Kosher Bowerbirds


Can someone call the wardrobe department, we have a problem with the Waggener boys again…



Jack “Go-Go Dancer” Donavan, employed by Gun companies as a paid actor and figurehead, will perform homosexual acts for drugs also.



Paul “The Mannequin” Waggener appearing in a cigarette and alcohol advertisement, with the new American wild, frontier, rebel, biker, trucker, roadhouse saloon, country boy, apocalypse survivor, pagan, primitive envirowarrior, DIY, Off-the-Grid, gym steroid junkie look????? Lifestyle and fashion companies will be lining up for this new look…..NOT….



A clever advertisement for Jack Daniels, one of the sponsors of the Bowerbirds of Virginia.



Paul “The Mannequin” Waggener, advertising guns, cigarettes, booze, rock n roll, and….Gynecomastia….Can someone call the makeup department please and the photographer…



Smoking and Gynecomastia? What did the marketing department have to say? They said he was cheap, there was a budget issue, you know…



What was it again? The Roadhouse trucker, biker, zombie apocalypse, survivor, pagan primitive, crossed with a…..I don’t get it….It does not matter the booze companies are paying and they want something new…



Blood, gore, and shots of American Whisky….That was brief anyway….



Achieve elite performance – drink American Whisky…..And take steroids….LOL



Let me guess….These Bowerbird extras at Camp Buggery don’t get the free whisky, cocaine and complimentary steroids…..And no I wont be going to your after-party.

Bowerbirds of Virginia

The Bowerbirds of Virginia (AKA Wolves of Vinland, AKA Operation Werewolf):

Ritual slaughter of animals.

Ritual slaughter of animals.

Ritual Slaughter of animals.

Ritual Slaughter of animals.



Desecration and ritual Crowley style black magic against our sacred Esoteric Hitlerist symbols



Paul Waggener standing in front of a Freemason’s grave, showing his true owners to be Freemasons i.e. alcohol, tobacco, steroids and other drug dealing families – fraternal corporations.


Sodomites Chuck Palahniuk and Jack Donovan - owned by drug companies, involved in advertising campaigns for alcohol and tobacco and guns

Sodomites Chuck Palahniuk and Jack Donovan – owned by drug companies, involved in advertising campaigns for alcohol and tobacco and guns

It appears that the drug companies are adopting our symbols, imagery and words, and then using them against us, both as a form of black magic and way to sell and distribute more drugs and guns, and of course the Semitic practice of ritual slaughter. The old tobacco distribution hub of Lynchburg Virginia appears to be where alot of these shenanigans are taking place. The main players and actors are members of Freemason families involved in the drug trade, mainly alcohol and tobacco.  The marketing departments are following on from their “Fight Club” advertising campaign, an expensive Hollywood advertising campaign for tobacco and alcohol, the marketing manager of that was the sodomite Chuck Palahniuk, who oversaw originally a homosexual orientated literary campaign that got promoted to movie status, or a long film advertisement. These owned toy-boys also practice Aleister Crowley black magic, Paul Waggener wrote a PDF, which he sells online, amongst other paraphernalia, in which he praises Crowley and recommends the reading of his degenerate sodomite literature.  Crowley was a member of the same Freemason fraternal families that these toy-boys belong to, Crowley was sponsored for his entire life by the He-Brews, the Brewers Guild, and one can only assume that the Bowerbirds of Virginia are also sponsored, certainly all their imagery points to this, they are in the business of promoting and marketing alcohol, tobacco, steroids, guns and ammunition and now ritual slaughter. The type of marketing meme that this fall under is called “Rebel Appeal”….I could post hundreds of images to prove this, most of the images are professionally done, expensively produced and also well marketed, you can easily find them online, so I do not need to post them all here. There is obviously substantial amounts being funneled into these groups which are nothing more than small advertising campaigns, they are of course pretending to be self-funded, or surviving on “donations”, lol, that is just a joke, I am sure they have a good old laugh as they swig free whisky at their degenerate campsite….What concerns me most is their abuse of our symbol – The Black Sun, but this is happening alot, it is not just the Bowerbirds of Virginia, at the end of the day they have a short lifespan, as all “Rebel Appeal” adverts have a rather short life-span, and relatively small funding also, but it concerns me just how many false groups are adopting the Black Sun of Esoteric Hitlerism, that is of concern to me, personally. As these groups become increasingly mainstream, they will certainly drag our sacred symbol down to their degenerate level, the Black Sun will become associated with Crowley black magic, with Satanism, with Ritual Slaughter of innocent defenseless animals, with booze, rock n roll, cigarettes and buggery…For that is the level of the masses, that is the level the masses understand.


