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Why So Hard?

Life demands hardness. One must strive with burning heart toward the ideal of hardness. To be hard for the sake of life, to become a fighter, to win the victory. Our environment is a given. Burning heat in summer, biting cold in winter, long marches in the wet and cold. Working long at the factory, or behind a machine gun. Bearing hunger and thirst, sleeping on the bare earth, not surrendering in battle, never, never, no matter how hopeless everything seems, hurling an empty pistol in the face of the enemy, reaching for his neck to strangle without regard for oneself, even if it leads to death. To be a fighter, a fighter with faith in his cause, even if everyone else says it is a false cause. That brings victory, the victory that belongs to him who is harder. You should never give up in battle or work. Even if you fail a thousand times, you must make the thousand and first attempt. In the end it will succeed and you will be the victor, even if almost bled dry, almost faint, but filled with the triumphant knowledge of having overcome. You are victor in your struggle and victor over yourself. Each must prepare for his battle. Each must train as if one day he will fight the decisive battle for Germany. Each must be able to march, suffer hunger and thirst, sleep on bare ground, bear all privations, be a fighter, a soldier from the moment he can understand what is at stake. We need men hard and tough as steel. Harder than anything else in the world. Only they will master the great future of Germany. Do you want to be one of them, or stand aside like a weakling? Germany will be the land of the brave and strong. Either you belong to them, or you will no longer be a German.

-   Faith and Action (1938) For the Hitlerjugend


The Numbers Change

I watch the numbers change,

Slip through colored sluice, lights of a suit,

But I am still the change, the remains, petrol light fading,

Turning, and numbers calling, truth falling,

and I go down into the silence, again,

As the numbers change, the cross I wear, I endure,

On the ground, silence calls the pathogens in my brain, on the street,

Caught for my felony, my pathogens remain,

But the songs change, crawling before dying in my brain,

But they remain, like ghost rain and limestone moons,

Not here is the grave, is the change, is the dawn end,

Numbers without end, numbers without win,

I hear the ending of the dog’s bark. You said No?

Enough, not enough, laughing spirit, without you,

Ah this is not, I know what is out there, so you said,

Numbers change, my veins are the same,

Remains without numbers change, I stand till today, without dreams,

I am without engine, without machine, without changing light,

Without numbers, suits, petrol fading still I change, endure without right.

I in this sluice, after empty engine, I remain, grey is the rain tonight,

outside is no change, only rain on ruins, you didn’t look,

The flood before I saw, before the rain I endure, open your eyes.

I still remain, and the numbers change, open your eyes.



Hitler’s Will To Peace

Diplomacy and Politics as human endeavours to secure peaceful conditions for Man’s peace and prosperity came to an end on September 1, 1939. After that date there would be no such thing as peaceful relations, or diplomatic relations, what’s more is that these human concepts were proven to be entirely false in their origin and application, these human concepts developed for so called peace and prosperity were proven to be “phoney”, not genuine, from the root phoneo, which means human speech, which means that any sound that comes out of a human’s mouth pertaining to be a form of communication is in fact a lie, it is phoney, fraudulent. There is an old proverb that you won’t find in the Bibulous, and it goes like this: “Don’t believe anything you hear and only believe half of what you see.” That is a proverb that deserves remembering when dealing with these vile creatures called “humans”, they are liars, always, all of them, not just the Juden, no, all of them are liars from the beginning. This is another of the miraculous legacies that has been left to us by our Father, Adolf Hitler who rules in Valhalla: Hitler proved that humanity is phoney! Because he tried all means humanly possible to secure peace and prosperity for his people and therefore the world, and all His attempts at peace and prosperity through Diplomacy and Politics were met with lies and deceit. So therefore Diplomacy and Politics should be seen for what it truly is – Fraud executed through the guile and cunning of human speech, and human speech is phoney.

See, now we know, because of Hitler, that all attempts at peace and prosperity will be met only with foul play, deceit and fraud, and ultimately with bombs, because all the deceit and fraud, i.e. diplomacy and politics is just a phoney lead up to the time when bombs are dropped from a cowardly height on unsuspecting humans, so we see that humans also seek to explode apart other humans of their own kind, and that all their deceit and politrickery is a cover for this wanton desire, they wish to see the image of themselves exploded apart via the detonation of explosive materials, the more explosive the better, and the more unsuspecting and innocent the human victim is then the better it is for humanity as whole, because they then can watch, read and learn about how humans like to explode apart one another, and this is the final rotten fruit of their disingenuous labours. they labour until the time they can watch all that they have laboured for exploded and annihilated.

