Fredrick Toben & Silver Bullets

White Nationalist Gentiles are attempting to run forward while looking backwards, they run on for a while until they run into something they don’t see coming. When Aryans run they look forward unto the horizon so they can see everything in front of them.

Revisionist Historian Dr Fredrick Toben recently released from ZOG prison in Australia for thought crimes (telling the truth about the holohoax) said in an interview; “the world is my prison”…Toben has been jailed 3 times in 3 different countries, however upon his release he does not consider himself to have obtained freedom, and in 5 words cuts to the very heart of this present oppressive age in total unbroken and controlled defiance. What I like about Toben is that he is relentless with the truth, and he is dangerous with the truth, so dangerous that the Zionists have tried to silence him for decades. Five words from a Fredrick Toben is worth more than a 100 Stormfront pages!

Link to interview:  ‘Materialism is exhausting itself’.

“But it must be remembered that all western democracies have that far more subtler mechanism of imprisonment for its people, namely the financial straight jacket. In today’s world the only value that a person needs to develop is his credit worthiness, while such things as character are irrelevant. A person’s credit rating supersedes all, until one begins to question the underpinning ideology of this financial system, which among others is held up by the ‘Holocaust’ ideology.”

Let us ask that vital question that Dr Toben is referring to, and it is a question related to the financial system that imprisons us in subtle ways. How does it work and how can we destroy it? He who understands a thing can destroy it.  Protocol #2 of the Learned Elders states:

“It is indispensable for our purposes that wars, so far as possible, should not result in territorial gains: war will thus be brought on to the economic ground, where the nations will not fail to perceive in the assistance we give the strength of our predominance, and this state of things will put both sides at the mercy of our international AGENTUR; which possesses millions of eyes ever on the watch and unhampered by any limitations whatsoever. Our international rights will then wipe out national rights, , in the proper sense of right, and will rule the nations precisely as the civil law of States rules the relations of their subjects among themselves”

They sound supremely confident don’t they? They capitalize the word AGENTUR and use the impersonal pronoun ‘which’ to indicate a parent company a corporation, it refers to a thing, and that thing is GOLD! I suppose they had good reason to at that time, but  Elder Jews of the Tribe missed a crucial element, that would indeed place limitations on them, and this vexes them today no end. Go back to Protocol #1 where they declare their dominance in Gold, which is true, it’s a long story on how they managed to acquire such huge amounts of Gold, and I might go into that later, but lets just understand that yes they do have a massive stockpile with which they can control all currencies, paper currencies that is, Gold is money when measured as a weight as Aristotle reckoned and rightly so, only recently a scientist made something akin to a invisibility cloak, the key material in making such an amazing technology was Gold, Gold is a noble element with many amazing applications yet to be even discovered. All the Gold ever mined in the world would fit into an area not much bigger than a three bedroom house, and its all still in existence, people don’t throw away Gold. But Gold will not help us much, because the Jews have got most of it, (Fort Knox is empty) stored away in underground vaults, mainly at the Bank of International Settlements

OK, so the Tribe has taken all the Gold that was once used for money and wealth storage as well as providing the a key element for technological advances in thousands of applications, this Gold once belonged to the Nations, now this Gold, for the most part belongs to the Jews and the Nations which are now mere Corporations have debit vouchers to exchange instead. This way Jews can impose without restriction the ‘Tyranny of Usury’ a world-wide system of  debit & credit, goyim Nations or Corporations rather are credited when they have pleased the Jews, credit worthiness is based solely upon willingness to dutifully and with servile humility carry any instructions the Learned Elders and Rabbi’s desire, their wish is simply the Goyim’s command. And it is this system that imprisons us today. A Gentile’s credit rating is an indication of how effectively he/she can perform his/her duties as a helpmate in the construction of the Kingdom of Zion all over the face of this world.

Now, Dr Toben recognizes that there is a flaw in the financial system and I will tell you what it is so you can expose it and attack it; – “Banks”, International Banks!