It is a shame, but the true Black Sun is at Wewelsburg, Germany, sacred holy Deutschland! And only the Fatherland can redeem us, only Germany, Germania of the Dead shall come Alive!

Heil Germania, Heil Deutschland, SIG HEIL!

Manu – Unam – Templi Unam


The He-brews as supporters of Capitalism

“Sombart advances the question as to whether the Jew possesses a special capacity for capitalism. It appears most extraordinary to us that such a question should ever have been propounded. Capitalism is not an activity, which calls for a special kind of capacity, but a condition, the cultivation or administration of which, calls for certain qualifications.. Even, in the case of the Hebrew, capitalism, for its own sake, is not regarded as the main object, but rather as a means for increasing his own power, and for enslaving those, who are not Jews.”  –   Theodor Fritsch ‘The Riddle of the Jew’s Success’

The word ‘capitalism’ is the name given to the process whereby the tribe of He-brews – Jews, lend finance to each other….Their relationship is thus: which Jew owes which Jew and how much. Gentiles are not a part of this process which is conducted in-tribe, the Gentile is just a slave. ‘Finance’ is a magical metaphorical trick played on Gentiles by their Jewish masters. The He-brews, among other things, control the mechanisms which conduct this magical trick called ‘finance’. The magic trick has been cultivated over many centuries and has been preserved down through the ages, there is no age of man known in which the trick has not been played. One can only assume that the He-brew and his Gentile slave have a symbiotic relationship. The Gentile wishes to preserve his position in slavery as much as the Jew wishes to keep him in slavery. There is no known way to separate the He-brew from his slave, they are inseparable. Both Jew and Gentile have lied to cover this up, as I discuss in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power’, the He-brew – the Jews, come from the same origin as the Gentile; their homeland is one and the same – European capital cities….

The Esoteric Hitlerist Futhork of the Kristian Aqu-Arian Age

These runes are being whispered to me as I go forward and upward in service to Unam, the Avatara, the Man to Come, so I occasionally add to them as I read the works of our Master, Miguel Serrano. The basic Armanen meaning remains, but now the Gods have revealed the expanded new Futhork, with more esoteric meaning, through Esoteric Hitlerism. Each rune is Tantric and has a mirror-image. The rune in its El/Ella effect. The completion of this Futhork will be done when Unam decides it to be.

Grand Master Alfred

Templi Unam



FA  –  AF

The Asen Gods. The rune of the Gods. Fa-Tor Wotan crucified in stone as the Asen Hyperborean God came to this earth to wage war with the Demiurge, in “plasmic emanation”, hanging on the fourth star-stone pillar of the Exter-steine.

UR  –  RU

The rune of Urigins. Ur-fatherland. Hyperborea. First Hyperborea is located under the thick dense coating of Maya, the pristine Universe of ghost particles which was plagiarized by the devil Jehovah-Yahweh.


The fire-needles that surround the “Sleeping Beauty”, the thorn that guards the Rose. The “difficult test once again”. Rune of the battle in Maya. Of wielding the sword called “Blood Memory”.