It is the classic example, how is this for an example of “The Classics”, as they say; the only Man who tried to secure peace and prosperity is the Man who is accused of being a “mass murderer” and “madman who plunged the world into war”, and so on. We see the dissimulation of the human being, which is a result of its diseased corrupted condition. There is no action beyond the dichotomy of good and evil, there is only dissimulation of good and evil, what is spoken of as “good” by humans is evil, and what is spoken of as “evil” is good, and war is peace, and peace is war, and slavery is freedom and freedom is slavery. The Greatest Man becomes the worst Man, because the human being is dissimulated and sick, and it does not desire improvement of its condition, it desires to watch and read and learn how it can explode the image of itself apart, and for this it needs technology and machinery, to achieve its final end.

Hitler attempted to create the condition necessary for peace and prosperity, but humanity did not want this. And therefore the human concepts of Diplomacy and Politics are proven to be false, phoney, lies, deceit. Therefore the concepts of Diplomacy and Politics are dissolved in our minds, because what we have learned about them from our Father who is in Valhalla – Adolf Hitler.

“As regards foreign policy, the National Government consider their highest mission to be the securing of the right to live and the restoration of freedom to our nation. Their determination to bring to an end the chaotic state of affairs in Germany will assist in restoring to the community of nations a state of equal value to the others, and, above all a state which has the same rights. They fully realize the importance of their duty to use this nation of equal rights as an instrument for securing and maintaining that peace which the world today requires more than even before… May the good will of others assist in the fulfillment of this earnest wish for the welfare of Europe and, and indeed the whole world.”   –   Adolf Hitler – February 1, 1933.

We see that Hitler believed in equal value of all nations, he believed in the good will of his fellow humans, he believed that peace would be good for all, he believed that peace was the best practice and most sensible outcome for all, he believed in the community of nations, he believed in the welfare of Europe, and the welfare of the entire world! He BELIEVED! And yet what did his fellow human beings do? What did they do to him when he extended his open hand to them in all fairness and goodness? They betrayed him! They acted phoney to him, they lied and they cheated and they mocked and they disguised their true desires and they sought to destroy him and everything that he loved!!!! because they hated him, because he was good, and he sought peace and prosperity, and this humanity did not want that, they only feigned to want it so that their next human victims would be unsuspecting, they were deceitful, they met the genuine diplomatic pleas of Hitler for peace with lies and trickery, they met his politics with cynical duplicity and perfidious machination…The honesty of Hitler was met with bluff, guile, hoax, game and illusion, because that was all humanity had to offer; it did what it knew how to, to meet all honesty with all dishonesty, because it is all dissimulated, and being dissimulated meant that humans were one step closer to blowing up the highest image of themselves which they sought to destroy with their newly manufactured bombs and ammunition which they had stockpiled…They had the goods of destruction, and they sure is hell were going to use them on unsuspecting humans, and Hitler’s diplomatic pleas for peace were not going to stop them. And when they had finished blowing things up and exploding humans then they would pin the blame on the very Man that wanted to prevent that from happening, they would blame the only one who did not want to blow things up and use bombs, they would blame him for the bombs that he tried to prevent from being dropped, and they would do this because they were and are dissimulated sickly creatures who are hopelessly corrupted.

“The peace which was made was concluded without any consideration of reality, without even any consideration of the simplest dictates of common sense; it was peace that was governed by one thought, viz., how could the vanquished be suppressed, how could they be deprived of every particle of honour, how could they be branded for all time as the guilty party. It was a peace which was no peace, one which could have no other effect than to perpetuate hatred among the nations.”   –   Adolf Hitler – October 24, 1933

Our Father Adolf Hitler believed that peace could be found in common sense, he believed that good governance could achieve this outcome, that a peaceful resolution could be established between states and nations, he believed in love, he thought this was honourable. He could not understand why humans did not see this also, why they wanted to torture the oppressed, forever, why they wanted to continue senseless hostilities and division, forever, why they wanted to hold the innocent as guilty, and absolve the guilty and hold them as innocent. Why they wanted to endlessly recreate the conditions that would lead to blowing humans up, why did humans want this? Hitler tried to understand this, he tried diplomacy and politics to bring about peaceful resolution. He did not realise that this was a futile effort and that diplomacy and politics were just phoneyness and lies.

