Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. limited edition

New release of the deluxe limited edition of Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar by Miguel Serrano (English Translation). Limited to 25 copies. Green Linen cover with quarter bound black leather with gold intaglio titles. The printed pages are of the finest black ink printing. Archival quality books. Please email:  for purchase inquires. Please no Germanophobes, Third Reich haters, anti-Hyperboreans or anti-Aryans, only genuine individualized Hyperborean Fallen Angels…

NK Nuke detonated in London

Clearly this is a deadly nuclear bomb that just exploded in London.


Links to Nuclear Physicists in the Rogue State of NK


The nuclear bombs are extremely dangerous and are known to cause bad tooth aches in some human crisis actors.


Be vigilant and report any suspicious nuclear bomb sightings to these guys. They did the prop designs for Team America, they should be able to help you. God Bless and take care….Delendaziobot reporting, stay classy Ziobotworld…



das Jüngstes Gericht

Gesang.X – by G.K.

My eyelids are a cocoon for the broken spirit to reside,

Keep them closed, let it hide, until the chosen day does come,

When the Geist is free to explode on its deadly winged flight.


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Haus des Deutschen Sports, Berlin, 2016


das Jüngstes Gericht

Gesang.IX – by G.K.

The pathetic story of Man, it grinds interminably on and on.

Tiresome and venal, it’s time has gone on too long.

Pray for the End, pray for a perfect and all-consuming doom.

Pray for the wailing of sirens to herald the opening of its tomb.

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Stormfront is KAPUT


Stormfront seized by domain hosts


Stormfront, an international supremacist web forum, appears to have been seized by its website host, Network Solutions, LLC.

The forum disappeared Friday. WhoIs, a web service that tracks site ownership, reported the Stormfront domain’s status as “under hold.”

According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit that coordinates name spaces on the Internet, a hold status is an uncommon status that indicates a site is under legal dispute or about to be deleted.

Network Solutions has also prohibited Stormfront from updating, transferring or deleting its web forum on its own. That means Stormfront’s web masters cannot re-introduce the site on another domain.

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Andrew Anglin can be prosecuted for 5th Degree Felony says Ohio



As this Page has reported, there may be reasons why “Lil Andre” Anglin stays outside of U.S. Jurisdiction

Additionally, despite at least TWO (2) large multi-million $ Law Suits having been filed against Anglin, he has NEVER been served, yet he has raised in excess of $150K from his “poorly educated” and mostly low brow & low income readers ( face-palm)

Anglin has also been shown to have engaged in Voter Fraud and indeed listed to conflicting addresses to the Registrar of Voters, one in Russia and another in Ohio, which has been verified as FAKE, which is a FELONY.

While Anglin DID NOT attempt to vote at the fake address, providing inaccurate information on an election form is a crime – a fifth-degree felony punishable by up to a year in prison. Records don’t indicate Anglin faced any charges, although charges he faced as a juvenile…

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