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El Caleuche USCGC Eagle Horst Wessel

Amazing synchronicity how certain symbols come to be revealed at certain times by certain people. The Ghost Ship returns, this is a beautiful example of what a Ghost Ship is, it is something that endures, with no adequate rational explanation, other then to remind one of something that has been lost, it travels deep within one’s own rare blood, only a few will see it, but when they see it they see the beauty of it, like this NAZI Ghost ship of the seas, when seen it also spells Doom, as we say “The Ghost in a false reality is real”, here is an example of El Caleuche, USCGC Eagle/Horst Wessel:


Segelschulschiff "Horst Wessel"



“Yet, so that poor man still could find redemption in earth,

God’s angel showed him the path to salvation.”  – The Flying Dutchman, Richard Wagner.

Vogelsang Order Castle, 2011








Tempelhof Airport, 2016







The Tempelhof Airport was built in the late 1930’s, compare that if you will to what the All Lies had in terms of civilian Airports in the 1930’s? You have Google, I am sure it is not that hard. Today, Tempelhof Airport has been designated as a refugee camp, that is because the foe read Third Reich Pilgrim and they seek to denigrate and make a mockery of everything I do, but the mockery is on them. This was the site of the original Prussian Knights Templar, which is where the name “Tempelhof” comes from. I will be writing about this in my book Third Reich Pilgrim Part II…..Why was the Third Reich building a civilian airport during the war? Well I know the answer to that, and maybe those who read our books might be beginning to know the answer to that also. First things first though, for now I am completing the 2nd Edition of Maya: Reality Is An Illusion & Other Essays in Esoteric Hitlerism. It is an interesting book and it leads into many things we are elucidating.

“So it was that the ultimate Great War has not been just one more war in this world. It was something immense, definitive, and those who have so understood it have delivered us into battle, unto the end of everything.” – Maya: Reality Is An Illusion

Vogelsang de-Nazified



Since The Third Reich Pilgrim visited Vogelsang Castle in 2011, the German government has been spending 10’s of millions of euros to ensure that the site does not become a Neo-Nazi pilgrimage site. The entire grounds are now a re-education facility and museum (de-Nazification centre). German Authorities were particularly concerned about Neo-Nazis taking photos of the Torch Bearer memorial and contemplating it as a sacred site. The German authorities, desperate to ensure that no pro-German sentiment stirs in Germans ever again, are now housing 1000’s of refugees from Africa and the Middle East…A German tour guide remarked with glee that housing all these refugees at Vogelsang, which was designed to be a school for German racial purity, was wonderful and that “Hitler would certainly hate this”….The Germans in 2016, hate themselves….All sports halls, youth hostels, etc are filling up with refugees who are arriving in their millions…The Germans are doing everything they can to feed, clothe and support them, even offering up their own houses….The German authorities have remarked that German school children can no longer play sport because there are refugees sleeping there….They seemed to be very pleased with this , and wish they could do more. Historical landmarks are now being turned into refugee shelters, airports, public centres, the Templehof airport in Berlin now has 1000’s of refugees in its hangers! The German authorities are on the look out for more shelters, anything they can find to house and shelter more and more refugees from all over the world. And tensions this may bring within German communities the Germans would like to resolve by better assimilating the refugees…The German authorities and the vast majority of Germans are more concerned that the presence of these millions of Arabs and blacks may arose a stirring of “Neo-Nazism”…So the Germans have become especially vigilant to make sure “it never happens again” they are also making sure that the refugees are also vigilant of any German right wing extremism or neo-Nazi behaviors. Any negative reaction by the Germans to the millions of non-Germans flooding into Germany is seen as “fear”, and that the Germans should not fear but should embrace more and more and more refugees with open arms and open doors and open beds, and open bank accounts. Some Germans are complaining that refugees should not be housed in historical sites that have a “tainted history”, essentially saying that the non-German refugees may feel uncomfortable living in German cultural and historical landmarks, and that alternative housing should be found, for example the Christian Democrats, suggest that the refugees could also be housed in the German army barracks, instead of German soldiers, and even in government buildings. Also some places like Vogelsang are too isolated for the refugees, and so the German authorities are supplying them with specially refugee buses that will bus them in comfort to the nearest towns for day trips and weekend relaxation and recreation tours, and shopping.

A German, Stefan Wunsch, the research director at Vogelsang, expects a lot of these interactions to take place inside the memorial complex itself. Roughly 150,000 tourists, most of them German, will visit complex each year, and they will soon see the migrants and talk to them while wandering round among the Nazi ruins. “This will give our visitors something extra to reflect on”, says Wunsch. In a sense it fits into our philosophy of this being an international place. Moritz, the German site manager agrees: “They will come and see refugees, and it will pose the question to us, to our society: ‘How can we cope with this?” All around them, the visitors will see the symbols of Nazi chauvinism and xenophobia, and guides will be on hand to explain the dangers of that history ever repeating. In the end, says Moritz, “it will help us cultivate empathy.” Enough of it to make the refugees feel welcome.

I can honestly say that when I was in Germany, I witnessed that the Germans are welcoming in the refugees and doing all they possibly can for them…I also witnessed that they did not welcome me….”Refugees welcome” but then for me it was “Nazis Fuck OFF”…And now they have sentenced Saint Ursula to jail! They jail and abuse us but they embrace Arabs and Africans and anybody else?????


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Heil Saint Ursula!

Ruins of the Reich






This is a Holy Third Reich site I discovered in a major city of Germany, in the Holy Land, the Fatherland, where we began many centuries ago – with our Geo-Genesis in this world….I am not going to reveal the location at this stage, why should I? I will be writing about it in Third Reich Pilgrim Part II….How I was lead to this location is a strange story that needs to be told and I will tell it. But this site, which is in full view of passing Ziobotic traffic, remains completely untouched by the golems and AntiFa, or anybody else, it is a pristine holy site reserved for the Third Reich Pilgrim to stumble upon one day. Imagine, no bullet holes, no graffiti, no de-Nazification, no documentation center full of lies to denigrate the truth, just the truth still standing, untouched by imitators, waiting, the stones waiting, until the time a true Nazi stumbles upon them…Try to explain that if you can? I will reveal the location of this site in my new book, if the Ziomass ever allows me time to write it…

“And thus I was One. And all coursed outward as One.

And lo: this great wave surged upward.

And with this current I arose great and strong.

So we wandered, self-exiled, on the plains,

Magically guided in circles by oath and bond,

Awaiting the hour of Destiny to come.

And with faith I smashed through the boundaries

And gasping I crashed through the dams and dikes.

I lost my Self and found the Volk, the Reich.” – Songs Of The Reich

It does not matter how much they destroy the Truth, we can always find more, because Truth is abundant, it has no bounds, no restraints, no law can bound the truth of God, freedom has no limits…So, watcher of the ruins, the dawn calls to you, the memory of the blood calls the pilgrims of nostalgia, the blood of the Morning Star falls from stars like tears of Hyperborean Light…What did Master Serrano say: “only Wotan can speak with his warriors who keep guard in the far flung regions, by means of the Minne, preserving the purity of Aryan Blood..They are the prisoners of the Myth.”

Fuhrer Giest!

Heil Hitler!