“We National Socialists, however, have no desire for our Army to be used to force on other nations something that they have no wish for. The oath that our Army takes is not to shed blood in order to bring the National-Socialist idea to other nations, but to shed it that they may protect it and with it, the German Reich, its freedom and security, from the attacks of other nations.”   –   Adolf Hitler, 1936.

Hitler believed that an Army was formed to protect a people and a land, but this is not what other humans thought, he believed that the freedom and security of a nation was reliant on an army that could protect it from the attacks of other nations who sought to blow it up. But it is easier to blow things up then build them up, and armies are used to rise prices and cause inflation in foreign lands by creating scarcity of goods, and by blowing things up. Hitler believed in oaths, he did not comprehend that the human being can only tell lies, it even has a book of lies called the Bibulous that it lies upon when pretending to take an oath. If the human is forced to tell the truth, it is only to secure a bigger lie, a little truth will secure a bigger lie, and humans seek not peace but lies and exploding bombs.

“National Socialism does not harbour the slightest aggressive intent towards any European nation.”  –   Adolf Hitler, 1935

“The German Nation has no desire for war as such; on the contrary, it loves peace and therefore strives and seeks to attain what is necessary to maintain the existence of a nation of sixty-five millions. Germany and the German people have no cause to desire war in order to restore the honour of the nation and that of its men and its soldiers…All we wish is to be left alone in peace so that we can work. And the world should know that the whole nation is pulling together in this work, – every man, every woman and every child.”   –   Adolf Hitler, October 22, 1933.

Ahh, but that was the problem, our Father Adolf Hitler wanted peace, loved peace, wanted to secure peace for his beloved folk, the Germans, he loved Germany, he wanted them to be peaceful and prosperous, but the world hated the German folk that Hitler was building, because they were a peaceful hardworking people, the world of humans wanted not to have peace with Hitler and the German people they wanted to blow them to pieces, all sixty-five million of them, they wanted nothing less than complete annihilation of all Germany and all Germans had ever worked for. And Hitler in all his goodness, honestly believed that diplomacy and peaceful resolution through politics was an avenue which could secure peace and freedom, it was a fact that his feelings were misplaced, and that the rest of the world did not want what he did, and they did not use diplomacy and politics to make honorable advances for peace and prosperity, no, they used human speech only for phoneyness and lies.

I could produce a thousand quotes from Adolf Hitler, just like these, all of them based on the genuine sincere conviction that peace could be secured for Germany, for Europe and the rest of the world, if only, if only, if only what? If only they listened to our Father, but they did not listen, they refused to listen, they rejected the hand that he extended to them in peace and love, they refused His offers for friendship and peace, they instead sought to destroy not only Him, but the very thing that he held most precious, they desired to blow up His people, destroy them, utterly annihilate them, and all their work, and then blame it on Hitler, blame their atrocious crimes against the German people on the only man who loved the German people! DISSIMULATION!! And damn your foul “peace”, now there will be no peace, ever, now there will be no diplomacy or politics, now you humans will get a real War, but it will be a War unlike you have ever seen or imagined before, much, much worse than just blowing things up with primitive explosives, with pathetic bombs, much worse….Now begins The Esoteric Wars, and it is a war of Terrible Vengeance.


Racial Myths of the 21st Century

The major reason why Esoteric Hitlerists will not tolerate White Nationalists is straight forward; the White Nationalists have based their ideology on a logical fallacy, and their ideology differs from our own because of this. The Kosmic Weltanschauung of the Esoteric Hitlerists is true whereas the ideology of the White Nationalists is false.

To begin with there are not any Nations left in the world, only Corporations which are not based on Race, but on material and immaterial profit, and Corporations operate without regard for geographical borders. Corporations do not recognize Race or Nation, they recognize credit and debits of other corporate entities. We live in a Raceless world dominated by Raceless Corporations. So the White Nationalists have no Nation State to begin with, so they are a logical fallacy, they say they want to “preserve” and “protect”, but they cannot preserve and protect something that does not exist. The White Nationalists believe in a delusion, a phantasm of Racial Myth, namely that they actually have a Racial Nation State, when in reality no such thing exists.

