Some photos of the Atlantic Wall ruins at Lokken and me. The remains of the entire coastal battery at Lokken now lies on the beach as the North Sea has eroded away the dunes. A very eerie and atmospheric sacred site, with great geomantic and spiritual forces being generated by the ruins, and these are real ruins, not fake ruins like Stonehenge in England, real ruins that exert real power. These coastal defenses were built by the Danish in 1941 to keep the British from destroying Danish ports and invading…..And they call that now “German occupation”!!!! It was actually the Danish that built these coastal defenses that make up the Northern end of The Atlantic Wall, it was the largest building project ever undertaken by the Danish, the Danish paid for it and built it themselves, they don’t remember that though, even if they do remember they do not have the conscious to know what it means. I also visited the bunkers and coastal batteries at Hirtshals in Denmark. I will be writing about my visit in Third Reich Pilgrim Part II.

Adolf Hitler: The Ultiimate Avatar, Manu: “For The Man To Come”, Son Of The Widower and Third Reich Pilgrim Part I, are all now available again on Amazon, while copies last. Maya: Reality Is An Illusion and Other Essays in Esoteric Hitlerism is currently sold out. Hermitage Helm will release a 2nd Edition of Maya next year which will be extended to include more essays.



I have returned home from the Holy Lands. I now have access to my email account and will be endeavoring to work through the back log of emails. It may take me awhile to process some of the book orders I received when I was away, so just bear with me. Sales and distribution of these books is a one man operation and there is a limit to what I can do, but I will try to do the best that I can, hence, as it has been written, it is better to secure these books when they are available because they will not always be available. Availability is somewhat ‘seasonal’ one could say. Third Reich Pilgrim Part II has been a Mission, a one man Operation Barbarossa, which is an apt description of the heroic Esoteric Hitlerism dispensation, the Way of the New Kristos, the Way of the Ehrean. The struggle of one man of a totally Astral UR-origin – Empyrean and individualized, in battle against the prevailing temporal forces of the this World. It is something the Jews wish they could achieve, but can only perform it in a theatrical setting, lie about it, in other words. In modern Judaic terms this would be something like the myth of Bobby Fischer – poor Jewish kid from New York singlehandedly and alone, as a lone individual, defeats the great Russian establishment at Chess, this is a lie of course, sophisticated propaganda for the Vietnam war and the Cold War, but if one understands it, and Bobby Fischer did himself attempt to understand it, it sheds some light on the fundamental dilemma of the Judaic mindset – their desire for Individualism but their inability to actually achieve it. Bobby Fischer, in reality, could not defeat one member of the Russian Chess team, let alone defeat Boris Spassky, but what did defeat the Russian Chess Masters and Spassky was Jewish money power, and when that happened Chess was made a mockery of, like everything else, money can only make a mockery, money is allegorical, it is, in the end, a Mockery. One is a witness to the mockery, to the treason and to the betrayal; the Hyperborean witness, the Warrior-Hero Siddhar, must overcome this, and also overcome the Mystery of the Archetype; He unravels its syncretic deceptive forms, dissolves them and seizes upon the eternal Truth hidden within – he steals the Golden Apples, a truth that He himself laid down long ago and departs leaving nothing behind but a pile of ashes to be blown by the winds into nothingness of Temporeality. This is the Way of the Ehrean, this is Hitlerean.

“I feel heavy as lead as I walk aimlessly around the neglected ruins, I linger at the Fuhrer’s podium in silent respect for the loss of the world’s greatest leader, the God-Man and ultimate leader, Adolf Hitler, Mein Fuhrer. betrayed, betrayed again he was, how many times can he be betrayed, how many times did they try to kill him, to stop him anyway they could? And yet, still, out of God’s love he extended his hands to his folk, a treasonous people, an unworthy people, not just the Germans but all Europeans and all of this world, and has not the world got what it deserved for this treason? For the disloyalty? When they betrayed the rightful leader of freedom and instead chose the enemy to serve as slaves? And of all people, the Europeans have betrayed their own most of all and for that they have lost all sovereignty and dignity, and the only one who could have secured it for them, who sacrificed his own earthly life for the future of his folk – Adolf Hitler, is denigrated more than the Devil himself! Europe has scorned her greatest Son! Europe, without hesitation, sold all her children down the river, and for what? Less than trinkets and blankets… They sold their generations and civilization, all for worthless ECB Frankfurt Confetti!”   –  Third Reich Pilgrim – Part I: The Ruins Of Power



It has been good to be without the internet for some time, actually. Germany has changed alot since I was here last, for the worst, of course, or the Corporation formally known as Germany, which is not Germany at all. Anyway, the 11th Labour of Hercules is completed, the true nature of Emperor Barbarossa has been revealed, I found the key in Goslar as predicted, the Garden of Eden has also been located, I discovered more, virtually unkown, Third Reich holy sites and am now in Denmark visiting the Atlantic Wall ruins, I will perform a magikal ritual at the site in the NeXT night or two…..I am ahead of Schedule, and shall soon have completed the mission assigned to me by myself.



The Ruins of Power


Wewelsburg Runenhauser

Some photos I took at Wewelsburg in 2011:












Land of the Fuhrer


“The Aryan Initiation cannot be completed without a pilgrimage to Hitler’s promised land of Berchtesgaden, and here at the point  of the Gralsburg amid terrestrial wonders, the Germanic Parnassus, the Hoher Goll, where the magical Third Reich ‘Lord of the Grail’ Adolf Hitler had his silent bastion in the clouds. They cannot deNazify the Mountains of Gods!” – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

Like Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano and George Lincoln Rockwell, I followed the path of the true Luciferians to the Land of the Fuhrer, and it was there that I received my Vision, and so I became a Son of Hitler, a Ghost Dog, a Black Raven of the Ultimate Battalion….An Einherier of Ehrean Germania.



Flat Earth for Dummies




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