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The Helm: Updates

I am about to write the final notes in for the second edition of the unabridged english translation of Miguel Serrano’s

Manu: “For The Man To Come”

After reading this cryptic, augural and occult tome one truly is a New Man, a soon coming transformed being of bilocation has been born, who is both the Son and Father of Himself, and the new Holy Spirit, the Astralkorper.

The second edition of Manu has been worked on for about a year, and no word has been left unturned, time was not such a restricting factor for the second edition, not like it was in the first edition, produced at break-neck, nose-bleeding speed, racing against time and space in order to beat any foe there possibly could be; a publishing Blitzkrieg designed and executed with traditional Aryan Kabbalah and Magickal numbers, thereby fulfilling all prophecy relating to the Transition of the Ages.

The notes for Manu are complex and extensive, I am now about to start on the notes for the chapter: Mu. I Just finished the chapter: Manutara. Deep mystery, much patience and stoicism required here…I did get side-tracked for a few weeks making an attempt at deciphering the stylized Rongo Rongo tablets. Most of the Indus Valley scripts are late 2oth Century in origin, so it is easy to get confused, and not see the obvious Chilean hands in this metapolitical drama, that again is something rather peculiar to the international occult plays of the late 20th Century, with a few protagonists and many many doppelgängers and plagiarists, and redactors, with UNESCO as the biggest perpertrator of literary and artistic frauds…..UNESCO will one day have to answer for its crimes, sitting next to NASA in the witness-box! They will have to swear on the Book of The Helm!

The notes for Manu have been semantically formed by merging the private dialogues between Brother Francis and I. Same as what we did for the notes of Ultimate Avatar, (no quotation marks, no indication as to which one of us has made the note, could be either one of us.) Accept with a more occult orientation, not mythologizing any further the text, but analyzing more the aspects of the Initiation of Esoteric Hitlerism and the futuristic New Age Science of Individuation. Introducing and elaborating on the actual terminology and rituals and liturgies of our post 1945 Hitlerism, of which Don Miguel was the High Priest.

This book was originally authorized by the Führer, so our burden is heavy, a great weight, the Ring is heavy. But I am confident the notes will be a guiding light for the English-speaking Anglophone elite of the West, the Germanic Diaspora, and I am confident the notes will be right! The second edition of Manu will also have an exhaustive index by Kamerad Steve, same as what he produced for Ultimate Avatar…Without that index I would not have been able to achieve the notes as I now have for Manu, as I had to constantly cross-reference with the study, between Ultimate Avatar, NOS, and Manu, and Son of the Widower also, as well as the recent essays of Brother Francis appearing already on his blog. With this cross-reference I was constantly amazed at the accuracy of the description of the vision of this incredible Cosmogonic Weltanschaung, that was much more than breath-taking, it left me as if I could no longer even breathe the air of the world, it was like my mind had smashed through the outer shell of the universe, passing out right though its exterior into something else, like that old drawing with a man crawling out through the outer spheres of Heaven, poking his head out on the other side. That is how I feel sometimes, like the Universe is no longer big enough to contain these ideas, because they are Immortal. Such is the power of the Grail we hold and guard.

I believe that a release date for the second edition of the english translation of Manu will be set early next year.



    In dedication to the Blood Witnesses of the Munich Revolution and the NSDAP.

A poem by Savitri Devi

1923 9th November

Then came a day when confidence in Thy increasing might,

In Thy devoted followers and in Thy Destiny,

Thou stoodst in broad daylight against the public powers,

Slaves of Thy people’s foes, challenging them in an unequal fight;

A day when boldly facing the threat of the existing State

And its awesome machinery of oppression – its soldiery without ideas,

A tool in the hands of respectable authorities without souls-

Thy few and fiery faithful ones marched forth to storm for Thee

The citadel of undisputed power.


Their countenances bright with joy,

Their hearts full of that burning love that carries one to the ends of the earth,

And never turneth backwards;

Thy name upon their youthful lips,

As in all times to come,

Already linked inseparably with the holy name of Germany,

On they went without fear…

Sunshine is beautiful, and sweeter still,

Is death for Thee, death for thy great Idea to triumph;

For Thy reign to come.