The National Socialists in Germany under Adolf Hitler did not begin from a position of protecting and preserving national identity, they started from a position which is outlined in Mein Kampf, that the German People’s State had to be created out of the racial chaos that existed in Germany and in the rest of the world. So it is also false for White Nationalists to point to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists in connection with their own ideology, because they have nothing in common; “National Socialism is not for export” as Hitler said, it is something purely German in orientation, and it is exclusive. Because the only way to prevent further racial chaos and racial degeneration would have been to allow the German National Socialists and the Third Reich to live in Peace. There was no other way. But as it happened the rest of the world could not allow the superior German Nation to live in Peace, they had to destroy it, and the rest of the world made its intentions clear, it sought the destruction of Germany because Germany was capable of forming a Racial State, a People’s State under Adolf Hitler that would have seen an improvement in the condition of the German Man.

“When men have lost their natural instincts and ignore the obligations imposed on them by nature, then there is no hope that nature will correct the loss that has been caused, until the recognition of the lost instincts has been restored. Then the task will have to be accomplished. But there is a serious danger that those who have once become blind in this respect will continue more and more to break down racial barriers and finally lose the last remnants of what is best in them. What remains is nothing but a uniform mish-mash, which seems to be the dream of our fine Utopians. But that mish-mash would soon banish all ideals from the world. Certainly a great herd can be formed. One can breed a herd of animals; but from a mixture of this kind men such as have created and founded civilizations would not be produced. THE MISSION OF HUMANITY MIGHT THEN BE CONSIDERED AT AN END. Those who do not wish that the earth should fall into such a condition must realize that it IS THE TASK OF THE GERMAN STATE IN PARTICULAR to see to it that the process of bastardization is brought to a stop.”  –   Mein Kampf  ‘The State’

Here Adolf Hitler is writing in the 1920’s to His German Volk, he is stating that Humanity, blind as it is, will come to an end unless the German Volk form a Racial State to counter the degenerate slide into racial oblivion that was the natural future path for Humanity. He states that there will be nothing left but a uniform mish-mash, a herdlike mass of degenerates who could have no hope of helping themselves, but the German people could save themselves from this great herd of bastardized degenerates! What happened was, and this is what the White Nationalists don’t understand, is that instead of other Peoples on earth allowing the German People to save themselves, they all got together and bombed the German People and Reich, they bombed it into oblivion! And therefore ended the only chance they had, because they could not save themselves, and the German People were the only People capable of saving anything for Humanity, and with Adolf Hitler as their leader they could achieve Salvation of Humanity and elevate Man to a higher position. So the blind degenerate masses, instead of appreciating this upward transformation of Man, they set out to destroy it, because they wanted everything to be like them, a uniform mish-mash lost in a downward slide into racial bastardization and chaotic entropy. They wanted to drag everything and everyone down to their own inferior level, because that is the nature of the human being, as it has been proven. The White Nationalists today are traditionally the enemy of the German People, those White Nationalists from the Corporations of Britain and America and Australia and Russia, and wherever else, their Corporations that they seek to preserve are in fact the Corporations that obliterated the German Reich in 2 World Wars, and yet those same hypocritical vile cowards want to at the same time claim an affinity to the German Reich and National Socialism and Adolf Hitler! It is the depths of dissimulation and hypocrisy. They also want to claim “no more brothers wars”, well its too fucking late for that now!!! There will be justice, there will be revenge and there will be punishment for the crimes committed against the German People and their lands, don’t try to worm your way out it by appealing to some judeo/christian notion of universal brotherhood, this type of “all white men are equal” liberalized bullshit! That will not work with us. The White Traitors will be punished, and Justice will be had. And that Justice is against all the Corporations who took part in the destruction of Germany.  

