Dreams of Wewelsburg


Dreams of Wewelsburg by Kamerad Leslie.

I was in Germany and I made my way at night to Wewelsburg Castle. I don’t know what was drawing me there but I knew I had to go. There was an immense and dark forest at the base of the castle, which included many small caves and streams and hidden coves. I entered the forest and made my way to the heart of it, and then I sat down in a small clearing and waited while the full moon slowly rose in the sky and gave some light. Soon I became aware of the presence of many entities moving towards me through the trees, some even coming up through the ground, and I could make out the shape of the silhouettes  of their distinctive helmets, visor hats, and great-coats. I was surrounded by the spirits of many SS officers and they were eager to interact with me. There were others too who were coming up out of the ground with the SS men and they seemed to be from an older era… There really are not words to describe what followed. Everything that happened was so mysterious and symbolic that it defies description and words just can’t convey the events effectively at all, but I will try. It definitely felt like an initiation process was beginning. They shared hazelnuts with me and there was a type of ritual involving them that we did which was very similar to a Christian communion service, where they placed them in my mouth telling me that they contained the essence of great spiritual wisdom. That seemed to be the crux of what they wanted to share with me: the passing on of some kind of sacred wisdom. I remember the nuts were a shiny, luminous brown and they actually looked like chestnuts, but when the officers and warriors cracked them open and placed them on my tongue they tasted like hazelnuts. They actually tasted like Ferrero Rocher candy, which do contain hazelnuts, and the effect they had on me was like a hallucinogen. I was aware that I was connecting with these men’s spirits in a very intense way and on a deep level that I can’t even describe and I knew they were passing things on to me. After what could have been hours but seemed like minutes, it was getting light and I knew I had to leave. They told me to come back two more nights for a total of three nights, that the number three was very important…So the next night I came again and the ritual was the same only even more intense and enjoyable. On the third night as the ritual cycle was completing they told me that now we were one and they were able to pass into my body and merge with me. I knew something extraordinary had happened and I felt changed. There were no boundaries at all between them and me, so that they had complete access to my soul. After more hours that seemed like minutes it was time again for dawn and time for me to leave. One of them pointed to my arms and I looked down at them and there were bleeding wounds on them. I looked at the wounds in amazement because I had felt no pain, and the scarlet blood was almost glowing. One of the spirits, a tall SS officer, said that now I was one with them, that I carried these invisible wounds on my body that only others like us could see, and I would be able to see the wounds on other people like me who had been through this ritual. “You are marked by this sign that you belong to us. Uninitiated people will not see these wounds, but by these signs you will know each other.” One man said to me. Then there was something that involved me being coached to open up a portal that was at the bottom of the Castle, deep down in the earth. Slowly as I worked at connecting with the energy, a stone gate of some type appeared, floating in the air in front of me. The men told me that was fine for now. I was not required to do anything else yet, that the time was not right yet…..And then I woke up.

SERRANO: The Early Years

For orders of SERRANO: The Early Years – A Prelude to NOS please see Amazon page of The 55 Club:


I just received SERRANO: The Early Years from The 55 Club, a lightning fast production fast on the heels of the marvellous and mythical Armanen treatise – The Great Yearning. The speed of production for this latest offering is no doubt due to better organization and more involved collaboration, many Kameraden collaborated for the writing of this book, and it came together remarkably well, for what was actually a rather ambitious and difficult compilation; a trilogy of Serrano works translated into English, translations of The Ultimate Flower and El/Ella have been revised and updated by Torch Bearer Joe, and also the new translation by Torch Bearer Franz of Serrano’s Nietzsche and the Eternal Return, an erudite insight into modern theoretical Physik and quantum theory, Serrano goes back to where it could be said modern theoretical Physik and quantum theory began, with Nietzsche’s revelation of the Eternal Return in the Swiss alps, he writes from the precise location of Nietzsche’s Zarathustrian Revelation in order to feel the very presence of Nietzsche, to wrestle with his ghost.

“He who comes from the future, in this second dimension of time, beholds himself. He is our Anti, our Shadow. Because , in truth, there is no first or second dimension of time within the Circle of Eternal Return. Energy is repeating its formations, or light that regresses in a circular voyage. Light carries our images like an evil thief and in the infinitude of time will one day bring them back to us. We can also put this in a different way: If we are able to mount the White Horse (perhaps named Psitron) that gallops faster than light. then we shall reach the images and surpass them. That is why we will go galloping into the past.”  Nietzsche and the Eternal Return

Enlightening, Master Serrano is our Zarathustra, and this book is an invitation to the Saddharka Initiate and Siddhar Warrior alike. If you think you know Serrano, you don’t and you need to read this book. I could say with the forewords and introduction contained in this compilation that this book is now Serrano’s most accessible book, but it is not accessible, it is only for the few who will mount the White Horse of the esoteric Revelation baptised in alchemic blood and holy fire. Heil Master Serrano!

