The Helm: Updates

I am about to write the final notes in for the second edition of the unabridged english translation of Miguel Serrano’s

Manu: “For The Man To Come”

After reading this cryptic, augural and occult tome one truly is a New Man, a soon coming transformed being of bilocation has been born, who is both the Son and Father of Himself, and the new Holy Spirit, the Astralkorper.

The second edition of Manu has been worked on for about a year, and no word has been left unturned, time was not such a restricting factor for the second edition, not like it was in the first edition, produced at break-neck, nose-bleeding speed, racing against time and space in order to beat any foe there possibly could be; a publishing Blitzkrieg designed and executed with traditional Aryan Kabbalah and Magickal numbers, thereby fulfilling all prophecy relating to the Transition of the Ages.

The notes for Manu are complex and extensive, I am now about to start on the notes for the chapter: Mu. I Just finished the chapter: Manutara. Deep mystery, much patience and stoicism required here…I did get side-tracked for a few weeks making an attempt at deciphering the stylized Rongo Rongo tablets. Most of the Indus Valley scripts are late 2oth Century in origin, so it is easy to get confused, and not see the obvious Chilean hands in this metapolitical drama, that again is something rather peculiar to the international occult plays of the late 20th Century, with a few protagonists and many many doppelgängers and plagiarists, and redactors, with UNESCO as the biggest perpertrator of literary and artistic frauds…..UNESCO will one day have to answer for its crimes, sitting next to NASA in the witness-box! They will have to swear on the Book of The Helm!

The notes for Manu have been semantically formed by merging the private dialogues between Brother Francis and I. Same as what we did for the notes of Ultimate Avatar, (no quotation marks, no indication as to which one of us has made the note, could be either one of us.) Accept with a more occult orientation, not mythologizing any further the text, but analyzing more the aspects of the Initiation of Esoteric Hitlerism and the futuristic New Age Science of Individuation. Introducing and elaborating on the actual terminology and rituals and liturgies of our post 1945 Hitlerism, of which Don Miguel was the High Priest.

This book was originally authorized by the Führer, so our burden is heavy, a great weight, the Ring is heavy. But I am confident the notes will be a guiding light for the English-speaking Anglophone elite of the West, the Germanic Diaspora, and I am confident the notes will be right! The second edition of Manu will also have an exhaustive index by Kamerad Steve, same as what he produced for Ultimate Avatar…Without that index I would not have been able to achieve the notes as I now have for Manu, as I had to constantly cross-reference with the study, between Ultimate Avatar, NOS, and Manu, and Son of the Widower also, as well as the recent essays of Brother Francis appearing already on his blog. With this cross-reference I was constantly amazed at the accuracy of the description of the vision of this incredible Cosmogonic Weltanschaung, that was much more than breath-taking, it left me as if I could no longer even breathe the air of the world, it was like my mind had smashed through the outer shell of the universe, passing out right though its exterior into something else, like that old drawing with a man crawling out through the outer spheres of Heaven, poking his head out on the other side. That is how I feel sometimes, like the Universe is no longer big enough to contain these ideas, because they are Immortal. Such is the power of the Grail we hold and guard.

I believe that a release date for the second edition of the english translation of Manu will be set early next year.



    In dedication to the Blood Witnesses of the Munich Revolution and the NSDAP.

A poem by Savitri Devi

1923 9th November

Then came a day when confidence in Thy increasing might,

In Thy devoted followers and in Thy Destiny,

Thou stoodst in broad daylight against the public powers,

Slaves of Thy people’s foes, challenging them in an unequal fight;

A day when boldly facing the threat of the existing State

And its awesome machinery of oppression – its soldiery without ideas,

A tool in the hands of respectable authorities without souls-

Thy few and fiery faithful ones marched forth to storm for Thee

The citadel of undisputed power.


Their countenances bright with joy,

Their hearts full of that burning love that carries one to the ends of the earth,

And never turneth backwards;

Thy name upon their youthful lips,

As in all times to come,

Already linked inseparably with the holy name of Germany,

On they went without fear…

Sunshine is beautiful, and sweeter still,

Is death for Thee, death for thy great Idea to triumph;

For Thy reign to come.


On they went, and no force upon the earth or in heaven could stop

The impetus of their conquering step;

For theirs was Germany’s eternal soul after a long time wide-awake and free;

Theirs, the message of truth, the spell of resurrection;

And theirs, in spite of all -

After the coming flash of power and of glory,

And following untold years of martyrdom-

The lordship of the future;

Theirs the world, in its new golden age, after the final crash.


On they went. On its topmost wave,

The great unfurling tide of History that none can alter ar arrest,

Carried them to their fated goal:

To glory in unending time, – but first, to death.