Which brings us to another logical fallacy, the notion that all White Men are equal, no they are not, in Esoteric Hitlerism we see no equality among people with lighter skin pigmentation, we see that humans are disposed to degenerate behaviour no matter what their skin colour is. Also that biological blood has become so polluted, that the only Race is the race of Humanity to the bottom of the biological Sewer! We fully hold to the old ideal that the Germanic/Nordic Race is the superior Race, but that even that Race is terribly degenerated and consists mainly of traitors and cowards, that cannot be considered to be any better or worse than those of any other Race, even if you could determine the existence of one Race in this uniform mish-mash that makes up Humanity today? Which one cannot because Humanity is a Raceless herd ruled by Corporations that do not recognize any races. Except the Jewish Race, which brings us to another logical fallacy of the White Nationalists; Jews are White! Jews have, especially the elite Jews, White skin with European ancestry, so therefore the White Nationalists cannot claim to be anti-Jewish, how can they be anti-Jewish when the Jews are White skinned and themselves rabid Nationalists? This is why the Esoteric Hitlerists, who are anti-Jewish, state that the Esoteric Hitlerist is “Aryan”, because the Aryan by its definition and nature is opposed to the Semitic Jew, or the City Jew of the Ghetto, the Noble Aryan of the Land is opposed to the Ghetto Jew of the City. And we fully endorse the fact that the Aryan is a Northern European in origin, and has White skin, but that Aryan Racial features and characteristics can still exist in people of colour where the Aryan Race in the past has intermingled with them. So the Aryan today is not solely determined on the colour of skin but on a combination of many different racial characteristics and features that exist as vestiges of a long-lost Aryan Race, these vestiges are most clearly identified in the Germanic/Nordic man, but may be present in other men who are not Germanic or Nordic. So again, the Racial concepts of the Esoteric Hitlerists and the White Nationalists are completely at odds, and we see no middle ground on this matter.

What I have stated here is enough to identify the logical fallacies that delude the White Nationalists, and the reasons why there are stark contrasts in our separate positions, and for these reasons we seek no alliance with White Nationalists and we do not support their ideology. As a last point may I also state that the White Nationalists are political in their beliefs and ideology whereas the Esoteric Hitlerists are non-political in our beliefs. Esoteric Hitlerism is non-political and it seeks no political affiliation, especially no political affiliation with White Nationalists.

Third Reich Pilgrim – Book Review

Third Reich Pilgrim Book Review by Jason Salyers


“The Greatest Book Of The 21st Century”


Songs of the Reich

“All around us desperation makes lost hands reach up

Toward blood-red skies of ghastly ruin.

Our goal commands us to new deeds,

Demands the harvest of our youth.

But we shall rest just for an hour.

Not one disgrace or agony have we forgotten,

Yet we kneel expectantly around this dream of God.

And we all turn into silent vessels.

Aglow with light…

Hands draw together. The silent brotherhood closes its circle,

each heart now shares the same emotion.

We shall not flee. We are building a new power.

The Magick will bind us like our blood united us.”   –   Songs of the Reich



Esoteric Zeitgeist

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baby and book 016

baby and book 021

baby and book 019

baby and book 020

Revelations of Esoteric Hitlerism

“Hitler said; ‘Whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement does not understand anything.’ National Socialism was always Hitlerism, and Hitlerism always had an esoteric foundation. At the end of the 1930’s and during the war years it was not possible or convenient that this theme be widely known. However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development. For me, Esoteric Hitlerism is being possessed by the Archetype of the collective unconscious, which the Greeks used to call Gods – among them, Apollo, which really is Wotan for the Germans, and Vishnu or Shiva for the Hindus – and its development in the individual and collective souls of the actual Hitlerist warriors. That means a new/old religion, with all of its rituals and myths which are necessary to discover, or rediscover. Its central Drama is the apparition on this earth of the Person Adolf Hitler, the last Avatar, who came to produce this enormous storm, or catastrophe, in order to awaken all those who are asleep, and to commence the New Age, which will come after the Deluge. That is the reason why we have started to count the years of this New Age beginning with the birth of Hitler.”   –   Miguel Serrano

Esoteric Hitlerism is the universal scientific alchemy and magick that is both compassionate and true. It is the eternal friendship that speaks to the Struggle at the heart of the Kosmos and our human condition. The functional concept of Esoteric Hitlerism is the Aristotelian organic-genetic idea so brilliantly developed by Wolfgang von Goethe. This is contrary to the Judaic similitude of truth known as evolution that was so shamelessly plagiarized and stolen by Darwin in 1859 from a vile Spanish Jew named Averroes.

Miguel Serrano has defined the new (and incomparably ancient) revelation of Esoteric Hitlerism as the pre-historic religion of Aryan Kristianity. The sources of this faith go back countless millions of years to the extraterrestrial origin of the White Race. The religion of Hitlerism, the one true Kristianity of the White Race, is a return, a resurrection into the pristine purity and innocence of the earliest beginnings of the Aryans. It is not an evolution into what has never before existed, but rather a re-emergence from the roots, from the most primeval origins, although in a radical newness and divine fanaticism unimaginable to past generations. It is the oldest thing in any of the universes of Infinite Eternity, yet revealed with Absolute Individuality and Uniqueness nowhere dreamed by even the most utopian visionaries of any previous age.