OS  –  SO

The “Word”, the Log-OS, Logos, the breath of God. The “Geist”, the spirit, wind, the Utterance and the Uriginal-Urge which the Demi-urge is always plagiarizing. A direct transmission of energy. A Thought Unthought. Telepathy for the High Initiates.


Rita, the Divine Right, that which is Right, Rita. Divine Rite, the Divine Right of Kings, Nobles, Lords. The Knightly rune. The Law. Divine Truth. Feme. Five. The Holy Vehm. The Rod, the Staff. The Rite and Ritual. Rune of Kings, of God-Kings.

KA  –  AK

Rune of Esoteric mysteries. The Path. Phonetic Orphic Ka-ba-la. Kaa-ba. Cave. Yogini. The stone which fell from heaven. The Black Stone. The Gral. Ar-Ka. The Ark. Arcadium. Arktos. Antarctica. Arm raised in salute. Sieg Heil. Nigredo.


The rune of El/Ella. MAN rune, of Him. IR rune, of Her. The androgynous. Kristos-Krishna. The Blood of Kristos. Symbol of the tormented Age of Pisces according to Esoteric Hitlerism which was stolen by the Eternal Enemy as the “Star of David”.


Rune of deep longing and nostalgia. The Ur-NEED. The weapon the Gods give to Us. The Mission of Esoteric Hitlerism. To slice open a wound-window into demiurgic space-time and create an exit, a strategic departure.

IS  –  SI

Rune of the Black Virgin, of IS-IS, Isis. She who impregnates the Hero with the Son of Man through “Cold Birth”. The cold light, frozen light of the Black Sun. The rune of the Astral Body. Rune of the Soror Mystika.

AR  –  RA

Rune of the Aryan, the Arman, the Ar. The noble spirit. Herr. The Lord. Ar-Hari. The loyalty, fidelity, highest flight and watchful eye of the Eagle. Arr. The Sun behind the sun. The Priest-Warriors (w-Ariors). Orion. The Eternal Flame of Zarathustra. Hvareno Ur Farr. Albedo.


Rune of Lightning. The Morning and Evening Star, the Double Star of Esoteric Hitlerism represented by the double Sieg runes of the SS. Victory. Solar salvation. Polar divinity. The rune of Wotan’s war, thus our war.


Tuisko, the Sky Father. Tuis, Zeus. Magical Realism. The rune which opens the exit, the strategic departure. Sacrifice. The Divine Will of the Hyperboreans who sacrificed their immortality to transfigure the enslaved earth.


Rune of esoteric warfare. Bar-Bar-Os, Barbarossa. Barbarian. To lose “here” so that one wins “there”. The sleeping King. The rune of Adolf Hitler, the twice born God (Bar-Bar), the Man to Come as revealed in Operation Bar-Bar-Os. Rune of the Losers of the Second Earth of Kali Yuga and victors on the First Earth.


Rune of High Initiation. The Way, the Truth, the Light. The rune of the Immortals. The Guides who watch and conduct us from the Green Ray. The body of Kristos. The daily bread. Life, Loaf.


The man with his arms upraised to heaven. The rune of Will. El, Him. Rune of magical re-birth. The rune which gives the Hero his means to depart this tormented earth. Life rune.

IR  –  RI

The man hurled downward and into Demiurgic space-time. Rune of the fallen Lucifer. Rune of the Hero, wielding a sword, entering into combat within enemy grounds to save Her, to transfigure Himself, Her and the enslavement of nature in solidarity and synchronicity. Rune of mystical death. Ella, Her. Death rune.


Rune of Nos, of Esoteric Hitlerism, of the Ehrean. Sacred Amor. Magical Coitus, Heiros-Gamos. The magical rune of Elella and Ellael. United and Separated, Separated in Unity.


