Britain’s Saviour


You Stand Defiant

“You stand on the shore, 

A scandal to your kin.

A shade, and you no longer love them”

– Friedrich Holderlin



Crimes of the All Lies

Photo from the Cemetery in Landsberg, Bavaria. About 250 German soldiers and SS were murdered in Landsberg after the war and buried in a mass grave, as “war criminals”, they were completely innocent of all charges laid against them by the murderous Allied invaders. Some were shot, the rest were brutally beheaded. A lone German now holds a candlelit vigil every Remembrance Day for the innocents murdered. Even the registration papers of those who were murdered were stolen, so that no memorable trace would be left, just unmarked graves…. This is such a small fraction of the Crimes of the All Lies, but an example it is of the heinous and evil nature of these humans we are dealing with.


The Kristos


“I am honest to admit that the National Socialist ideal, in its ultimate perfection, stands like a Polar Star above Mankind…And Mankind must ever follow a star”

 –  Adolf Hitler (The Kristos), Detmold Speech, 1936



Every Modern (Idealistic / societal) dis-ease: Economical, Consumption/Production, Political, Globalist, War, Staged terrorism, multicultural/homosexual propaganda, the Media, the Bank establishments / finances etc. Can be traced to the British, London; and a tiny elite of a people who may not be named, together with them.

Everytime the British media tries to portray the European countries in a negative light, they name the specific countries. But once it is about Britain itself, a negative topic; then suddenly it is ”the West”. Pattern recognition.

Let me ask you this, to where did Karl Marx flee? London.
Every piece of shit will end up overthere, once they are unwanted somewhere else, for obvious reasons.

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Why does the British government build a splendid new home for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) when it is imposing painful cuts in all other areas of public expenditure?

Why does the BBC need a “World News…

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Virtual Jew


“The Jew has been preparing the so-called “New World Order” since the beginning of History. The global “consumer culture” is the means for that. It is already here. With the end of the Bolshevist Russia, international Capitalism is destroying the frontiers and nationalities. Soon after there will come the end of Capitalism, of paper, plastic and electronic money. The technotronic, electronic and cybertronic “Globalism” will serve, very well, to impose the Theocratic Jehovah-Yahwey world dictatorship, together with Virtual Reality and Computer ecology. With Virtual Reality the Jews think that they have discovered a magic device in order to give the last and mortal blow to actual Reality, or to Mother Nature, in a way that not even Nature will be able to react against it and will destroy herself along with everything else. The esoteric Hitlerist war is not only on this Earth, but in all the Universe against the servants of the Demiurge (the enslaved Aions). It is a terrible but glorious war.”  Miguel Serrano , 1995, Interview with The Flaming Sword, New Zealand, edition N0. 5.


The Third Reich Pilgrim visited Remagen in 2016….