The rifles of the wavering State went off,

And the bullets flew; and on the ground, in pools of blood,

Lay sixteen men of those who were the very best of germany’s best,

Thy faithful ones of early days, Thy chosen few,

Men of all trades and of all ranks, men of Aryan blood alone,

Men of all ages too, the oldest over fifty, the youngest just nineteen,

But all young men at heart, all looking to the future,

All men who firmly felt that, to begin anew,

And to build in truth and fervour, trusting one’s fate,

It is never too difficult, never too late.


In brotherly equality, in pools of blood they lay,

The first ones of an endless list of martyrs of the Cause of life in truth,

Under its modern form; the first to win the honor of giving up their lives

For Thee and for new Germany, their resurrected Fatherland -

And Thine – and; beyond that, new Aryandom,

Thy world-wide dream of beauty, – and mine.


There they lay, while the might that Thou were soon to overthrow -

The might of those authorities in the service of foreign wealth -

Gripped a few other of Thy trusted ones,

And Thee Thyself, and led you all into captivity.

On Thee, the heavy fortress doors were shut for several months.


The newspapers mentioned the fact,

Mentioned also the death of the first martyrs.

But outside Germany, few understood how great a happening had taken place;

How great an upheaval, in joyous sacrifice and death was taking place.


Heil the sixteen Blood Witnesses! For they saw if first in death, and now are not dead!



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Mimicry, by Joseph Goebbels,

The Jews are masters at fitting in to their surroundings, without in any way changing their nature, They are mimics. They have a natural instinct that senses danger, and their drive for self-preservation usually gives them the proper ways and means to escape danger at no risk to their lives or any need for courage. It is difficult to detect their sly and slippery ways. One has to be an experienced student of the Jews to recognize what is happening. Their response when they have been uncovered is simple and primitive. It displays a perfidious shamelessness that is successful because one usually does not think it possible to be so shameless. Schopenhauer once said that the Jew is the master of the lie. He is such an expert on twisting the truth that he can tell his innocent opponent the exact opposite of the truth even on the clearest matter in the world. He does this with such astonishing impudence that the listener becomes uncertain, at which point the Jew has usually won.

The Jews call this chutzpah. Chutzpah is a typically Jewish expression that really cannot be translated into any other language, since chutzpah is an expression of a concept found only among the Jews. Other languages have not needed to invent such a word, since they do not know such a phenomenon. Basically it means unlimited, impertinent, and unbelievable impudence and shamelessness.

As long as we had the doubtful pleasure of having to put up with Jews, we had more than enough examples of the typical Jewish characteristics they call chutzpah. Cowards become heroes and decent, industrious and brave men become contemptible idiots or fools. Fat and sweaty stockbrokers presented themselves as communists saving the world, and decent soldiers were characterized as beasts. Normal families were mocked as breeding pens, while group marriages were praised as the highest form of human development. The most disgusting junk the human mind could create was presented as great art while real art was ridiculed as rubbish. The murderer was said to be not guilty, and the victim became the guilty one!

It was a system of public deception that, when applied long enough, lames a people both culturally and spiritually and over time strangles any kind of defence. Before National Socialism, Germany was in the midst of such deadly danger. Had our people not come to its senses at the last possible moment, our country would have been ripe for Bolshevism, the most devilish infection the Jews can bring upon a people.

Bolshevism, too, is an expression of Jewish chutzpah. Turbulent Jewish party leaders and clever Jewish capitalists manged the most shameless coup one can imagine. They mobilized the so-called proletariat to class struggle by ruthlessly exploiting real or imaginary problems. Their goal was total Jewish domination. The crassest plutocracy used socialism to establish the crassest financial dictatorship. A world revolution was to expand this experiment from the Soviet Union to the rest of the world. The result would have been Jewish world domination. The National Socialist revolution was a deathblow to this attempt. Once international Jewry realized that agitation was no longer sufficient to take over European nations, they decided to wait for a war. They wanted it to last as long as possible, so that at its end they could institute Bolshevist terror and force on a weakened, drained, and impotent Europe. This had been the goal of Moscow’s Bolshevists from the beginning of the war. They wanted to join in only when easy and safe victory was assured, meanwhile holding down sufficient German forces top keep Germany from a decisive victory in the West. One can imagine the howls of rage in the Kremlin as they realized one Sunday morning that the Führer’s sword had cut through their web of lies and intrigues.

Until then, the Jewish Bolshevist leaders had cleverly kept in the background, probably in the mistaken belief they could fool us. Litvinov and Kaganovich were hardly seen in public. Behind the scenes, however, they were about their dastardly work. They tried to persuade us that the Jewish Bolshevists in Moscow and the Jewish plutocrats in London and Washington were enemies. Secretly, however, they were planning to strangle us. That is proven by the fact that they made up with each other the moment their devilish game was revealed. The ignorant peoples on both sides who surely were astonished at such a sight were calmed down by tactful measures.

