the best of their abilities through their own effort, a noble cause that would unite them as a Folk. Why did they choose to follow the Way of Nobility, attempt to obtain Arya and become a true Aryan Nation? Lets go back a few years to 1927 Germany;

“The German people is an enslaved people. Under international law, it is lower than the worst Negro colony in the Congo. One has taken all sovereign rights from us. We are just good enough that international capital allows us to fill its money sacks with interest payments. That and only that is the result of a centuries-long history of heroism. Have we deserved it? No, and no again!” – Joseph Goebbels

It may sound familiar to you, considering our position today. In 1927 Germany had no sovereign rights, a nation by title, but merely one used for the benefit and profit of others, it was indeed an enslaved people, a dying people, exploited, conquered, humiliated, suffering and being slowly but surely exterminated! The German people did not resign themselves to this grim fate, instead they decided to organize themselves into a Folk with common belief, goal, cause. Again it is better to hear the words of those who were there;

“Therefore we demand that a struggle against this condition of shame and misery begin, and that the men in whose hands we put our fate must use every means to break the chains of slavery.” – Joseph Goebbels

The Aryan cannot live as a slave, the non-Aryan can live in servitude even in chained slavery and be as happy as a hindu cow, as long as its basic material and individual wants and needs are met it will seek nothing else.

“While the front soldier was fighting in the trenches to defend his fatherland, some Eastern Jewish profiteer robbed him of hearth and home. The Jew lives in the palaces and the proletarian, the front soldier, lives in the holes that do not deserve to be called “homes”. That is neither necessary nor unavoidable, but rather an injustice that cries out to the heavens. A government, that stands by and does nothing is useless and must vanish, the sooner the better.  These days every one has the right to speak in Germany – The Jew, the Frenchman, the Englishman, the League of Nations, the conscience of the world, and the Devil knows who else. Everyone but the German worker. He has to shut up and work. Every four years he elects a new set of torturers, and everything stays the same. That is unjust and treasonous. We need tolerate it no longer. We have the right to demand that only Germans who build this state may speak, those whose fate is bound to the fate of their fatherland. Therefore we demand the destruction of the system of exploitation, Up with the German worker’s state!” -Joseph Goebbels

Sound familiar? The recognition of grave injustices committed against a people, a folk, well they become a folk when they are unified in their recognition, they become an Aryan folk when they do something about it as a unified people. The nature of ARYANISM today is the advancement of unity among Aryanist individuals, regardless of denominations, seeking the establishment of their own Aryan truth, justice and law as the German National Socialists once did.

It’s not Nationalism, Nationalism is preservation, survival for survival sake. We read in the first quote on German Aryan Law the appeal to universal co-operation, the maintenance of one’s own Nation, once a Nation has been established, and allowing others to do the same, the exploitation of one Nation over another is detrimental for both Nations ultimately. The Germans saw National Socialism as a way to Universal co-operation not merely for their own survival and benefit, but the survival and benefit of all, and this was an Aryan concept put into action.

“Final solution can be effected only by means of a warm-hearted resolve on part of those who once faced each other as opponents, but whose mutual esteem, based on a recognition of each other’s bravery, could become a bridge leading to the future – a future which must never see any repetition of past sufferings” – Adolf Hitler

We can see how National Socialism is not based on Darwinian natural selection, but tribalist Nationalism is. The Jews are tribalist Nationalists, we don’t want to become as them. The Jews seek only to preserve and further their own people to the detriment and expense of all others, that is non-Aryan. Their universal ideal is based upon the universal slavery of all others!

A defining characteristic of National Socialism in Germany was this; one nation need not suffer for the sake of another, one folk need not exploit the development of another folk!

We Aryanists today in the 21st Century share similar characteristics as the German National Socialists once did, we are part of a broader Aryan folk, but not contained to one set of geographical borders, we are universal, but our goal to share in common will be to establish for ourselves a true Nation which may require borders, for we will not suffer for the sake of another nation or folk, neither for the sake of  liberalist individuals, ARYANISM does not court altruism for the welfare of others that share not our nature,  just as we would never accept  bonds of slavery! But we see no benefit in the exploitation of one folk by another based on pure selfish tribal egoism.