The Elders of Zion have erred because our English word ‘Bank’ is derived from Jewish money changers – banco meaning a ‘bench’, where a Jew sat exchanging items of real value for worthless pieces of paper or ‘bill of credit’! The Jews began this practice as servants of the Royal Chamber –Servi camerae regis which was their status during the Middle Ages as a corporate branch of the Patrician Gens. Today the word ‘Bankrupt’ would mean ‘broken bench’ for example, or in court room where one is asked to approach the “Bench” the judge in a modern courtroom is the representative of the International Banks acting under the rule of USURY and Maritime Law. That’s how Jews came to understand banking, a fraudulent practice exchanging something of value for a piece of paper. But that is not what real banking is, the Latin word argentaria means ‘Bank’, literally meaning a pile of silver! The Romans considered a Bank to be a pile of Silver, not a pile of Gold or a Bench where a Jew sits exchanging his funny notes of scribbled credit for Gold or Silver or anything else of value. The system of Usury was developed by the Jews with the Vatican and a number of Dynastic Patrician families, the Jews were always given complete protection by Rome and the Vatican and a number if not the majority of the so-called “Royal Houses” of Europe:

“All Jews, wherever in the realm they are, must be under the King’s liege and guardianship, nor can any of them put himself under the protection of any powerful person without the King’s licence, because Jews themselves and all their chattels are the King’s. If, therefore, anyone detain them or their money, the King may claim then, if he so desire and he is able, as his own.”

Th e Jews are “Serfs of the Royal Treasury” associated with the coordinated action of the Roman Patrician Gens and their key vassals – including the Habsburgs, Edward I of England and Louis II Wittlesbach of Bavaria, who used the fraud of USURY to demand all transactions of exchange be conducted by certain Jewish families. The individual members of these “banking” franchises were called COMPANIONS and each major group within a city was called a COMPANY. The word COMPANY deriving from the 13th Century Latin companio means “a body of Jewish servants bonded to a vassal of the Vatican under the rules of SERVI CAMERAE REGIS and USURY.

The Jews, whom by reason of fortunate circumstance, more than anything, found that once they had gained complete control over the degenerate Royal Houses they served, discovered that Gold was easier to accumulate for their own benefit than Silver. However it is Silver that is the historical precedent for a genuine Bank and for Money. With the more power the Jews gained they gradually withdrew both Silver and Gold from circulation as currency and increasing replaced it with their system of paper fraud, usury and financial trickery.

Argentum – Silver. You should familiarize yourself with this noble metal if you want to fight against the Jewish money system and the credit chains that bind the world.

There is now less Silver than Gold in the world, it is rarer because Silver is in fact far more useful for the modern civilization, it is a transition metal and has the highest electrical conductivity of any element, and the highest thermal conductivity, and the highest reflection of any element!

Silver is now the most strategically important metal on earth, it is essential for our technological society and unlike Gold, the Jews don’t control Silver. The Roman Gens originally knew how important Silver was, Gold might be a form of money, but it is Silver that is the ‘Bank’ Argentaria!

An ounce of fine Silver is like a silver bullet that one can use to fire into the head of the monster International Credit/Debit Banks. The reason why Silver is so manipulated and made to appear so cheap is reverse psychology, an Aryanist should be able to figure out the details. The Fact is the Elders have made a mistake, they have NO SILVER but a huge pile of GOLD! They are now in damage control, desperately trying to cover with illusion this great discrepancy, but the Silver is for the most part completely used up in machinery and technology of civilization or it’s in landfills, or it’s in the hands of people who don’t trust Jews or their Banks, or their Governments!

Load up your Silver Bullets.

9 responses to “Fredrick Toben & Silver Bullets

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Very interesting interview with Dr. Toben. There is a documentary, if you haven’t seen it already, that might be of interest to you, it is called “Money as Debt” and it thoroughly describes the usury based money system we have.

    Also, the much longer historical documentary “The Money Masters” and it goes into great depth investigating the modern history of money. Fort Knox, too, gets a mention.

    Both videos are on Google video.