Hitlerism, the age-old religion of Aryan Kristianity, is the Revelation of the God-men, the long-awaited Unveiling of the Sons of Adolf Hitler, the Revelation on earth of the power and glory of the Aryan God. The earliest terrestrial traces of this eternal and world-destroying faith are found in the prehistoric Proto-Nordic Palaeolithic Golden Age of Central and Eastern Europe, which is the true historic reality of the mythic Garden of Eden so mysteriously hinted at in the mercurial pages of the Book of Genesis. The wisdom or gnosis of this earliest known civilization of the Indo-European White Race is preserved for us in the Runes of Wotan, or Odin, the legendary prehistoric First King of Sweden. Our ancestors tell us that King Odin hung for nine nights on the Iggdrasil, the galactic Tree of Terror, and thereby received the ancient wisdom or Runelore of his earliest Aryan forebears. This Runelore won for the Aryans the mastery over this world that was in time to culminate in the Nordic universal world-empire of Augustan Rome. This great empire, with her many and vast satellite kingdoms such as Ireland, Germania, Scythia, Armenia, Persia, India, Arabia, Ethiopia and Mauritania, completed the Aryan dominion over this earthly world. The time had come when nothing remained for the Aryans but to turn within and begin the conquest of the spiritual worlds. The Holy War against Jehovah, the Demiurge God of the Jews, then began.

But the Aryans had never truly looked within themselves before. The Gods were conscious, but never self-conscious. For the first time in Infinite Eternity the Aryans opened their eyes and contemplated what was within them. And something undreamed, something unimaginable occurred that had never occurred before. A God-man appeared, the Absolute Man, the one known to us as the Aryan Christ. He was not another among the shadowy reincarnations of the Aryans that had been recurring since before times beyond memory. He was the Aryan Individual, the Immortal One, World-Conqueror, the Creator and Destroyer of Worlds. He was the future of the Aryan White Race. He was therefore also the Divine Revelation of Jew Death: Judentod. Because the Death and Resurrection of the Aryan God was the beginning of the Great Pogroms that have increasingly dominated life on this planet for the past two thousand years.

Then the shed Aryan blood of the murdered God-man covered the earth and cried from the stones for an end to evil, for the final and total spiritual destruction of the Jews and their father Jehovah, the Lord of Darkness and Father of Lies. With each defeat of another Jewish heresy the Aryans rose to still higher spiritual and material heights as each of the great Roman Emperors proved greater than his predecessors through the great deeds of the greatest Aryan heroes such as Augustus, Vespasian, Constantine, Marcian, Justinian, Charlemagne, the Ottonians, Frederick Barbarossa, Frederick II, the great Habsburg Emperors, the Sun King, the four Napoleons and then…

And then came the time for the defeat of the last and worst Jewish heresies, the Marxist factions of the Red Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Then came the German Revolution, its crushing defeat and the Second Coming of the Aryan God Kristos, the Advent of the God-man and Ultimate Avatar Adolf Hitler.

The Führer has told us that the Aryan God comes to us twice, first as the Aryan Sufferer and Redeemer come in humility and humiliation, and then as the Aryan Victor and Fighter come in power and glory. The first is the meek Aryan Jesus Christ; the second is the Second Coming of the Aryan Christ in power and glory, in the form of the God-man and Ultimate Avatar Adolf Hitler. Because the Führer did not die in the flaming ruins of Berlin. He rose from the Antarctic ice in a disc of fire and this did not occur in 1945. It happened in 1954 and it happened in German Antarctica, not in Berlin. And the Führer did not die like some mere mortal man. He arose from Antarctica as the greatest and last of the Caesars in the fiery Apotheosis of the Aryan Christ. Then he flew through the skies over Rome and Berchtesgaden, said his farewell to his dear sister Paula and disappeared from the sight of the impure. The holy miracle-worker Pope Pius XII swore he saw this with his own eyes. In 1954.