The rune of the left-turning swastika. The re-turn to Hyperborea. Implosion. The Black Sun


Odal, the rune of Wotan, also, the Solar Fish, the great “Whale” that swallowed Jonah in the Kristian myth, perhaps the boats that carried the Priest-Kings to all the various continents after Atlantis, to resurrect the Odinic/Kristic mysteries of the Ur-Homeland. With elevated monuments, man-made mountains, man-made caves, dedicated to the Sky Gods, and also, the Goddesses of the Kaaba, the Cave, the Center. For this is also the rune of Resurrection, Rubedo. The red rune of immortal vajra, of the diamond body, hard as rubies. Ancestral Ur-Lands.


The rune of Venus-Lucifer. The absolute rune of Totality. The green rune of the Green Ray. Nothing beyond this exists. Two Hagal runes, one vertical-masculine, one horizontal-feminine, overlaid in the Heiros-Gamos, in the Magical Coitus, Lingam/Yogini, the rune of Nos, of the Morning and Evening Star, in the chord of A, which is in fact the same star. The goal of Esoteric Hitlerism is seen within this symbolism of the Morning and Evening Star.

RU  –  UR

It is Ur, the Ur-igins, but from the other-side of the mirror, coming from the fut-UR or future, it is the white horse, the Vimana, the UFO, in which the Ultimate Avatar Vishnu-Kalki will enter “here” by opening the wound-window of Venus, after galloping through the Golden Sun, a portal to our Black Sun. The Ru rune is the Wafeln, the ghost ship of the North Pole, it is the Caleuche of the South Pole. The ghost ship with all its lights ablaze, crewed by dead men, the Final Battalion, Die Herron von Schwartze Stein, DHvSS. The Lords of the Black Son, of the Kaaba. The Uriginal stone that fell to earth from heaven. A black meteorite resides there. To be fitted again on Lucifer’s crown when he returns to end the Kali Yuga as Unam. Then the Golden Age will commence.







Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, by Miguel Serrano, unabridged English translation by Franz Berg, Publisher – Hermitage Helm Corpus, available in hardcover from Hermitage Helm Corpus, Amazon, in catalogue at the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria.





Twice Born Aryan = Ehrean

“I went down to the edge of the brown still pond where the base of the stones met the water and saw an empty sarcophagus, a small coffin as if made for a girl-child was chiseled out of the solid stone boulder. It is representational of where one dissolves their personality that has been formed artificially by the system of the World that has enslaved them. It is here that Savitri Devi once slept for a night, while Don Miguel Serrano meditated on a rock pillar above like a white eagle. Here at the base of the rock-pillars of Externsteine the initiate of Esoteric Hitlerism can symbolically see the reversal of our time, beginning with death to the outer-self imprisoned in the false system of the World, it is congruent with the ‘Death’s Head’ totenkopf worn by the SS. The material body is voluntarily made a living sacrifice to the Self, and the formed personality is dissolved to allow the body to be hollowed out until it is just an empty vessel, a coffin of matter waiting to be filled by the spirits of the immortal Aryan Dead, because “only the deeds of the dead remain eternal”. The base of the individual; the true Self opens at the substratum that reconnects with the pre-existent. The previous worldly self dissolves into nothingness, leaving only a void, an empty vessel into which the astral blood of the Aryan Dead can be transmuted by the Divine Warriors, this is the way of ‘Mystical Death’ and the re-birth of the Aryan, this is the path of Esoteric Hitlerism, for death is re-birth. …The one who looks into the pool of Stygian alone, looks into the mirror-well and will waste away alone, because the Stygian pool is symbolic of the ancient water-rites of binding oaths between folk, the oath is made to someone else, it cannot be to yourself, only after re-birth can the initiate make the oath, the holy oath of Esoteric Hitlerism is Meine Ehre heisst treue; “My Loyalty is my Honor” and the oath is made to Adolf Hitler, the eternal Avatar of Lucifer and the Spirit of the Fuhrer, in His Name you shall conquer!”   –   Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins Of Power, Chapter VIII, The Externsteine in the Teutoburg Forest, by Karl Young




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