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Germania Ahnenerbe sign

New Germania Ahnenerbe sign. The new Germania Ahnenerbe group will be working exclusively in association with Hermitage Helm Corpus and Siddharreich. A Kamerad or a Torch Bearer or member of Hermitage Helm and The Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan is also a member of Germania Ahnenerbe: ‘Investigations into the Astral Origins of Germania’. If one is a member and working with us then one may like to do what I have done and get a tattoo of the new sign on them as a dedication, although that is an individual choice. The new Germania Ahnenerbe group will begin by organising books and research papers to be formally published by Hermitage Helm. An example of this is the current project of the translation of ‘Atlantis, Edda und Bibel’ by Hermann Weiland, translated by Kamerad Klanderud. Germania Ahnenerbe was resurrected by the Third Reich Pilgrim in 2011 in Germany, it is now operational.Ahnen w shade

The Rendering (NEED)

Rit from THE GREAT YEARNING by the 55 Club:

This Moon of Hornung, Valfather WOTAN has Come to rule in The Realm of Walaskialf, The Hall of The Slain, Valhalla…WOTAN now gathers to Himself the half of the slain which belongs to Him as the souls who have lost their bodies in Walhalla in order to conduct them towards rebirth, or up out of The Primordial State, into the World of Men…It is just these souls, separated from their bodies who are His Army, His Heer, which He leads victoriously against the forces of death, the Rime and Frost Giants… And by means of which He overcomes death in that He awakens the dead to new life through renewal and rebirth… This Moon, Men celebrate the festival of candlemass by Illuminating the Balsen or the exits caves with Torches in order to show the way back to the upper world, to the souls returning to Mitgart out of the Urstat… Gods and Men also celebrate Fasnacht, the fasting Night of Lent, when The Ship Nehalenia departs to spread its blessings… We too must be illuminating as well…. Showing the lost souls of Mitgart the True Path towards God’s Grace.

Response to Abby

Response to Abby:

“Please cite the (Aryan) traditions of which you speak?” – Abby

“Schopenhauer reproached Germans for the exaltation of the eternal feminine and the respect they have always given women. This is true, since the Nordic races, the Germans, who even though patriarchal, carry in the ‘blood memory’ the memory of the sacred priestesses of Hyperborea and the cult of Magic Love that through the millennia and centuries led to the secret initiations of A-Mor among the Minnesanger, the troubadours of Languedoc and the Fedele d’Amore of Northern Italy as well as some among the enlightened of Spain. In India the Hyperborean tradition included Tantric yoga, related metaphysically to the dualistic school of Samkhya philosophy. In the Occident the Golden Band of Polar tradition is clothed with the formulas of Alchemy where women also play a fundamental role as the soror misticae, or mystic sister of the alchemist. etc.”  Miguel Serrano – MANU: ‘For The Man To Come’. Chapter – ‘Love’.

The answers are already indicated as to Aryan traditions in the books published by Hermitage Helm Corpus, Siddharreich is a blog acting under Hermitage Helm Corpus. Would it be a feminine trait to not understand this? Would it be a feminine trait to assume something without knowing first all the relevant details? Does it not take the virile male discipline to wait and learn and acquire all relevant things before venturing a conclusion? We have made a most excellent note on the Chapter “Love” in the second edition of MANU, for those Ehrean warriors out there, be they male or female, I would advise you to diligently acquire of the second edition of MANU when it comes available.

“Are you speaking of an age in which our race was not on the brink of extinction?” – Abby

See MANU “For The Man To Come”. I would add that all earthly races are already extinct; the miscegenated  homologous sewer of humanity is as uniform as an algae bloom, the exception is the Jewish race which is an anti-Race. The New Man, Ehrean Man is not of this world, the transfiguration of the Aryan Man could be already prefigured in 1st Corinthians 15 – The Resurrection.

“It is important to remember the wisdom of our ancestors but we must also never forget the time we are in.” – Abby

Again, such a female trait to assume we share the same ancestors. See ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ for an understanding of the “wisdom of our ancestors”…..We were sold down the fucking river!