On they went, and no force upon the earth or in heaven could stop

The impetus of their conquering step;

For theirs was Germany’s eternal soul after a long time wide-awake and free;

Theirs, the message of truth, the spell of resurrection;

And theirs, in spite of all -

After the coming flash of power and of glory,

And following untold years of martyrdom-

The lordship of the future;

Theirs the world, in its new golden age, after the final crash.


On they went. On its topmost wave,

The great unfurling tide of History that none can alter ar arrest,

Carried them to their fated goal:

To glory in unending time, – but first, to death.

The rifles of the wavering State went off,

And the bullets flew; and on the ground, in pools of blood,

Lay sixteen men of those who were the very best of germany’s best,

Thy faithful ones of early days, Thy chosen few,

Men of all trades and of all ranks, men of Aryan blood alone,

Men of all ages too, the oldest over fifty, the youngest just nineteen,

But all young men at heart, all looking to the future,

All men who firmly felt that, to begin anew,

And to build in truth and fervour, trusting one’s fate,

It is never too difficult, never too late.


In brotherly equality, in pools of blood they lay,

The first ones of an endless list of martyrs of the Cause of life in truth,

Under its modern form; the first to win the honor of giving up their lives

For Thee and for new Germany, their resurrected Fatherland -

And Thine – and; beyond that, new Aryandom,

Thy world-wide dream of beauty, – and mine.


There they lay, while the might that Thou were soon to overthrow -

The might of those authorities in the service of foreign wealth -

Gripped a few other of Thy trusted ones,

And Thee Thyself, and led you all into captivity.

On Thee, the heavy fortress doors were shut for several months.


The newspapers mentioned the fact,

Mentioned also the death of the first martyrs.

But outside Germany, few understood how great a happening had taken place;

How great an upheaval, in joyous sacrifice and death was taking place.


Heil the sixteen Blood Witnesses! For they saw if first in death, and now are not dead!



Gerda Awake!

The Wanderer:

“Waken, Wala! Wala! Awake!

From lasting sleep, rise and appear at my call.

I call you again: Arise! Arise!

From earth’s hidden caves,

emprisoned in darkness, arise!

Gerda! Gerda! Woman all-wise!

From silence and darkness rise to the world,

With spells I rouse you; rise up and answer.

Your slumbering wisdom I would awake.

All-knowing one! Waken, awaken, O wala! Awaken!”



“Strong is your call; mighty spells have roused me.

From wisdom’s dreams, I rise at your call.

Who has shaken me from my slumber?”


The Wanderer:

“The Wanderer wakes you; I need your wisdom;

my spells have called you, from caverns of the deep,

on earth I have wandered, far have I roamed;

I searched for wisdom, strove by day and night in search,

No one on earth is wiser than you; you know that which is hid,

In the caves of the night, what hill and valley, air and water hold,

Where life is found, Gerda is.

Where brooding minds behold, you enfold them.

All things, All things,

seeking wisdom and council, I have waken you from slumber.”



“My sleep is dreaming; my dreaming brooding.

My brooding brings all my wisdom.

But while I sleep, the Norns are waking, and winding their cord,

And weaving al that I know:

The Norns can give you answer.”


The Wanderer:

“They weave for the world, spin what you tell them

but cannot change nought with their weaving,

You are wiser; you can give me council,

if the swift-turning wheel can be stopped.”



“Deeds of men have beclouded my thoughts;

my wisdom itself once felt a conqueror’s force.

A brave daughter I bore to Wotan; at his command

She chose heroes for Walhall.

She is valiant and wise as well:

So why wake me? You will learn the answer

From Erda’s and Wotan’s child.”




The Old Testament: Mein Kampf

“For in the final analysis, all physical and mental training, would be in vain unless it served an entity which is ready and determined to carry on its own existence and maintain its own characteristic qualities. If it were otherwise, something would result which we Germans have cause to regret already, without perhaps having hitherto recognized the extent of the tragic calamity. We should be doomed to remain also in the future only manure for civilization. And that not in a banal sense of the contemporary bourgeois mind, which see in a lost fellow member of our people only a lost citizen, but in a sense which we should have painfully to recognize: namely, that our racial blood would be destined to disappear. By continually mixing with other races we might lift them from their former lower level of civilization to a higher grade; but we ourselves should descend for ever from the heights we had reached.” –  The State, Mein Kampf.

Times that by a billion if you want to understand the present Times, it is infinitely worse than Germany in the 1920’s. That was when there was a Germany! Certainly none of Hitler’s warnings were heeded. Now we have grown up in a post-Ragnarok Age.

