Saint Ursula


Goslar, 2016


Third Reich mural at Rammelsberg Mine, Goslar, dated 1939.


Rammelsberg Mine, renovated by the Third Reich in 1939.


View from the bell tower towards the Imperial Palace of Goslar, built by Emperor Wilhelm I, 1879, (not very old).


Runenhauser, 1510, some as early as 15th Century, (not as old as what Colonel Wiligut thought.)


Goslar town square. I will be writing about the true meaning of the “Krodo Altar” in Part II of Third Reich Pilgrim. This is a Protestant Krodo Altar here and it is older then the pseudo bronze altar in the Palace museum.




Statue of Emperor Barbarossa, Palace grounds.


The Awakening of Emperor Barbarossa mural in the Great Hall of the Imperial Palace of Goslar (by Hermann Wislicenus)


Charles the Great, or Kaiser Karl, or Charlemagne and Saint Boniface, his alt-ego, of the Wood Choppers Guild, with the felling of the Irminsul, which is the felling of trees and the damning of the water springs.


Ziobots learning about “his-story”


The town of Goslar extends a warm welcome to the Third Reich Pilgrim.

Hitler’s UFO’s Against The New World Order

New Miguel Serrano book by the 55 Club, out now!



Goslar Third Reich Mural


The Goslar Mural in the Rammelsburg Mine of the Third Reich. One of the keys in the reverse Operation Barbarossa.


Cloning Hoax

I am still working on the MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion notes, where I have had to do quite extensive notes to clear up some of the misunderstandings, it is taking more work that what I thought because of popularization of “cloning” from theatrical beginnings….Associating Cloning with Nazi’s is something that Ira Levin dreamed up…..Unfortunately now we have to straighten things out all again….Basically, there is no such thing as mammalian reproductive cloning in laboratory by somatic cell transfer, or by any other means in which there is a human agency operating….Not possible…Cannot happen…It happens in the PR Companies and fictional books by raconteurs and fraudsters….


“Ancient” construction techniques

Here is an example of how to construct your own “ancient ruins”: Go round to stone masonry companies and buy their old discarded broken bits and pieces and then dump them on a plot of land and then put up a small sign saying that the bits of broken stone are 2000 years old….Then charge tourists $20 a head for them to come and see!


The backyard of a stone masonry corporation looks like this – ahhh the stone that the masons rejected has become the head stone, I get it.