7 responses to “We Aryans are a Folk!

  • Diord Fionn

    Fantastic selection of quotes outlining why we are indeed a Folk!

    I congratulate you on setting up a new blog in order to help spread a message of true freedom. May you have much success.

    I have recently made a post on my own site (which is more or less Irish Nationalist in tone) attempting to steer it in a more valuable direction. (I am a relatively recent newcomer to Aryanism, yet I have always tried to act in accord with the superior ideal, one which I find contained abundantly within Aryanism, and what I have always felt as right is expressed therein’ also).

    However, I have ‘rebranded’ Aryanism to Gaelicism on my site in order to better suit the audience, yet the philosophy and culture of Aryanism remains intact as it should(along with the utilization of the vocabulary found on Aryanism.net). I have also openly made the connection between Aryanism and Gaelicism.

    What do you make of the above developments? Also, if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to make them.

    Slán go foill

    – DF

    • Miecz Elizejski

      Diord Fionn,
      Very intersting comment and website. Especially the section on multi-culturalism. I have seen Ireland in a similar light as I do Poland, the country of my birth. One reason being that establishing an Aryanist movement in either country very likely requires facing stiff opposition from the Catholic Church.

      In Poland it is a very powerful institution and “Polish Nationalism” and Catholicism practically go hand in hand… there is no real shortage of anti-Judaism in Poland, but most of these people are simply nationalists and tribalists that have succumbed to Vatican dogma and the idol-worship of the national flag and emblem. The true Slavic roots of Poland, ones that it shares with the neighboring Slavic nations and ones that go hand-in-hand with the noble traditons of all European nations, are hardly discussed in the mainstream.

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings Diord,
    thankyou for your comments.

    I think it’s a great idea to use Gaelic to identify Aryans of Irish descent. We have today a situation in Ireland like Australia or all Western Nations for that matter, where what is called ‘Ireland’ or ‘Australia’ is not a Sovereign independent State, not a Nation, we live within Corporations, in reality they are legal fictions, that when we state our ‘nationality’ we enter into a confirmation that we are the chattel of that corporation. I believe we need to use certain words to describe our true identity rather those that already bind us to a Corporate entity. Modern Nationalism or the interest in national independence, the devotion to interests of one’s own nation is impossible while our so called ‘Nations’ are in reality commercial Corporations whose very legal, political, social structures are designed to assist in the trade and commerce between Corporations. When we use terms like ‘Gealic’, ‘Aryan’, ‘Folk’ we are attempting to disconnect from our chattel corporate identity, which is really a fiction for legal purposes, its designed to defraud us of our true identity which we are still trying to formulate because we have to start from scratch.

    I will attempt a more in depth discussion of these points in my next post, when I have tied a few things in. I will read through your website and make a link to mine.


  • delendaestziobot


    It’s interesting the comparison with Poland, it is similar to Croatia where I have ties to, strongly tribal, strongly nationalistic sentiments, but it was impressive to see how fast the Catholic Church re-established itself in Croatia, first after the demise of Communism and then after the break up of Yugoslavia. It was almost as if the Vatican came back with more vigour than before, as if it needed a good prune, so to speak, like an old shrub thus encouraging new growth!

    • Miecz Elizejski

      A sort of late response here…

      In Poland, religion, especially Catholicism has an odd role, a much greater role than religion in most other countries, from what I have seen. During Poland’s partitions, during the Communist era and due to a Polish pope for a long time who spoke out against Communism and during whose reign Comminism in Poland fell… all this adds up to a very strong bind that Poles have to the Catholic Church.

      I imagine that the situtation you described in Croatia is pretty analogous to this. Once the people were free they jumped more than ever at the possibility to be able to openly practice their faith. But I am afraid that, at least in Poland I think, many are not just faithful Christian Catholics, but obsessives who just blindly obey the church. Even the many recent revelations of church corruption (priests using donated money to gamble in the stock market) still doesn’t sway people away from it.

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