“One thing is certain: our world is facing a great revolution. The only question is whether the outcome will be propitious for the Aryan portion of mankind or whether the everlasting Jew will profit by it.”   –  The State, Mein Kampf

The answer to that question came in 1945, that is something the White Nationalists need to comprehend, it is 70 years too late for them! The Aryan portion of mankind was fire-bombed into oblivion, by the same “Aryan Nations” that today are still proclaiming their own Nationalism in regards to a White Aryan Nation! Now I can tell you with certainty that it was the everlasting Jew who profited by the destruction of Germany during WWII, and if you want to trace the bombs back to their origin you will find that they came from so-called “White Nations” made by White hands in White owned factories, and the pilots that dropped the bombs that flew the planes were also little white men, from little white suburbs, in little white nations! And they called themselves “Aryan” too!

The Reich was founded on Hohenzollern Prussia, and that foundation was annihilated, and the Third Reich along with the former Holy Roman Empire also was obliterated, and what was left was Judaism, worldwide, the world was turned into a corporate bizarre, and so and so forth. Therefore natural evolution failed, destiny failed…God failed! And the Jew revealed himself in his full revolting hiediousness.

“It must never be forgotten that nothing really great in this world has ever been achieved through coalitions, but that such achievements have always been due to the triumph of the individual. Successes achieved through coalitions, owing to the very nature of their source, carry the germs of future disintergration in them from the very start; so much so that they have already forfeited what has been achieved. The great revolutions which have taken place in human thought and have veritably transformed the aspect of the world would have been inconceivable and impossible to carry out except through titanic struggles waged between individual natures, but never as the enterprise of coalitions. And, above all things, the People’s State will never be created by the desire for compromise inherent in patriotic coalition, but only by the iron will of a single movement which has successfully come through in the struggle with all the others.”   –  Mein Kampf, The Strong Is Strongest When Alone.

The Patriotic Coalitions of the White Traitors, marching to the beat of the Jewish printing presses, and the rest of the coloured rabble following along behind, carried with them the germs of their own future disintegration. They did not comprehend that the State of any people is totally reliant on the Will of the Leader, that no race of people can exist for any duration without the strength and determination of a Leader who is dedicated body and soul to his people, any Coalition formed merely out of nationalistic coalition is doomed to fail, and has failed, and can never succeed at any time, ever. And the Twentieth Century is Testament to this.

Heil Lucifer,

Heil Pilgrims of the Ehrean Dawn

Heil Serrano!

Norman Lowell in London

Norman Lowell speaking in London: Miguel Serrano – ‘Warrior & Visionary of the Spirit’



Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition

Passages quoted from Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition by Savitri Devi, Chapter 10 of Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman. Translated by R.G. Fowler.

“The fools scorn Me when I take on human form;

My essence, supreme source of beings, escapes them.” –  Bhagavad Gita 9, verse 2.

“There were, naturally, levels among the elect. (Curiously, the name of this elite of physical health and beauty, warlike courage and, more or less, secret knowledge, which the broad public only knows by its initials SS, means, as I mentioned above “protection levels”). I have, I believe, also mentioned these levels in alluding to the Ordensburgen (Order Castles), in which took place the military training and the political and, to a certain extent, metaphysical education, of the SS, and especially of their cadres – because the Hitlerian Weltanschauung is inseparable from the metaphysics that underlies it. That is so true that a critic of National Socialism and the work of Rene Guenon could say that the latter was “Hitlerism minus the armoured divisions”, without the initiate of Cairo ever writing one single word on “politics”.

All the candidates – I should say “the novices” – of the SS, were not trained and educated in the same Ordensburg, and all of the same Ordensburg did not receive – especially at the higher levels – the same teaching. That depended on the tasks for which they were judged most apt, even within the elite. Because it consisted of several organizations, from the most visible, the Waffen (Armed) SS – the most famous also, because of the superhuman heroism of which it gave proof of so many times during the Second World War – up to the most secret, the Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heritage), founded in 1935, and all the more difficult to know because since so many documents that refered to it (also secret, which goes without saying) were destroyed, “before the arrival of the Allies in Germany,” and that “the members of this organization who survived the collapse of the Third Reich”….”concealed with a strange resolution.”