“Why would we be here on this material plane if there were no lessons to be learned, no purpose to our existence.” – Abby

Is that a question? I am supposed to learn a lesson out of this!

“The balance of masculine (ethereal) and feminine (material) must be honed, which takes work. Through countless generations of true Aryan culture and household traditions we are able to differentiate our innately divine genes from the sea. Pursuing only spiritual growth is lopsided in thought and in truth is spiritual de-evolution.” – Abby 

You say it is a balance, but I say it is a Division. “Thus the ‘Astral Body’ of the Stars, according to Paracelsus, has been shaped in earthly matter, become hardened. That aetheric body, made of aether, has crystalized, involuted until acquiring demiurgic organs and differentiated human senses that on the most subtle planes of shaping are assembled into a single beam of representation, but without cognitive expression, something only possible on earth through differentiation and specialization, product of incarnation. etc.” – MANU: “For The Man To Come” – (Chapter) ‘The Initiation of A-Mor’.

“And the Gods never die (because the Archetype is one and indivisible), but are reborn and reincarnated, they will return to create new religions from the depths of the Collective Unconsciousness. And nothing else has occurred with Kristianity other than this, as we have tried to explain. What is it the Gods want? They make their attempts so that man, the fallen Divya, the Vira separated from his divinity, can recover it, thus returning to the lost homeland, and they show him the way, etc, etc.” – Miguel Serrano – Son Of The Widower

On Operation Barbarossa

Adolf Hitler quotes sourced from “Der Fuhrer an das deutsche Volk 22, Juni 1941″, Munich: Franz Eher, 1942.

“In August 1940, I concluded that, given the increasing powerful Bolshevist divisions, it was no longer in the interests of the Reich to leave the eastern provinces, so often devastated by war, unprotected . This, however, is exactly what the British and Soviets had hoped for. The fact that so much of the German forces, in particular the air-force, would be tied down in the east would make it impossible for the German leadership to bring a decisive end the war in the West. This was the goal of the both British and Soviet Russian policy. Both England and Soviet Russia wanted to prolong this was as long as possible in order to weaken all of Europe and plunge her into irretrievable impotency .” – Adolf Hitler.

Let us discuss Operation Barbarossa with a little more insight, and that would begin with quoting the man who is held responsible for the “invasion of Russia”. Hitler and Germany, for context, never wanted war, and certainly they never wanted war against Russia, a territory which was founded by Prussian nobility and settled and cultivated by Prussian peasantry, hence “Russia” is descended from “Prussia”, and that statement is not paradoxical, it is not even radical, it is simply the stated facts decreed by the family lineages of the Russian or Prussian noble and peasant classes that colonized the eastern territories. The origin of the Russian settlements are Prussian, to state it as simply as one can. Later with the advent of the Stock Exchange, river crossings like Moskva were listed on the London Stock Exchange, and thus Moscow was traded into Jewish confetti; “sold down the river” so to speak, turned into the Moscovy Company! That does not change the fact the river crossing was originally established by Prussian settlers, and that the city was built by Prussian workers….Now Hitler said that neither he nor Germany wanted war with Russia, which was original German settled lands, why would he want war? His people had settled the eastern lands originally. It was the Jewish international Stock Exchanges that wanted war, those that had taken control of England and Russia. Let us also acknowledge the fact that England like Russia was settled as a German colony, originally, and again one only has to point to the family lineages of the noble and peasant classes to ascertain the fact. So it is falsely said that Hitler and Germany “wanted to invade Russia”, or “Hitler invaded Russia”, that is a false meme, falsely implanted into the circuitry of the brains of humans, who then endlessly repeat what they have been programmed with. The truth is that Hitler and Germany did not want war with either England or Russia, but that they were forced into a war, and were left with no other choice than to fight a devastating war they did not want. Because the Jewish owned Stock Exchanges and international financial interests and international corporations wanted a European war that would lead to the destruction of Germany and all of Europe. They wanted the war to be prolonged as long as possible so that they could destroy the Reich and Europe, leaving her so devastated and weak and impotent that there would be no opposition to the Jewish owned Stock Exchanges located in London and New York. And that is exactly what has happened, the Reich and Europe were destroyed in a genocidal war and the hegemony of the Plutocratic Stock Exchanges has become the dominate unchallenged force in the world. That is undeniable.