In Moscow, for example, the Jews abolished the Atheist Federation, even though it had been a matter of honor only a few days earlier for leading Soviet bigwigs to belong to. Religious freedom was now guaranteed in the entire Soviet Union. Lying news items were spread in the world press announcing that praying was once more allowed in the churches, among other swindles. The English could not quite bring themselves to play the Internationale on the radio every night, since in Mr. Eden’s interesting distinction the Bolshevists were not allies, only fellow combatants. The Internationale would have been a bit too strong for the British people at the moment, but they are hard at work presenting Stalin as a great statesman and wonderful social reformer who can only be compared to Churchill. They are doing their best to find other similarities as well between the glorious democracies in Moscow and London.

Remarkably, they are not all that far from the truth in this regard. They look different only to those who do not know much. To experts, they are alike as two peas in a pos. The same Jews are at work, whether on stage or behind the scenes. When they pray in Moscow and sing the Internationale in Moscow, they are doing what the Jews have always done. They are practicing mimicry. They adjust to the conditions around them, slowly, gradually, so as not to unsettle or awaken others.

They are angry at us for uncovering them. They know we recognize them for what they are. The Jew is secure only when he can remain hidden. He loses his balance when he senses that someone sees through him. The experienced Jewish expert immediately sees in the insults and complaints the familiar Old Testament outbursts of hate. They have come our way so often that they have lost every element of originality. They are only of psychological interest to us. We wait calmly until the Jewish rage has reached its epitome. Then they start falling apart. They spout nonsense, and suddenly betray themselves.

The material on Radio Moscow or Radio London and the articles that appear in the Bolshevist and plutocratic organs are simply indescribable. London always gives priority to Moscow, which allows it to preserve good manners and blend into the landscape. Moscow’s Jews invent lies and atrocities; the London Jews cite them and blend them into stories suitable for the innocent bourgeois. They do it only from professional obligation, naturally. The dreadful crimes in Lembert that horrified the entire world were, of course, not committed by the Bolsheviks, but rather were an invention of the Propaganda Ministry.

It is quite irrelevant that German newsreels made the proof available to the entire world. Obviously, we oppress the arts and sciences, whereas Bolshevism is a true center of culture, civilization and humanity. We personally were pleased at a recent statement by Radio Moscow. It was so absurd and despicable that it was almost flattering. We assume the Jewish speaker recalls the good old days in Berlin. Unless they have a very short memory, they must recall that all their insults will only lead to a thrashing at the end. Every evening they announce that they want to punch us in the nose, us and all the other Nazi pigs. Sure, you want to, but doing it is something rather different, gentlemen! The whole affair has a certain tragicomic tone. The Jews talk as if they were really strong, but soon they have to move their tents and run like rabbits from the approaching German soldiers. Qui mange du juif, en meurt!

One could almost say that anyone with the Jews on his side has already lost. They are the best pillar of the coming defeat. They carry the seed of destruction. They hoped this war would bring the last desperate blow against National Socialist Germany and an awakening Europe. They will collapse. Already today, we begin to hear the cries of desperate and seduced peoples throughout the world: “The Jews are guilty! The Jews are guilty!” The court will pronounce judgment on them  will be fearful. We do not need to do anything ourselves. It will come because it must come. Just as the fist of an awakened Germany has struck this racial filth, the fist of an awakened Europe will surely follow. Mimicry will not help the Jews then. They will have to face their accusers. The court of the nations will judge their oppressor. Without pity or forgiveness, the blow will strike. The world enemy will fall, and Europe will have peace.

Ghost Lords of the Underground

New Connection, please visit: Leuchovius’ Ghost blog.