It is at least logical to think that it was probably the Ahnenerbe which, in the “Black Order” of Adolf Hitler, was the great agent of tradition – and more specifically, certain sections of the Ahnenerbe, because it comprised many of them, including “fifty-two scientific sections” i.e. dealing with objective research, through not necessarily in the spirit and employing the methods used in the applied sciences. According to the declarations of Wolfram Sievers before the tribunal of the victors in Nuremberg, to whom one owes this detail, the same Institute “carried out or attempted to carry out more than one hundred missions of research of great extent.” The nature of some of this research reveals a very clear interest in esoteric questions. Thus they studied the symbolism of such things as the Harp of Ireland to the question of survival of the true Rosicrucian brotherhood – in other words, of initiatory groups still having the complete tradition of the Templars (of which the Rosicrusian brotherhood would have received the heritage). Thus they reconsidered the Bible and the Kabbalah, while trying to draw the hidden meaning from them – contemplating in particular what role the symbolism of numbers plays in one and the other. Thus they further studied the physical and mental structure of human specimens of various races – that of the Nordic with the very special care that one can guess – in order to ensure the value of the concepts of heredity and race, so fundamental to Hitlerism. Thus they devoted systematic and sustained efforts to all research aimed at revealing to the Germans the glory of their own antiquity, historic and pre-historic and of their Middle Ages – and to highlight the importance of the corresponding sites…..

…..And the examples show sufficiently that it was not only about “culture”, or about the national culture of Germans in general, but about secret knowledge, and, for the initiates of the Order of the SS and in particular Ahnenerbe, of secret knowledge of the great cosmic truths, apprehended through traditional symbolism such as the German people knew it, and such as a quiet minority preserved it.

….The National Socialist party can be dissolved; the name of the Führer can be proscribed, the faithful hunted down, forced into silence, dispersed. But Hitlerism, nourished from the source of super-human knowledge, cannot die.

It also remains true that the men of Ahnenerbe were not all, after 1945, hung as “war criminals” or killed with a bullet in the dungeons or in the concentration camps of the Allies. Some even have enjoyed a strange immunity, as if a magic circle had surrounded them and protected them before the “judges” of the Nuremberg Tribunals.

….One cannot but wonder how many old SS members like Hielscher of some section of the Ahnenerbe - this guardian of profound orthodoxy of Hitlerism i.e. of the esoteric knowledge that constitutes the base of it – escaped the revenge of the Allies and live today still on the surface of the earth, it does not matter where. There is perhaps in Germany even that one circle that one does not know because they carry the Tarnhelm of divine Siegfried: the helmet that allows the warrior appear in whatever form he pleases and even make himself invisible. It would be more interesting to know how many young men less than twenty five years old are already affiliated, in absolute secrecy, with the fraternity of the knights of the Black Order, whose “honor is loyalty” and are preparing under the direction of the elders, to climb the levels of initiation – or are, perhaps the first climbers of it.”

Why So Hard?

Life demands hardness. One must strive with burning heart toward the ideal of hardness. To be hard for the sake of life, to become a fighter, to win the victory. Our environment is a given. Burning heat in summer, biting cold in winter, long marches in the wet and cold. Working long at the factory, or behind a machine gun. Bearing hunger and thirst, sleeping on the bare earth, not surrendering in battle, never, never, no matter how hopeless everything seems, hurling an empty pistol in the face of the enemy, reaching for his neck to strangle without regard for oneself, even if it leads to death. To be a fighter, a fighter with faith in his cause, even if everyone else says it is a false cause. That brings victory, the victory that belongs to him who is harder. You should never give up in battle or work. Even if you fail a thousand times, you must make the thousand and first attempt. In the end it will succeed and you will be the victor, even if almost bled dry, almost faint, but filled with the triumphant knowledge of having overcome. You are victor in your struggle and victor over yourself. Each must prepare for his battle. Each must train as if one day he will fight the decisive battle for Germany. Each must be able to march, suffer hunger and thirst, sleep on bare ground, bear all privations, be a fighter, a soldier from the moment he can understand what is at stake. We need men hard and tough as steel. Harder than anything else in the world. Only they will master the great future of Germany. Do you want to be one of them, or stand aside like a weakling? Germany will be the land of the brave and strong. Either you belong to them, or you will no longer be a German.

-   Faith and Action (1938) For the Hitlerjugend



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