Hitler also said that although the war in both the West and the East had been forced upon him and his people, it was his desire to bring an end to the war as soon as possible, from the moment England  in 1939 followed by 50 other nation states declared war on Germany, it was Hitler’s desire to end the war decisively and bring hostilities to an end as quickly as possible with as little damage and blood shed as possible, hence “Blitzkrieg”, which was the conduct of war to end a war as quickly as possible with as little damage and blood shed as possible, Blitzkrieg is the complete opposite of all previous conductions in the theatre of war, previously and since Hitler’s Blitzkrieg all conductions in the theatre of war have been arranged to prolong war for maximum plunder and gain, the plunder and gain for example, for those who do not know about the economics of war, is just the inflation of prices in war related industries: guns and ammunitions, steel manufacturing, oil consumption, food, etc….Stock Exchanges have had an obvious and increasing interest in the rising and lowering of prices, although today it is no longer necessary to conduct wars because the theatre of war has changed, it has become simulated, so the organisation of war has become, due to technological advances in media, a simulation of war….Which is cheaper than a temporal war organised. Blitzkrieg is paradoxical to the interests of Stock Exchanges in war related industries. Hitler’s experiences in the prolonged artificial stages of WWI made him acutely aware of the commercial forces that were actually conducting the stages of the theatre of war. “Lightning War” was Wotan’s climax to the theatre of war, the storm that ended the prolonged dramatic parade of military conduct in an amusement field of blood and steel, arranged for the paper profits of corporate enterprises in urban streets far, far away. Hitler knew also of the “stab in the back”, that in the theatre of war, even when one side gained victory, they could be made to lose, even though they actually won! Because war was just a series of scripted acts in a drama played out by public humans controlled by private entities, today this maxim is played out ad nauseam by a travelling troupe of actors who stage “media events” around the world, the genre is called “terrorism”. And the profitable war related industries have gone into “security services”. So it is the old mafia trick; smash some things, beat someone up, and then come around again asking for “security services” and “protection money” to prevent the crimes that were organised by the same mafia! Today this is called “peace keeping” and “monitoring of terrorist activities”, and so on.

“Russia’s threatened attack on Romania was intended not only to take over an important element in the economic life not only of Germany, but of Europe as a whole, or at least to destroy it.” – Adolf Hitler

Russia threatened and did invade Romania, with the intent of taking over Romania’s oil fields and oil reserves. Romania was an ally and strategically important trading partner of Germany. An attack on Romania by Soviet forces meant an attack on the German Reich and Europe as a whole, because Romania held essential oil supplies! OIL!

“With boundless patience, the German Reich attempted after 1933 to win over the south-eastern European states as trading partners. We, therefore, had the greatest possible interest in their domestic stability and order. Russia’s invasion of Romania and Greece’s ties to England threatened to rapidly change this area into a war zone.” – Adolf Hitler

To this day England states that they declared war on Germany because of their ally Poland, but what the phony meme fails to add is that Germany declared war on Russia because of their ally Romania! The Romanian government begged for action to be taken by her allies Germany and Italy against the Soviet invaders! Romania an independent country threatened by a foreign invader begged Hitler to save them, or at least give a guarantee to secure what remained of their lands and people, even if certain territories were to be ceded to the Russians in the hope that all out war could be avoided – appeasement, and that would be paradoxical!

“I thus believed that I had secured peace at the last moment, even if at the cost of a weighty obligation. To reach a final resolution to these problems and to clarify Russian intentions towards the Reich, as well as under the pressure of steadily increasing mobilization along our eastern border, I invited Mr Molotov to come to Berlin.”  –  Adolf Hitler

Mr Molotov was the Russian foreign minister, an “Old Bolshevik”, which is to say he worked for Pravda and the Railroads, that is something you may want to keep in mind when understanding the Old Bolsheviks. Adolf Hitler in the above statement responds to all Russian military provocations and incursions with Diplomacy, as he always did from the time he became Chancellor of Germany, time and time again the diplomatic record shows unequivocally that Hitler always sought peaceful resolutions through all available diplomatic avenues, his first, second and third options were always careful foreign affairs and diplomatic discussions towards peaceful non-hostile resolutions. Never has there been a Politian, nay a man, who has done more to secure a peaceful outcome, than Hitler. The paradoxical nature of this is because the human species is utterly delusional, dissimulated, insane and foolish, and without hope of reform. The human race is unable to see Truth, because it is unable to process the eternal image that it has been thrown into, it is at odds with the eternal image, which is an image of Truth. Or one could say in more public language: “God came into the world and the world recognized Him not.” And this distinction is necessary for the development of God, for His Individual development as an Eternal God, His own image fallen into the world serves His purpose.