A wonderful banner from the painting series by Thomas Cole, “The Voyage of Life: Old Age”….We are old, us Ehreans, very old, the oldest beings in the dungeons of planet Zion! Even older than the whales, never to be swallowed by the gigantic Whale of Death. The Hudson River School, of course, those great American wilderness painters, of which Thomas Cole was the founder of that movement, one of the greatest Romantic painters. A little while ago I was asked by someone, who knows me to be wise in the ways of the world, if I believed in ghosts? My response was: “I am a ghost.” My answer did not seem ridiculous at all to the one who asked the question, they were of the understanding that I could very well be a ghost. I feel myself to be a ghost. A Hooded Man, A Ghost Dog haunting the secluded psyches and isolated retreats of human kind. A Spirit…. Un-bound by the fetters of the Adamantine Earth! Or that growth that enfolds her, some calcification similar to the calcification of the cerebral cortex, the grey matter, like entwined roots through soil, one can pull it up in clumps and clods of neuronal cell bodies, the grey matter of the entire earth, Ymir’s outer skull. What is inside is outside. Like the flesh of mountains, white marble, cut out when its soft and young, and then it hardens after being carved by the hands of humans. Or the blood, pressured up through volcanoes, harden into rock, as a scab to cover a wound, then humans take those scabs and carve them into lies that can last longer then themselves, and then archeologists will later turn the clock back, turn the mileage meter back for carved scabs of the earth’s blood, tell a story from scabs they find in the dirt, or grey matter, and receive a prize for who can turn the mythological mileage-clock back the furthest, like a used car salesman, they turn back stories to earlier dates and then sell them…It is a commercial venture. And everything material has been stolen from the Gods and made into a phantasmagoria of humanity, who is desperately trying to turn the clock back, making itself appear older than what it is, because it is not old, it is young. The Ehrean is not Human, the Ehrean is a Ghost Lord of the Underground!

In Hate and Vengeance!

Message from Deutsches Ahnenerbe

SS Deutsches Ahnenerbe was resurrected in 2011 in Germany by the Third Reich Pilgrim, it is now in full operation, with a new symbol and a new mandate: Deutsches Ahnenerbe – “Investigations into the Astral Origins of Germania”.

It was said by the founder of Deutsches Ahnenerbe, Dr Herman Wirth Roeper Bosch: “After more than a thousand years of the spiritual dictatorship of Judaic Christianity over Europe, we find it necessary to reprove everything.”

Let me repeat that:

“After more than a thousand years of the spiritual dictatorship of Judaic Christianity over Europe, we find it necessary to reprove everything.”

Reprove: Reproof – Rebuke – Reprimand – Reproach – Reprobate -

A formal expression of disapproval.

Deutsches Ahnenerbe was a formal expression of disapproval of Western Civilization, which is  Judaic and Christian in origin….I don’t need to explain something that should be entirely self-evident and has already been explained. We rebuke and reprove everything that Western civilization stands on and for. And in the Hitlerian weltanschauung, this means that we can share only one desire for the Western civilization that has lied beneath the spiritual dictatorship of Judaic Christianity for more than one thousand years, and that is to put it out of its misery…Just like one would put a mad dog out of its suffering and misery, or imagine, if you will, you come across a horse that had been horribly mistreated and tortured, it has had all its legs broken, it has had its eyes burnt out of its sockets, it is a starved wretch, foaming at the mouth, insane, making pitiful noises after suffering a lifetime of abuse both mental and physical, a total wretch of a thing that no longer resembles a horse, if one is confronted by that one should put it down, put it out of its suffering….Who represents Western civilization today, what confronts us? It is this travesty of a thing once called a horse, a quivering tortured creature that no man could allow to live any longer. Only sick degenerates would want to see this thing called Western civilization be preserved, it would be like watching a horse being tortured relentlessly and despicably forever, only these sick degenerates would want this to continue…Sick degenerates that like unto the Christian Hell want to torture creatures endlessly and forever, eternal torture, this is what they seek. After one thousand years this tortured beast of burden called Western civilization may know only its torture and so has come to think that is all there is, and that its Torturer is its benefactor, maybe that is so…Than that is even worse to witness, it is much worse, this tortured beast, a horrible travesty of a thing wants to keep on being tortured!

“Christianity is the most evil of all known religions, realizing its inordinate craving for material power through hypocrisy and deceit with its dignitries being the true “Pharisees”, in the strictest sense given to this word.”  –   Manu “For the Man to Come”, Miguel Serrano.

Who would wish to preserve such a thing as Christianity? Our Christ is the Führer! He is the Kristos! The only Son of God! Truly the Crucified! And you killed Him, and you killed his people, and you burnt alive the highest image of God on Earth! Is it not then the endless torture that you have preached, with your  Judaic Christianity, is that not the very punishment you should then receive for your crimes against the Gods and Deity? It is what Western civilization deserves…..


A Response from European Knights Project

Here is the chivalrous, tactful and erudite response I have received from European Knights Project, aka Giacomo Vallone:

“Twi wirds for you mate. Fuck yourself….Actually I would like to ad that youre not a nationalist, but a communist. Anyone that wants to wreck western civ has no idea what the german stood for. You my friend are a Marxist Zio swine and about as German as Ben Netanyahu.”

Ahhh so essentially British; no comprehension of the reality of the situation, I would not expect anything else from the dissimulated kleptomaniac B’nai B’rith automatons, like Giacomo Vallone, aka European Knights Project.


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