MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion (2nd Edition)

“Now all the world and the stars revolve around you. Now visualise the ancient crypt below, go through it down into the earthen hill, then back up through the column of the ether that revolves around it. Let all be silent, the silence of the dead mingles with the silence of the birds of the forest, silence reigns, Valhalla falls silent as it listens to the breaths of the Initiate. See in your mind’s eye the lightening bolts of the SS, now focus them inwards like the Iron Cross focuses inwards, with energies converging at the central point…See into the void of the Black Sun, into anti-matter, understand that the True Masters have overcome this world: they do not die in their bodies, they left this world of corruption and death in a glorious body of Resurrection, springing the lock as a divine key unlocks a gate, the Magic Gateway opens and their true body forms as a fiery chariot freeing themselves from the chains of matter that implode in the centre of the Black Sun – The Spiritual Illuminator, the Midnight Sun, the ultimate Stargate of Death and Resurrection – opening of the portal of Eternity where all matter is dissolved, all materialism is undone in its terrible vortex of ultimate destruction. Only the Astal Body of the Ig-Nazi passes through the Black Hole of the Black Sun, the breakaway Astralkorper of Fiery Man passes through it.”

MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion (2nd Edition) is now available.

This is a new and improved edition, if you have the first edition then I highly recommend you obtain this extended and improved version.

Part 1: MAYA: Reality Is An Illusion. Chapters:

–  Martin Bormann

–  A Night In Vienna

–  Hitler

–  Rudolf Hess

–  The Archetype And The Avatar


–  The Earth Is Hollow

Part II – Other Essays In Esoteric Hitlerism

–  Magic Gateways Of The Werewolfen

–  Montserrat: The Magic Mountain Of Heinrich Himmler

–  Magic Love

–  The Green Thunderbolt

–  German Super Science

–  The Ghost In A False Reality Is Real

–  Ehrean Angel Blood

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Siegfried’s Death by Kurt Eggers

Siegfrieds Death

by Kurt Eggers

Horned man,

Who once defeated the Dragon,

Whose helm

Of Victory wore light frost:

Horned man,

Your armour

Had a breach

Into which the enemy’s

Throwing Spear penetrated.

Horned man:

Your fate is command:

Folk become whole!

Folk become German!

Then the enemies’

Murder plan fails!





Institutionalized people, 1984 & ISIS


War is usually simulated, a war game in a “theatre” of war… It’s acting, pretty much, sometimes people will be killed off but one could just say that it is an organized sacrifice.

Even WWI was just a game, often they just let one side win when they get bored of the game.

That’s why Hitler did not want a “war” in conventional terms because it would be just a replay of the same old war game – selling guns and ammunition for as long as possible.

Basically Hitler’s wars were real, the only real wars.

See how quickly he beat the French and British, who had superoir forces at the time in Blitzkrieg, that’s because he was not playing by the standard “rule book” of war which would not be war but a game.

~Karl Young

Go to any Modern war; either in contracted official terms, or as a…

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Nuremberg Chronicle

Building of Noah’s Ark in Medieval times in Germany.


Etymological/Geographical Root Names for Europe






Here we have the true names for the Geographical locations of Europe, and the whole world, they are all German originally as the Germanic Race discovered and settled the entire world. No “indigenous cultures” exist or have existed, they were all brought to their current locations by Germans and Aryans….The only truly indigenous culture is German, as it was the Germans who pioneered and built all others, where the Germans went first, there was no other human there, the dark races were brought there later on ships and horse back by Whites – they were carried.. All the names have been changed to hide this, a cover-up….Let each man work out his Judgement with God. Obviously the vast majority of humanity will be falling on the wrong side of the Truth.


Britain’s Saviour