Despite all Russian hostilities on the borders of the Reich and military invasions of his allies, Hitler only ever sought a peaceful diplomatic solution, until all His efforts were thwarted and exhausted, because although he wanted peace, the world wanted war against Him and His people. And so the world moved closer to Operation Barbarossa.

“I behaved as the responsible leader of the German Reich, but also as a responsible representative of European culture and civilization. The result was an increase in Soviet Russian hostilities against the Reich, and also the beginning of subversive activities against the new Romanian state and propaganda attempts designed to eliminate the Bulgarian government.” –  Adolf Hitler

Very important, it means escalation of hostilities against the Reich by Russian forces, Bolshevik factions controlled by international Stock Exchanges and international capital markets. This marco-cosmic example of the Juden attitude towards Aryan peaceful attitude, you might be able to see this in your own micro-cosmic life; where all efforts to make a peaceful outcome by hard work and rationale and logical productive discussion are met with just more irrational, unproductive hostilities and hysterics! Which means every peaceful move made by the Aryan is met with Juden treachery and increased aggression and hostility and hysterics. If one thing is ceded to the Juden in an effort to maintain peace and avoid war, then the Juden just see that as an opportunity to take more, an invitation to take more, to steal, rape and pillage more than before, and that is all that it sees. Therefore all peaceful resolutions conducted through diplomatic avenues are doomed to fail and be exploited. Hitler’s peaceful actions leading up to Operation Barbarossa conclusively prove this point.

“there was a new increase in Russian troops along the German eastern border. Increasing numbers of tank and parachute divisions threatened the German border. The German army, and the German homeland, know that until a few weeks ago, there was not a single German tank or motorized division on our eastern border….If anyone needed conclusive proof of the carefully disguised coalition between England and Soviet Russia, the conflict in Yugoslavia provided it. While I was making a last attempt to keep peace in the Balkans, and in agreement with the Duce invited Yugoslavia to join the Three Power Pact, England and Soviet Russia organized a coup that toppled the government that was preparing for such an agreement….The German people can now be told that the Serbian coup against Germany was under the English and Soviet flags.” – Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler: the Prince of Peace to Yugo-slavia, the Prince of Peace not only to the northern Slavs but to the southern Slavs as well…How many phony memes die when one knows that? Even when foreign invaders are threatening his own German land, and troops are massing on his eastern borders, and while at war on the western borders, Hitler proposes a peace pact with Yugoslavia, and attempts to save Yugoslavia from a foreign coup that was designed to cause division and hostilities! Amazing, unprecedented in political history, such actions taken by a man, in light of general petty human affairs  are utterly astounding…Hitler’s care for mankind and for peace are unprecedented, never has a being done so much or acted in such a way to ensure peace among his fellow beings, the Prince of Peace came to earth, and the earth knew Him not.

 “….Thus Moscow not only broke our treaty of friendship, but betrayed it!”  –  Adolf Hitler

Betrayed by His supposed friends. Sounds familiar does it not? Archetypal events fulfilling prophecy, Hitler was betrayed time and time again. And this is the BETRAYAL! And I cannot see how there can be Righteousness and Justice when knowing of this betrayal…I don’t see how these disgusting creatures can be delivered from their corruption and bondage and sordid evil! They betrayed His Love. He showed them Love and Friendship and they betrayed Him!

“Today, about 160 Russian divisions stand at our border. There have been steady border violations for weeks, and not only on our border, but in the far north, and also in Romania. Russian pilots make a habit of ignoring the border, perhaps to show us that they already feel as if they are in control. During the night of 17-18 June, Russian patrols again crossed the German border and could only be repelled after a long battle. Now the hour has come when it is necessary to respond to this plot by Jewish-Anglo-Saxon warmongers and the Jewish rulers of Moscow’s Bolshevist headquarters…My German people! At this moment, an attack unprecedented in the history of the world in its extent and size has begun. With Finnish comrades, the victors of Narvik stand by the Arctic Sea. German divisions, under the command of the conqueror of Norway, together with the heroes of Finland’s freedom and their marshal, defend Finnish soil. On the Eastern Front, German formation extend from East Prussia to the Carpathians. From the banks of the Pruth River, from the lower Danube to the Black Sea, German and Romanian soldiers are united under the state leader Antonescu. The purpose of this front is no longer the protection of the individual nations, but rather the safety of Europe, and therefore the salvation of everyone. I have therefore decided today once again to put the fate of Germany and the future of the German Reich and our people in the hands of our soldiers. May God help us in this battle” – Adolf Hitler

Heil Hitler!


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