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings Miecz, Yes there are two ‘primary dealers’ for the Federal Reserve that I share an interest in destroying and that is JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, JP rigs the Silver market and HSBC rig the Gold market both are supplied with unlimited funds from the Federal Reserve to achieve the ends of devaluing both these metals and also other commodities to extend the life of the Fed$. Large groups of investors, individuals and interested factions have got together around the world to break JP Morgan and HSBC’s manipulation by calling and standing for physical delivery. Silver is more important for us so I will concentrate on that. JP Morgan sell ‘short’ silver, which basically means selling silver you don’t have by ‘borrowing’ it off someone else, selling it, then buying it back at a cheaper price than what you borrowed it for, handing the silver back to the original owner than pocketing the paper profit, of course this is ridiculous because JP Morgan are supposedly the largest Silver Bullion holders and are Custodians for SLV, the largest Silver stockpile on earth! And no other physical holder can supply the huge amounts of Silver required for the massive short positions, and no other holder would be stupid enough to let JP ‘borrow’ their Silver to only see it devalued when it is handed back to them. Basically JP Morgan cannot be a ‘Naked Short Seller’ of Silver, because it is the owner of over 200+ million ounces, so JP is either selling its own Silver into the market which devalues its own asset, which results in a net loss, or JP’s claim of being the ‘Custodian’ and holder of 200+ million oz’s is false and they have NO Silver and are selling fraudalent paper contracts and settling with Fed cash when they cannot deliver….It would not matter because JP has access to unlimited amounts of cash from the Fed, the aim of course is to supress the value of Silver thus strengthening the Dollar$.

    Bear Stearns used to be the holder of the 200+ million short position in Silver until they were destroyed by that! JP was instructed by the Fed to pick up the ball from the fallen Bear Stearns, supplied with unlimited amounts of $’s in order to keep the short position in Silver going, in the mean time those clued in to what is going on are hoovering up every last remaining ounce of Silver! And accumulating massive long positions in Silver against JP Morgan! A default by JP will see them destroyed, no doubt, an exploding Silver price will signal the end of the Fed$! Without JP the Fed will be severly handicapped, it would be like losing a leg.

    Aryans should aquire physical Silver with their useless Fed$, this works like Silver bullets being fired into the head of JP Morgan and the Fed! When the Fed collapses – Silver will dramatically rise in value, like I said, it is now more rare than Gold, and strategically crucial to the 21st Century.

  • Fredrick Toben & Proiettili d’Argento « Corrente 88

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  • aufihrhelden

    The Hero, Fredrick Toben has been declared bankrupt by The Jewish Filth and their Ziobots. Dr Toben had them check mate from an intellectual and factual and truthful point of view (rebutting the Jewish Holocaust Lie) but the Jews just throw the board in the air and declare victory anyway.

    This is yet another example (as if another example were needed) that the only way to ensure any kind of final victory is the complete and total physical annihilation of the Jews and Their Helpers because that’s the way that THEY HAVE CHOSEN to play the game. It’s with a kind of sick irony that the only way to be free from these fiends is to give them the very thing that their position in this world is primarily based on, otherwise Truth and Justice will be removed from this world totally.

    The term, ‘Kill The Jews’ (through Jewish media conditioning) has been given a bad name but, in this world, it will eventually prove to be the only hope for Truth, whoever proves victorious, because either variable depends on whether such measures are eventually brought to bear.

    In a world such as this, intellectual capacity, however much one possesses, does not command any type of material high ground and that’s the Greatest Tragedy of All Time.

    Heil Fredrick Toben !

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘I will now return to the sentence with which I began this lecture : ”To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good ; hereby the spirit finds purpose of a life in reason.” This implies the ability to identify and label lies, the ability to identify and label the inhumane, the ability to identify and label injustice. It also implies character traits, which are of particular importance in our age. The knowledge of our immortality, of steadfastness and incorruptability. With such character, we might be able to shape a world for the many children who were up here earlier today ; a world in which we are allowed to speak the truth without punishment.’

  • delendaestziobot

    Sylvia Stolz – Joan of Arc manifest….

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘But that is not what real banking is, the Latin word argentaria means ‘Bank’, literally meaning a pile of silver!’

    … and a pile of silver would be mined from the ground then minted into coins at a mint and then securely stored in vaults on behalf of the owner/s.

    All banks should be is a storage house with the right to charge a fee for providing such a service !

  • aufihrhelden

    The airline Ryanair is offering free car hire to their six-millionth customer. You see how they use all the big corporations to further their Satanic agenda ; whenever the number ‘six million’ is used they know that people automatically think of their Holocaust Lies.

    Anyway, here is a video of a different kind which also uses this same number again and again and again … :

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