It has been good to be without the internet for some time, actually. Germany has changed alot since I was here last, for the worst, of course, or the Corporation formally known as Germany, which is not Germany at all. Anyway, the 11th Labour of Hercules is completed, the true nature of Emperor Barbarossa has been revealed, I found the key in Goslar as predicted, the Garden of Eden has also been located, I discovered more, virtually unkown, Third Reich holy sites and am now in Denmark visiting the Atlantic Wall ruins, I will perform a magikal ritual at the site in the NeXT night or two…..I am ahead of Schedule, and shall soon have completed the mission assigned to me by myself.



The Ruins of Power


Wewelsburg Runenhauser

Some photos I took at Wewelsburg in 2011:












Land of the Fuhrer


“The Aryan Initiation cannot be completed without a pilgrimage to Hitler’s promised land of Berchtesgaden, and here at the point  of the Gralsburg amid terrestrial wonders, the Germanic Parnassus, the Hoher Goll, where the magical Third Reich ‘Lord of the Grail’ Adolf Hitler had his silent bastion in the clouds. They cannot deNazify the Mountains of Gods!” – Third Reich Pilgrim: The Ruins Of Power

Like Savitri Devi, Miguel Serrano and George Lincoln Rockwell, I followed the path of the true Luciferians to the Land of the Fuhrer, and it was there that I received my Vision, and so I became a Son of Hitler, a Ghost Dog, a Black Raven of the Ultimate Battalion….An Einherier of Ehrean Germania.



Flat Earth for Dummies



Atlantis, Edda & Bible

“We know that the Old Testament was compiled by Jews from Ancient Aryan books in order to serve their political aims and the New Testament is ancient Aryan-Germanic wisdom that has been interwoven with coarse Jewish falsifications and forgeries. Our ignorant Christian priests hide truth from our folk, and the most learned of our Christian scholars announce “truths” and “revelations” to us which are instead nothing more than mere allegories, symbolism, fables and forgeries. All of this has been forced upon our peoples, even by means as hideous and cruel as the Inquisition. We are forced to accept as truth and divine revelation that which is only a poetic cloaking of fundamental realities or the brazen counterfeiting work of an international criminal syndicate. Thus our people are made to remain blindfolded and are given the exoteric in place of the esoteric; we are given the shell instead of the core.”  –  Atlantis, Edda & Bible by Hermann Wieland , page 258

Sons Of The Widower?

“However, with the revelation of the Jewish lies and fakery behind their myths and legends, they must also be significantly affected, because it proves that their Temple of Solomon in Palestine with its columns Boaz and Jachin, their Great Architect Hiram and their entire Judeo-Masonic symbolism and legend never actually existed. It will be such, that there will be no salvation for these Masons, lest they return to he occult origins, resurrecting the Mystery of Mysteries, and the same shall be for the Christians and Muslims, they too must understand that they cannot fight against the Sons of the Widow, because a Son of the Widow can transform and is capable of transmutation into a Son of the Widower.”  –  Miguel Serrano – “Son Of The Widower” – 2002


Now, Miguel Serrano has published in 2002, his belief that all of Judeo-Masonic symbolism is fakery and lies, and he mentions the Memphis Mizraim, or the Rite of Memphis and the Satanism of the Masonic Lodges. The Rite of Memphis dates to approx. 1838, instituted by two French Masons, Marconis and Moullet, in Paris. I will point out that Paris was the headquarters for the Suez Canal Company. Mizraim means “Egyptian” in Hebrew….The Managers of the construction of the Suez Canal were Jews, many of whom settled in Egypt after construction of the Suez Canal. Serrano refers to the Cainites or the descendants of Cain as the “Sons of the Widow” who “were responsible for the initial spread of Gnosticism as well as the esoteric of Memphis Mizraim in Ancient Egypt.” Which of course points to Freemasonry.  Now, Freemasonry is woven with the fable of “Ancient Egypt”. The “Widow’s Son” in the “Ancient Craft of Masonry” is applied to Hiram, the architect of the Temple, see 1st Kings 7:14. The Masons call themselves “Sons of The Widow”. In fact in French Masonry “Son of the Widow” is synonymous with Masonry. Now, Serrano begins in his book “Son of the Widow” that this millennial Temple-construct was built on a lie carefully crafted! And that the foundations of this history, this “story never existed in the first place.” Serrano also says that the Jewish Rabbis themselves admit this. That the Old and New Testaments are just fables and none of that “history” ever really happened, including “ancient Egypt” of course. However, Serrano makes it known, that he believes that the Son of the Widow is identified with the “Son of Man” which is the Astral Body. He identifies Parzival as the Son of the Widow also, and that Lilith is the Widow herself, the Bride of Lucifer.

My point here, is that in 2002, Miguel Serrano was questioning the entire History of humanity. And this is Esoteric Hitlerism.


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