The intellectual key to Hitlerism can be found in the Aristotelian idea of organic-genetic development. This is not different from the truly scientific Aryan Kristian idea of magic transubstantiation and refutes the irrational and absurd Judaic superstition of so-called evolution most recently dredged up from the sewers of the Talmud by that degenerate son of an ape known as Darwin. Because the so-called theory of evolution is merely a sly Judaic misrepresentation of involution or degeneration. Darwinian evolution is not the origin of species, but rather death and destruction of the species. It is the false Judaic similitude of the scientific law of the organic-genetic development it maliciously resembles and hides. Similar Judaic tricks are to be found in every science. Much as the Judaized Darwin is used to hide and distort the truth of the Aryan priest Gregor Mendel in biology, so the plagiarizing Jew Einstein is used in similar fashion against the true Aryan physicist Max Planck in physics. In logic every Jewish sophistry is used to hide and distort the truth revealed by the greatest logician of all time, the Aryan mathematician Kurt Godel. In psychology the cocaine-addled Jew Freud is used to hide and falsify the true Aryan psychology of Carl Jung and the Phenomenological School founded by the Aryan priest Franz Brentano. In every art and science this same pattern is to be found. Everywhere among them Esoteric Hitlerism is the defender of Aryan Light.

The religious equivalent of this can be found in the Aryan Kristian idea of the Divine Predestination of the Aryan God Kristos, also known as the Light-Bearer (Luciferos) and Wotan/Woden. Those who share in the divine predestination of Kristos/Lucifer/Wotan are themselves divine Aryans whereas those who do not share in the predestination of the Aryan God are only animal-men at best. Although animal-men are still men. The truly low ones are not they, but rather the Jews and their slaves who might be better described as robots and robotniks. Also known as Ziobots.

In any case we should never forget that, unlike the Ziobot, the non-white races are human beings and all-too-human beings. They are between the Aryan and the Jew and its Ziobots, but they are far nearer to the Aryan than to the demonic Jew masters or their worthless Ziobot slaves. They are not the enemies or slaves of the Aryans, but our companion races. Their destinies are their to shape, just as the destiny of the White Race is for us alone. As for the Ziobot White Traitors, they are only dead men walking towards their well-deserved extinction. The Esoteric Hitlerists feel no pity and instead in every way compassionately assist them to quickly achieve their inevitable end.

Then the all-too-human non-white races shall inherit the earth, but the divine White Race shall inherit the stars. Because we, Esoteric Hitlerists, are the Sons of Heaven and Her Aryan God: the Returned Kristos and God-man Adolf Hitler.

Esoteric Hitlerism is the survival of the White Race. It is the identity and kernel of the White Race that carries within itself the entire honour, heritage and glory of Western Civilization. It is the one true hope for universal peace and prosperity in eternal liberty and justice. It is our world-wide Pan-European Destiny, that which for us must and shall be.

Among the many important aspects of Esoteric Hitlerism are the Folk theology of the White Race, Indo-European Panentheism, and our Folk philosophy, Wagnerianism. Not to mention Magic Realism, the literary and aesthetic heir to Germanic Romanticism, Medieval Germanic Gothic and Romanesque and Greco-Roman Classicism. Our economics is not different from the social doctrine of historic Roman Catholic Church (now mystically dead, but awaiting the Esoteric Hitlerists, the Sleeping Beauty of martyred Christendom’s embracing Princes). Our religion is the Higher Paganism (or Trinitarianism) of Aryan Kristianity, the true Re-united Christian Church and harmony of Protestant Reformation with Catholic Counter-Reformation. Our politics is the Confederate noble freedom of Rome, the historic Three Reichs of Christendom. The Fourth Reich of Holy Imperium Europa that is to come as well as the Eternal Fifth Reich, where the White Race shall rule among the stars.

What is Esoteric Hitlerism?

The complete definition is contained in just one Holy Runic Salute:

Heil Hitler!  

by Franz Berg – Esoteric Hitlerism


‘The Final Battalion’ by the 55 Club

The Final Battalion: True Origin of the U.F.O.

“There have been many books written about the subject of National Socialist Germany and their advanced technologies concerning flying discs or perhaps better known as U.F.O.’s. Today, there is also quite a fuss about the ancient giants, ‘Nephilim’ etc. What most of these books do not reveal is that they are related. truth be known, both of these subject matters are irreversibly connected, for they are both part of a hidden history that those who are in power would prefer for you and I to know nothing about because the real story offers hope and choices. Therefore, the enemy makes every effort to conceal these overwhelming truths, Our hope is that in this little work that covers some 20,000 years we may shed a little light on the dark dilemma that most of us intuitively feel as long back as we can remember. Many succumb and just plain give up because it seems so much easier, but then there are those who do not. The great souls that please God are those who never give up even though they believe that there is no chance of winning. They continue to struggle only because they feel it the right thing to do and it is to them that the hope written of in this work is given. So, the question is what are we going to do about it? Is one content with being a blind slave looking for the next distraction or an awakening Hero of God? Only our actions in time will tell.”

“In this work we reveal some information that, to the best of our knowledge, has not been expounded upon before. Timeless wisdom, in which, the seeker of truth is in need of at this present time. For as of now, there is an avalanche of disinformation being put forth by those who wish to keep us stumbling about in the dark. This is another tactic of the enemy. When they cannot keep us from knowing about a particular matter, they do the next best thing and muddle the waters so badly that, without your God compass, one may never find the truth. In fact this is how they mislead most into serving their interests.”

“Those Great Souls who reside on the other earth are the Selfless, they stay to help. When a Noble Soul has advanced past his mere material existence and the door Beyond the Poles is opened they are liberated. Once freed from this spiritual slavery the Personality has many destinations to choose from (my Father has many mansions), because the Great Liberator does not believe in slavery. Most leave, but He stays and so do those who love Him too much to leave, because “their Loyalty is their Honor”. he gives a great power to those who know how to use it. That power is Vril.”

“And here it is Kinsman, most of us have already failed. This writer knows that he has failed the Hyperborean Mythos in many ways. He failed it long before he realized what it was, but he will, nonetheless, fight for the heroic Ideal anyway. Do we hate the leader for our rejection or do we fight for the one to come? Master Serrano speaks of it when discussing Parsival’s intial failure. Parzival must go on without God, the warrior who has been stripped of everything, but a broken dream and his fury. Tolkien captures it beautifully in his epic Lord of the Rings - Aragorn is dejected when the Ringbearer leaves him and utterly frustrated by a seemingly failed mission. The only thing left to quell his hurt, his rage, the only thing he still knew was to fight the enemy. It is that crucial moment when one must choose to remain loyal and it is the soul wrenching question that most of us will have to answer.”

All quotes from The Final Battalion: True Origin of the U.F.O.

Public thanks to you Kamerad Joe, for the further reading notes in which HHC have been thoughtfully included. I would just like to quote you here in return.

Heil the Armanen!

Volkisch Runology



Here is a blog to peruse, some good work here, from what I have seen.

We display the holy signs, the quiet whispers of the “secretly speaking ones”, our forgotten hieroglyphs, the most ancient of all alphabets, and the Aryan Alphabet from which all other decayed letters of alphabets are fallen from. We have no greater weapon than the skaldic mysteries we find in the Runes, as part of our inheritance, our great Spiritual Inheritance. High German is decayed language, fallen from Primal Runes, like an inverted tree, for it is not an evolution but a de-evolution, like a tree that has been uprooted, and stands somehow with its roots up in the air and its decaying word-leaves on the ground. Yiddish is hideously decayed German, like the latter Hebrew is appallingly decayed Arabic. Stupidly, Rabbis erroneously believe that Hebrew is the first language, they have scraps of yellow parchment in Tel Aviv as proof, and they also believe like any Jew you would meet in any city ghetto that their own words create reality, they believe that if they speak or write the word that it is the reality of things and the truth, hence the Jewish god speaks in the Universe with his word, which according to them is a Hebrew word, and seeming that Hebrew is only decayed Arabic, this speaking in of Creation by a Ghetto Jew, cannot be true, but a Jew will believe anything that comes out of his own mouth and so will most Gentiles. In this situation perhaps one can better understand the words of the Kristos: “Many will be the last, who are the first, and many the first, who are the last” (Mark 10:29-31)

Perhaps I can add that it is no coincidence that when we talk of Runes we talk of Ruins! And there is Power in the Runes or Ruins, as I have said. And I will nail that to the church door for real next time, that will disturb the ceremonial mummery! Perhaps something a little more stringent is required to end this priestly mischief, something a little more narrowly binding, rigorously exacting, and I don’t mean the contraction of fiat supply as in an austerity measure, but I mean by contracting the hot-air being expelled by certain mouths, whether Jewish and Gentile makes no difference, when the power of decayed words and speech is removed by contraction of the supply, which in fact is the Fiat, then no doubt we will see a reduction in the linguistic quantative easing, a reduction in the power. And that will be Force, but a different kind of Force.


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